Would giving a long speech at your best friend’s wedding completely embarrass you?

You turn up at a party but realise no one you know is there yet. What do you do?

How do you feel about interviews?

When doing an important group project and none of you really know each other that well. What's your role in the group?

Looking at magazine you see a really cool hairstyle but it's pretty out there – do you get it?

At a club and all your friends head to the dancefloor. You're not drunk yet. What do you do?

In class you are asked to make a presentation in front of teachers and classmates. You..

Opinion about being a leader?

Do you have a hard time making decisions?

You are having a class discussion about social media. You have a strong opinion on the matter do you?

How confident are you?
You are very confident!

Woman Confident

Can't be more confident than you. You very much have confidence in yourself. You know your worth, and every time you walk in the room, you light up the room. Everyone enjoys being around you and letting you tell them what to do. You are someone, who can go to party by themselves and at the end of the night have made many friends. You are great leader, you can lead projects and can easily make decisions. One of your strengths is public speaking like interviews and presentations. Good for you, just keep being confident!
You are not confident at all!

not confident

In our society it can be hard to be confident, when our society always keeps trying to bring you down. There is nothing wrong with being this way, but you can always improve. By knowing this, you can work on it. Being around people you don't know, is not easy for you. Taking a lead and making decisions is also something you struggle with. Interviews and presentations can cause you a lot of stress. By working on your confidence, this can improve too. You got this, just keep working on it!
You are little bit confident, but still need to work on it!

not too confident

You have confidence, but enough. And it is understandable, a lot of people struggle with confidence, but you can improve. You are something you can be social, but can get nervous around these situations. You are able to lead, but perfect that someone else do it. You can struggle with making decisions, because you don't have enough confidence in yourself. Interviews and Presentations is something you get nervous around. But working on yourself, you will be able to improve that.

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