Don’t believe these 4 myths about sex

Don’t believe these myths about sex

Note from Editor:This article is addressing some myths about sex. Some people make sex be something negative or bad, when in reality is the most realest thing you can experience as a human.

I would say myths about sex began back 1000 years ago, when humanity first started developing. Back then they didn’t have much informations or sources, so having these myths about sex is in a way understandable. But today there is no reason to have false beliefs. Sadly many people still have them, because they are stuck in one belief, and won’t open their mind to new and true beliefs. If you want to believe that do it, but when you spread this belief to others, that is when I have problem. Telling young people that sex is bad, that sex will kill you, and more is so wrong.

Young people are unexperienced, so they will believe what you are saying. It will have many bad effects on them. They will see sex as something bad, they will feel bad if they do it before marriage. They won’t be able to experience what sex truly is about. So today I am stoping this, today I will be telling you stupid myths about sex, and why they are, and always be only myths and nothing more.

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-Sex is only okay if you are married:

They teach us that having sex before marriage is not okay. When you had sex before marriage, that means you are not pure anymore, and having sex means you are dirty. This is so false ! Humans have desire to have sex, so that is something natural, and that doesn’t make me dirty. We are different, so that means we develop desire for sex at different ages, but most of us develop already as teenager. So what when I develop my desire for sex, I should hold it and get frustrated. Or have sex with this person, and then force myself to end up with him, because of the false beliefs our society has? No this is so wrong! If you hold on this desire it will make it worse, and you also shouldn’t force yourself to end up with this person, just because you had sex with him.

For people to know themselves, and their sexuality they need to experience sex with multiple people, and is also right thing to do. So you for sure shouldn’t have to hold yourself from having sex. You can still be pure and clean if you had sex, sex has nothing to do with being pure. I am not saying you have to have sex with multiple people, it can happen that you will find the right person before you had sex, and you will end up with him, but it is also okay to have sex with multiple people. What I am trying to say is, that both ways is okay, and both ways will keep you pure and clean. So if you had sex with many people that is totally okay.

-You should only have sex if you want to have children:

Sex is not a thing, that helps you make children. Yes through sexual action you can making children, but sex is much more than just making children. Sex is about pleasure and desire, and is about being close to someone, getting to know yourself and your partner.  Sex is about love. So yes if you have sex without wanting to get pregnant that is totally okay.

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-If you get pregnant before you are married it will ruin your life:

They say having children before you get married will damage you. They are teaching you, how you can develop mental illness for example depression. This is so far from truth. Having children before you are ready will make you grow up faster, which maybe is not that bad thing. Also if they say having children will be the best thing that can happen to you, that applies to everyone even teen moms. I would say it could get complicated, but life is also complicated so not big deal.

So If you are not married, and are pregnant don’t worry it won’t ruin your life. It will make big changes in your life, but mostly for better. And proof that this doesn’t make any sense how about couples who are happy, but want children first, will their life be ruined? I don’t think so. My parents had me before they were married, and guess what it made their life better.

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-If woman has too much sex, she a slut and is damaged:

But what if I like to be a slut? Because being a slut is not a bad thing as society makes it seem. But for real you got to love being slut and all these stupid people calling you slut, and being so annoyed because you are not bothered by their words. That is the best slap in the face, not being bothered and this is how you are suppose to be.

As I said a woman can have as much sex as she wants to. Our society make us believe women don’t have a lot of desire for sex, and if we do something is wrong with us. No that is false women have as much desire for sex as men do, but our society doesn’t want that, so they keep saying how we don’t have a lot of desire. It is in our human nature to have a lot of desire so it is a lie.

They hate idea of women acting differently than what they imagined in their head. Honey you have desire have sex, you should explore your sexuality. Having a lot of sex won’t damage you, but it could give you more knowledge about sex. It will teach you what you like, and what you don’t like so that you can have healthy sex life with your husband. Think of this as all these experiences are not damaging you, but helping you have healthy sex life with your future husband. Women don’t feel free to have a lot of sex, because our society makes them feel, they will regret it and make them feel they are damaged. But I am telling you this now, it is so false. Have as much sex as you want to, trust me this will make you feel good.

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Sex is much more than what they make you think:

All these beliefs can really damage how people feel about themselves and about sex. It will make them think negative about sex, and won’t be able to explore full potential of sex. Experiencing sex for what it truly is, will be one of the greatest experience you can have. Listening to them and worrying what they will think, will just rob you from having one of the greatest experiences. They can say it, but doesn’t mean it is true. Think with your own head and how you feel. Do you feel you want to have sex then do it? See they will always have an opinion, but see the only opinion that matters is your own. Just cut off their opinions out of your head, because you will be living more happy and healthy life.

Reminder: Love your body!

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