What is happening to Turkish women?

Turkish women poster

What is happening to Turkish women? Over the past years, reports of violence against women have skyrocketed. Well over 1000 Turkish women have been officially killed in gender based violence since 2010. A deeply Conservative government has discouraged/strangled outcry, activism, and awareness surrounding the issue. And you would think it can’t get any worse than this, […]

Girl Power collection is here

Girl Power Collection

Girl Power Collection is here I am so excited to finally introduce to you my first collection. I have been working on this Girl Power collection for quite a while. Nothing everything went smoothly, but I guess expected for new business. I have been looking for right partners for this Girl Power collection, that stand […]

Don’t believe these 4 myths about sex

Don’t believe these myths about sex Note from Editor:This article is addressing some myths about sex. Some people make sex be something negative or bad, when in reality is the most realest thing you can experience as a human. I would say myths about sex began back 1000 years ago, when humanity first started developing. Back then they […]

Example of sexism in marriage and how bad it can get

poster sexism

Example of sexism in marriage and how bad it can get Note from Editor: This article shows example of sexism in marriage and how bad that can be. No one has right to treat you badly because of your gender.  What does sexism actually mean? prejudice or discrimination based on sex behaviour, conditions, or attitudes that foster […]

Shouldn’t workout for weight loss

poster workout weight loss

Note from Editor: In this article I will be explaining why you shouldn’t workout for weight loss, and why this mindset can prevent you from losing weight. It is no secret that our society has beauty standards, especially beauty standers for women. As a women when you have little bit more weight,  you are not meeting our […]

3 Reasons why we need to cut off the concept of losing your virginity

poster losing virginity

Editor’s Note: This articles is addressing the concept of losing your virginity, and how it is controlling women’s sexuality as well as their value. Your value has nothing to do with your sexuality. Doesn’t matter what you sexual did, you will always be good enough. Virginity was created for one reason, so women can be controlled. Society […]

9 Ways to get over sexual assault

poster sexual assault

Note from Editor: In this article I will be explaining to you some good strategies to get over sexual assault. Of course everyone is different, and everyone copes differently, but these strategies in my opinion can help. I am not a doctor or therapist, so I can’t say that I am sure this will work, but in my […]

8 Way to support Sexual Assault Victims

poster sexual assault victims

In today’s I will be giving you knowledge on how you can support sexual assault victims. When someone goes through sexual assault it is really hard, and it changes this person. Sometimes this person comes out better than before, and sometimes this person develops depression or other mental illness. It is sad to see that, […]

We need to stop student loan debt

student loan debt poster

Note from Editor:This article addresses problems we face as society regarding student loan debt, and how we can possibly fix it. It is crazy how someone is willing to invest in themselves to better themselves, and also society and yet they have to pay so much for it. Yes you are doing for yourself too, […]

Killing animals is okay, but abortion isn’t

abortion poster

So here is the thing some people seems to be okay with killing poor animals, but yet abortion totally not acceptable. How does this make sense? In their opinion abortion is a murder, but wait what is then killing animal, a charity work? Not really, since you are taking away humans life, a breathing humans […]