Contraceptives Pros and Cons of 15 Methods

Contraceptives Pros and Cons: 15 Methods This is a follow up to the last week’s article. So what about contraceptives and pros and cons, which one do I take? What are side effect, what are pro’s? All of these factors makes it hard to choose and most of women have really hard time choosing the […]

Solution to inequality

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Solution to inequality In last week’s article I talked about why women get less salary and today I will be talking about how we can change this, how companies, but also you can change this. This issue has been around forever so changing it, won’t happen over night or just by one person. It really […]

5 Proven Ways for Feminist to Deal with Online Hate

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5 Proven Ways Ways for Feminist to Deal with Online Hate As a feminist you are more open minded and see the world for what truly is, and not what our society wants us to see. You don’t just believe everything society tells us, but you dive deep. And find  your truth, and probably more […]

Why do men get paid more than women?

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Why do men get paid more than women? Attention: this will be two part series, so make sure to come back next week for part 2. The first part will cover the WHY and the second HOW we can change this and WHAT we can do to change this. It is no secret that we […]

How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps

How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps One of my lovely followers took time to reach out to be and asking me to talk about this topic as she read something on Quora. Thank you to @ryukiiyo to reaching out if anyone has any request you are more than welcome to reach […]

11 Myths about sexual assault

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Not from editor: In this article I will be pointing out sexual assault myths , and why they are false. False information can really damage how someone thinks about sexual assault, especially someone who has been sexually assaulted.  There are so many sexual assault myths that are so false, from people that no nothing about it. It has to do […]

Shouldn’t workout for weight loss

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Note from Editor: In this article I will be explaining why you shouldn’t workout for weight loss, and why this mindset can prevent you from losing weight. It is no secret that our society has beauty standards, especially beauty standers for women. As a women when you have little bit more weight,  you are not meeting our […]

9 Ways to get over sexual assault

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Note from Editor: In this article I will be explaining to you some good strategies to get over sexual assault. Of course everyone is different, and everyone copes differently, but these strategies in my opinion can help. I am not a doctor or therapist, so I can’t say that I am sure this will work, but in my […]

We should be empowering women everyday, but how?

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In today’s article it is all about empowering women So many amazing, beautiful and smart women in this world, but yet we find ways to bring them down instead of empowering them why is that? Simple answer would be our society, they teach us that other women are our competition, and it is far from […]