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I had many blogs in the past a fashion blog, fitness blog even a food blog. Writing was always a safe place for me and something I always enjoyed doing. But with every blog I stopped at some point, because I feel I am type of person who needs hard core reason to do something. Showing clothes wasn’t enough for me I needed something more deep.

So in January of 2019 

something triggered me inside and I got inspired to start feminism blog. I have always been passionate about the topic, but I feel in the past I didn’t feel cool writing about it or didn’t know much about topic. I feel to be feminist blogger you do need certain life experiences to be able to write and enough experiences to trigger this in you. You are not going to do just because one time someone was rude to you, but when it keeps happing then you will do it.

Well funny story remember how I had fashion blog, well my fashion blog was called Nakedlydressed. My amazing friend came up with this name, so all credit goes to Lisa. And for fashion blog it really worked well, it is catchy name. But also having feminism blog it works even better. The name really just makes you stop to think so that is what we were going for.

I live in Switzerland, but I am originally form Serbia.

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Our Feminism Blog beliefs:

As someone who has feminism blog I believe all of us are equal. We are all enough and deserve the best. Where you come from, your gender or even how much you earn doesn’t define your worth. We are all amazing human beings. I feel we all should accept everyone for who they are and never judge them.

I talk about anything that interest me and I feel I need to talk about or educate people about. My blog main focus is body positivity and to teach people that what they have been thought by society about their bodies is wrong. My goal is to teach is everyone to love their bodies and feel comfortable. So whatever topic I talk about I put little body positivity twist on it!

I believe that every body is beautiful. Our bodies have imperfection however that is what makes our bodies so unique. We need to embrace our imperfections instead of hating them. Society tells us that we need perfect bodies to be enough, but that is not true. Our bodies shouldn’t be perfect to be enough, they are enough by being the way they are. We shouldn’t adjust our bodies to please our society, our society should be adjusted the way it think about our bodies.

As a feminist blog you can assume what I stand for when it comes to abortion, but let me make it clear I am PROCHOICE. I believe that a woman should have a choice when it comes to her body. Regardless of what her reasons are, shouldn’t just any woman for getting abortion. I think it is important for women to have option and we need to work hard to normalise abortion. So many women don’t get it because they are afraid of what people would think/say about them.

I believe that everyone deserves respect. It doesn’t matter if they are straight, gay, transgender, bisexual or something else you need to respect them. All of us are different and therefore we all will have different preferences. You don’t have to understand someone’s sexuality, however  you need to accept it. Don’t spread hate towards someone just because you don’t understand their sexuality. You might think it is not a big deal, but this can effect a person a lot. Let’s accept everyone the way they are!

S**xual Ass**t, S**xual Hara**ment, Catcalling or anything else that I have not mentioned is not acceptable. If you have the need to do such a horrible thing to another person, you need help! And to the victim you have not done anything wrong, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. What happened to you was out of your control, the best thing to do is to work on healing yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good, but always remember it was not your fault. Say it aloud what happened to you, talk to people close to you, this really helps! 

I believe that fashion is great, but when you do it in your own way. Don’t follow the trends, and don’t wear something because it is trendy when you actually don’t like it.  Wear clothes that truly represent you and your personality. Ask yourself in what clothes you feel the most comfortable? And also don’t pay attention to what our society tells you what type of clothes suit your body type, wear what you like. Clothes are suppose to fit our body not other way around. 

Fitness is great way to stay in shape. but also train yourself to be motivated even for other aspects of your life. Working out can be really rewarding. But if you workout for wrong reasons you shouldn’t do it. For instance if you workout to lose weight you shouldn’t do it. I know out society tells us to lose weight to be good enough, but it is so not true. You don’t have to lose weight, your body is good enough already. Working out to lose weight is wrong mindset to have. You won’t end up losing any weight, but will get annoyed and frustrated. Find workouts you enjoy and do it because you enjoy it!

Our feminism blog is great place to come to learn, to feel empowered and to feel confident. We are working everyday to make this blog the best place to our readers. If you have any suggestion on what to change, what to talk about and more you can email us at nakedlydressed@gmail.com or contact us on contact page

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