How to embrace and accept your body?

How to embrace and accept your body?

We live in society that loves to bring us down and make us insecure about your body. Our society earns a lot of money from making us feel insecure. They make us feel insecure about our bodies so we get something done, or we buy that expensive fitness program that will damage my health than actually help me. If there would be bigger opportunity in making us feel beautiful they would do it too. But of course it is easier to sell something to someone when they don’t feel their best vs when they will their best so that is why they do it. And they do it in very smart way, they know when a person keeps hearing someone over and over again this person will eventually believe it even if it is not true.

So they make sure that

we keep hearing how our bodies are not enough so we can eventually believe it and it is so evil but also smart. And even the strongest people can fall for it and start believing it. There is no person on this planet that never had bad body image day and it has nothing to do with your body or you, it is all society.

But we got to stop letting

society control us and control how we feel about ourselves. They can’t hurt you when you have done the work and have accepted your body and can be able to embrace your body the way it is. Of course you might have bad body image days, but they pass by so fast and also far less worse than before (when you didn’t accept your body the way it is). So today I will tell you how you can embrace and accept your body the way it is:

Get to know your body:

We can’t fully love our bodies, if we don’t know our bodies. For you to be able to accept and embrace your body, you need to get to know your body. Try new things and see how your body feels about it, it can be food, exercise or something else. Try meditating this way you will be able to connect with your body and therefore get to know it as well.

Take care of your body,

imagine that being someone you really love and treat your body the way you would treat someone you love. Working out is one of the best and the easiest ways to get to know your body. One other benefit of getting to know your body is that you will be able to know what is good and what is not good for your body. By getting to know your body, you will master listening to your body, which will do you so much good.

Embrace your culture:

Another great way to embrace your body is by incorporating your culture into it. For example you are from South America, how about you take Salsa dancing class or just dance Salsa at home? And while dancing Salsa try to connect with your body and try to listen to your body. It is important to embrace your culture in order to embrace your body! Body and where you come from have direct connection with each other!!


Affirmations are great way to improve your body image, by saying beautiful affirmations to yourself about your body will help you out so much. As I said when a person keeps hearing something about themselves they will believe it, by saying nice things about your body you will start to believe it. I have put together 7 beautiful affirmations you can tell yourself about your body so your body image can improve click here to check it out!

Highlight unique things about your body:

We tend to focus on the bad thing rather than good things. Instead of always mentioning how you hate certain things about your body, write down what you love about your body. I am sure there are view things you love about your body. Write it down and keep it with you at all times, I suggest writing in your phone. And every time you feel shitty about your body, take out this list and say to yourself aloud. This way you will boost your body image when it is not the best, but also knowing unique things about your body can make you also embrace the flaws about your body.

Embrace the flaws:

Know that without flaws your body wouldn’t be so beautiful. By having flaws that what makes it so unique and also it highlights this way the beauty. So look at your body and its flaws and try to embrace it. Look at things you love about your body and then at the flaws and try to understand because of that flaws you are able to see and have beautiful parts of your body. If everything would be perfect you wouldn’t admire it as much as you admire it now. See your flaws as something that is helping you see the true beauty of your body. If you can’t embrace your flaws, you can’t fully embrace your body either.

Know the bad effects of not loving your body:

Go online and read how damaging bad body image can be for you. Trust me body sees and hears everything and can be really bad for long term. By knowing this I am sure you will try your best to be better to your body, and you will try to love it.

Body-love practice:

By doing your best to take of your body is what will help you feel good in your body. When you had long day at work, take a relaxing bath. When you are busy, take 10 minutes break so your body can breath. When you don’t feel the best, take a time for yourself and really take care of your body.

Get comfortable in your body:

When you don’t accept your body that means you don’t feel 100% comfortable in your body. Do things that will challenge that. For example wear something little bit risky so you challenge yourself. Try also some massages or exercises that will help you with that as well. Whatever you think it might be scary, do it so you 100% feel comfortable in your body.

To feel good about your body and you being able to embrace it, it will take time, but if you try this out I am sure it will improve your body image. By sitting around and not taking care of your body, nothing will happen, but when you do something about it then the change will happen. I hope I helped you out and remember to always love your body no matter how it looks like!!!

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9 Unspoken rules about finding workout for you

9 Unspoken rules about finding workout for you

Starting to workout

from stretch is never easy. You and our body are getting used to it and it can sometimes be hard to push yourself. So many are quick to give up too soon before they even see any results. But sometimes it is not even you, it is the workout that you are doing that made you give up. So many times we tend to start doing certain workout because the company advertised it as being easy and that you will see quick results, which can’t be true. That workout might be easy for some people, but hard for others. Also if someone said to you, you will see results quickly they are laying to you.

Your body needs time to

adjust itself to this lifestyle so it will never be quick. It will take at least 3 months for you to see the results. So we chose the workout that was advertised to us instead of trying out many workouts and see what you enjoy the most.  Because when you do workouts that you really enjoy, you won’t give up. It won’t matter to you if you see results or not. Just think about it, anything you do that you enjoy, do you really care how quickly you see results? I am sure your answer is no, because enjoying what you are doing is enough. So now you are wondering but how do I find workout for me? Well I got you, I made list of unspoken rules that will help you in a way to find workout for you:

Don’t look for workout for quick weight loss:

Your goal for working out should never be to loss weight. First if you have mindset like this one, you will never see results. Being too focused on something can never be good. Also this goal is coming from place of having negative thoughts about your body and that will never help you with seeing results. If you feel negative about your body, you need to work on overcoming the negativity before you start working out.

Remember your body

has been there for you from day one and has been there with you for bad and good things and never left you. Appreciate it and also know that your body is designed just perfectly for you. When you are happy with how you look, you will more likely lose weight. Instead of looking for workout for quick weight loss, look for workout that will get you in shape and make you stronger. Seeking for workout that will always get you excited. Working out is more than just losing weight, it can do even more for you!


You can’t know what workout is for you, if you never tried anything. Before I found my workout I tried so many so just wasn’t having any fun. But trying out different workouts will give you idea what you don’t like, so this will help you with finding your workout. Be aware how you are feeling during that workout. Are you counting minutes when the workout will be over? When it is yes, well that workout for sure is not for you. Of course give that workout a week before quitting, but don’t be afraid of quitting because if you are not enjoying the workout it is not worth it.

Write down your strengths and weaknesses:

When you used to sports when you are younger or at the gym class what was something you were good at. For example were you very strong or more flexible? And also look at it right now what do you feel are your strenghts and weaknesses? Knowing that can also help you find your workout. Because you are more likely to enjoy doing something that you are good at and that comes easy to you instead of something you are not good at.

Be in the environment: 

What I mean by this, is go to the gym and feel that energy, go to the park where people workout. If you have group of friends who workout, ask them to workout together. See what they are doing and ask them why they like these workouts. Hearing from other people can also help you out. And being in this environment can also open your eyes to what workout you are going to enjoy. I would even take view classes and this way you can experiment and but also feel this energy.

Become closer to your body:

As I said before you even think about working out, you need to accept your body. You need to accept that you body is beautiful no matter what. You should never start working out in hopes to love your body, that should come before working out. You need to take time to learn to accept and love your body the way it is. And also you should also get to know your body, learn how to listen to your body and its needs. Because our bodies are constantly telling us things, but not everyone can hear their body. It is important to listen to your body, to know when your body had enough. When you are able to listen to your body, you can also easily find the workout for you because your body will be obvious if that workout is for you or not.

Learn from experts:

Go online, search on google, search blogs and on social media for fitness experts. People who are well known in this industry. Of course so many assume they are experts when they clearly are not, but I feel you will know if they are experts or not. By what they are saying and also by what others are saying about them. Listen to what they have to say. See what they have to say is great workout for example for introverts or extroverts. Or maybe great workouts for someone who wants to build muscles or wants to get into shape. This for sure will bring you closer to finding your workout.

Write down your goals:

By knowing your goals you will know where to look for your workout. You really need to set your goals straight otherwise you will be all over the place. Is your goal to get fit then you would look for this type of workouts, you will go and search for trainers that offer these kind of workouts.

Do research before:

There are so many people offering workouts and giving you empty promises, please don’t follow for it. Do research and find the experts for these kind of workouts and then do research on these experts how well known are they and how successful their programs are. Because anyone can say their program is successful, but that doesn’t mean it is true.

Take a quiz:

And finally the last step would be to take this quick and easy quiz that I made for you guys, that will somehow give you idea what workout is for you and will bring you closer to finding your workout.

Click here for quiz


Finding your workout will be a process, it will take time but it is well worth it. Always getting excited before every workout is just such an amazing feeling. Never missing another workout because you enjoy it so much, therefore you will see results quicker. The workouts won’t feel like workouts anymore, it will feel like hobby you really enjoy doing. And after workout you will feel good for being productive and will have so much energy. Hopefully this will help you find your workout so you can get started.

Lot of love and hugs
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