Is this sexist? Find out these hidden sexist phrases

Is this sexist? Find out these hidden sexist phrases

We live in very sexist society,

even though it is 2021 it is still sexist. And yes that is right we made it to 2021 so happy new year I really hope we can enjoy this year more than the other year. But how it started I do have to question it, but let’s stay positive. Anyways as I said we do still experience sexist even though the society has developed and changed some things are hard to remove from society. Like for example sexism has existed for very long time and it is just hard to remove it from our society. And is something we really need to remove, because it is effecting so many people in bad way. But see with sexism it is not really black and white.

Not everyone intentionally

wants to be sexist and hurt others by being sexist, it can easily be that this person has been taught by society that this is okay and doesn’t even realise it is bad for saying. For example this famous saying “You fight like a girl” most of us would not think anything is wrong with it, but it is very sexist saying. This way you are pushing this narrative that women are weak and that is so false.

Women are as strong as men,

but women are strong in other ways and our society choses not to see this other way. So saying this no one should be blamed for not knowing it is wrong when they were taught it is 100% okay to say it, but it is your responsibility to educate yourself. You need to learn from people who are effected by it the most, and in this case are the women. So today I have view phrases and I will be explaining you if it is sexist and if it is why it is sexist. Make sure to comment down below if you want me to do more of these:

is this sexist?

No need to think too

much of course it is sexist. So what if a woman is too clingy or too sensitive, this way she shows she cares. As I man you should want this in a woman, not someone who is cold and doesn’t show any emotions. Saying women are too clingy is making women feel they should be cold and not show their emotions. Hiding your emotions can’t be good for anyone and it just makes women feel very shitty about themselves so don’t do it.


So what if a woman

is dedicated to her job. Women do also have goals and motivation to do well in life by themselves. Women are as much hard worker as men are and our society needs to start accepting this. This is very much sexist, assuming every women is sitting at home and saying this you are also assuming women don’t work as hard. Instead of saying this, how about you say what a great job you are doing.

sport and women

This is great example

of non sexist sentence. It is typical that in our society people assume women don’t know a lot about sports. But that is so not true, women can be into sports as much as men or even more. It really depends on a person, but I guess this is another way of society bringing women down and making them feel shitty about themselves.

By not saying as a women you know a lot about sports, but just saying you know a lot about sports makes it non sexist and this is how you should be saying. And also for all the men reading this, please don’t feel less for telling her she is good at something that men are usually good at. It doesn’t mean you are less worthy, but every person has something unique. Don’t be afraid to compliment her.

so sexist

You really don’t need to ask,

this is so sexist. Like girls can game too, why do we need to put gender for everything. There are so many games out there, so how can you make it about gender. Everyone likes different things, and girls can play games too and be good at them too. Is this so scare for a woman to be good at games? I mean it is, it means she is a badass but seriously no need to put her down. But see this is a perfect example of society bringing woman down. She can play games without feeling bad about it. Instead of saying this, say wow you are really good at gaming, can you teach me how to game?

of course not

This is totally okay to say.

Usually in our society they say she put way too much makeup on or she didn’t put enough makeup on. It is always complaining about what she didn’t do, but giving nice compliment is of course good. By giving her compliment about her makeup skills and this way making her feel good is of course not sexist. So boys make notes next time you see your girl!


This is not sexist,

because it was said in general about men and women. And it really is like this, most people can’t handle a lot of alcohol and he is also not just saying women he is saying everyone. So this way he won’t make her feel shitty because he didn’t just say women he said everyone. He sees that some people like her can handle a lot of alcohol, but knows most people can’t.

This one is little tricky.

So on one side it is not sexist, because you admire her how hard working and strong she is as mother. Usually in our society it is not expected from woman to work as mother. But then on other side it is sexist because it is this narrative that it is impossible for women to work as mothers, making women who either work or not work as mothers feel shitty. Like as a mother who works or not works you can’t win, they will always judge you. Instead of focusing on her as mother, how about you focus on her hard work. Say it is amazing how hard working you are. What is your opinion, is this sexist or not?

cooking men

Very sexist,

as you can see men can experience sexism too. I would say in different way, but still sexism towards men or women totally not okay. Cooking is not just a woman’s job, men should be able to cook too. A real man knows that he can make his hands dirty too in the kitchen and not feel insecure about it. Saying this first you can make woman feel shitty because you assume only women belong it kitchen. And on men side, you make them feel shitty for cooking. Instead of saying this, how about you say wow it is great that you like cooking.

Sometime it is not easy

to recognise sexism, so sometimes you really just need to take time to educate yourself and learn what to be aware of. I am not saying only men are sexist, because even though women are most likely going to experience sexism, they can also be sexist towards other women or even men. So all of us need to educate ourselves, it is our responsibility to grow and learn and the best way is to do it together.

I am sure you will probably need

time to take all information in that I just gave you, so fun way to do so is to do this fun quiz to see how well you learned all the information I gave you with this quiz is this sexist. In this quiz you will get similar sentences as in this article, but not the same and you can see how feel you know if something is sexist or not, so you know if you need to learn little bit more.

Click here for quiz


Hopefully you enjoyed learning this with me and let me know if you want me to continue doing this in the future.

Reminder: In order for things to change, you need to change first!
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