Girl Power collection is here

Girl Power Collection

Girl Power Collection is here

I am so excited to finally introduce

to you my first collection. I have been working on this Girl Power collection for quite a while. Nothing everything went smoothly, but I guess expected for new business. I have been looking for right partners for this Girl Power collection, that stand what I stand for. I was lucky enough to find great partners, but even when not everything went so well. You might noticed, view months ago I did put t-shirt from the collection on the website, but then we have view problems regarding back end of website. I am glad I didn’t announce the collection back then, I feel something told me not to and was the right call. What I am trying to say is, everything in life has some flaws, but important thing to remember never give up and go for it. Regardless of what happened, the collection still has beautiful meaning and I am also proud how it turned out and that is only thing that matters.


So before I show you the Girl Power collection, I would like to tell you the message and meaning behind this Girl Power collection. I feel having story behind the product can really high light the product. The story also helps customer decide if they want to buy product or not.


If you have been following me

for a while either on this blog or on social media, you know I strongly believe in loving your own body no matter how it looks like, so this is the main message behind this collection. For me personally I never had issues with body, I mean sometimes I would get into my head and judge some parts of my body, but most of time I would be happy with my body. I never had problem with people who wouldn’t meet beauty standers, I thought they looked beautiful. I would never judge anyone for the way their body looks. But as I was someone who didn’t have issues around body imagine, I did experienced a lot of my friends have that.

I was first sad for them, because they were wasting their beautiful life worrying about something so stupid, but then I looked little deeper. I wanted to know what makes them not like their body, and then I realised it is our messed up society. Our messed up society puts people under pressure and they end up making beautiful women hate their bodies it is not far.  But sitting around and saying it is not right won’t change a thing, but brining awareness to this issues will. Telling beautiful women, who don’t feel beautiful that they are in fact beautiful. You might think you saying little things like you are beautiful won’t help, but trust me it will. And also I thought great way to make people feel beautiful and bring awareness towards this issue, is to create clothes that people can wear.

Girl power for me means

love yourself and of course your body the way it is. Accepting your body even with its flaws. But not only that accepting the body of others, loving their bodies as well and not judging their bodies no matter how it looks like. This collection is all about accepting everything, even if it doesn’t meet our society’s criteria. We are all here together and our job is not only to love our bodies, but to love bodies of other. We need to love and support everyone and break this lame stigma. You need to understand that your body is only one, no one has the same body as you and this is your power. We all own this one, unique body and we need to embrace and love it. When you see something on your body, that doesn’t meet our society’s criteria, try to find positive in it, don’t hate on it.


Now that you know what this Girl Power collection is all about, I feel I also need to tell you what the company as well as me stands for. I feel if you like the product, but you don’t like what company stands for, you for sure shouldn’t be buying the product. I really feel that should align and I please don’t buy my products if you don’t stand for the same things I do.


What I strongly stand for is :

-of course body positivity and love yourself as well as others

-never judging anymore no matter where they come from, what they do or how they look like

-authenticity and being yourself in your own unique way

-seeing everyone as equal and not some being better or deserving more, all of us deserve equal

-changing our society and the system for better and having more far and equal system

-being free and doing what feels right for you and not what society wants you to do

-openly talking about topics and issues that our society doesn’t like to talk about and trying to fix them

Now if you mostly agree what I said great, if not also great we are different people and we don’t have to agree on everything, but I do think you should support company that has the same values as you of course if you still want to buy my products you are more than welcome, but this is just little advice from me.

So now something very important

I want to mention is, if you want to buy one of my products it does come with conditions. From the moment you buy my product you have to promise me, you will love your body and always do so. I know sometimes you will have moments, when you will judge it, but promise at the end of the day you will always love your body. And you also need to promise me, that you will love body of others, your friends and family and even people you see on the street. Promise you will talk always in positive way about their bodies, and will support them and help them love their bodies too. Bring them to the point, where they have no choice, but to love their bodies.

I might be asking too much, but it is really important since this is the message behind this collection. So think about it, can you do this? Or at least work hard to do so. I am not saying if you can’t do this, you are not allowed to buy my products, but really want this collection to have deep meaning. I really want people to grow from it and achieve the goal of this collection, which is body positivity. You can buy something from this collection to help you achieve this goal. The reason I made this collection is to help people love themselves and will always keep trying to push people to do so. I don’t really care if I even earn any money from this, but I do care if I can help as many people as possible.

So now to the Girl Power collection:

Before I show you the pieces I want to explain the design. So here with have women standing together and saying girl power. And that is pretty clear, we stand together to love ourselves and others. I put all women, but of course this applies to men too. I thought for first collection I would do simply design, but I think my next design will also include men. The design also includes women with different clothes and different skin colors, meaning everyone is welcome and we are all here together. We will help and be there for everyone no matter what your background is. I didn’t design it myself, I got graphic designer do this for me and I am so happy with the results. Of course if you have any opinion you are welcome to write in comments. So now finally to the products:

Unisex Girl Power T-Shirt

girlpower aqua unisex t-shirt

For the first product of this girl power collection I have this very simple t-shirt, that both men and women can wear. You can wear with more casual outfits as well as more elegant. You can either tucked it in the trousers or leave it out, it looks great both ways. This t-shirt is available in 14 colours in sizes from XS to L. It is retailing for 24.95€ with free shipping worldwide. So you can sh0p it by clicking here. If you have any special request like for example in some other colour or sizes you can contact me via email nakedlydressed@gmail.com

Unisex Girl power Sweatshirt

light blue girlpower hoodie unisex

Here is beautiful and very comfy hoodie from our collection. It is perfect for when you are at home having lazy day. But it can also go with more classy look, you got to mix it up little bit. I am more than happy to show you guys how to style items in this collection. This hoodie is available in 6 colours in sizes from S to L . It is retailing for 39.95€ with free shipping worldwide. So you can sh0p it by clicking here. If you have any special request like for example in some other colour or sizes you can contact me via email nakedlydressed@gmail.com

Girl power Eco Tote Bag

Unisex Girl power Collection Drawstring bag
Unisex Girl power collection Socks
And for the last item of the collection we have these girlpower socks. I love them, because when you wear them with sneakers, you will only see the white part and have have black part inside which will make washing little easier. You can show off your commitment to girlpower movement by wearing these socks with some skirt. These Socks is available in one color  and is retailing for 15.95€ with free shipping worldwide. So you can sh0p it by clicking here. If you have any special request like for example in some other colour or sizes you can contact me via email nakedlydressed@gmail.com
So here is everything you need to know about this collection and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. We will be adding more items to this collection so keep your eyes on that. If you have anything to say about collection please let me know. Even some improvements we need to make please let us know in comments down below.
Reminder: Love yourself and others!


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