Sister’s body

Sister’s body by @valuh it talks about sense of belonging to ourselves and others. The real beauty human’s body is inside, it is beauty of accepting yourself fully and others. Everyone is welcome meaning respect and love your body and body of others. Don’t say you don’t like certain body types because you are not used to it also don’t hate your body because society says it is not good enough. We all need to […]

Ever just want to walk but remember…


Just the other night around 10 pm I wanted to take a walk and check on my car, but I couldn’t. Had so much fear and let me remind you I live in Switzerland and I live in good neighborhood, but no way. It is crazy as a woman you really have some limits and it is not really you can do anything about it. Can’t put yourself in risk! You know I would love […]

Rape/murder innocent woman but…

Men will rape/murder innocent woman This is why women don’t feel comfortable reporting rapes. This makes me so sad. In our society everything is around men and when men do such a horrible thing such as rape everyone tries to turn it around the victim. Because in their eyes everything man do is not as horrible as when woman does it. Like are you joking me with this? Party girl what a horrible thing am […]