How confident are you?


    Being confident, can do many wonderful things to you. By being confident you know your worth and have much love for yourself. But living in our society it is becoming harder and harder to be confident. By taking this quiz, you will discover where you stand with your confidence, this can help you determine in which areas you have to work on. Good luck 🙂

    You turn up at a party but realise no one you know is there yet. What do you do?

    1. Go up to people are try meet new people
    2. Go home
    3. Stay in the corner until my friends come

    In class you are asked to make a presentation in front of teachers and classmates. You..

    1. Of course I do it with excitement, because I love doing presentation
    2. I stand up and do it, but I am little bit nervous about it
    3. I get very anxious about it and hope time passes quickly

    You're out at a club and all your friends head to the dancefloor. You're not drunk yet. What do you do?

    1. Stand next to her and slowly dancing
    2. Go to dance floor with her, no need to be drunk to have fun
    3. Let her go and I stay in the corner

    How do you feel about being a leader?

    1. I like being in control where ever possible
    2. I prefer to be alone always
    3. I will lead in some situations but I like to share some responsibilities

    You see a really cool hairstyle in a magazine but it's pretty out there – do you get it?

    1. Maybe, but will think about it first
    2. Of course I get it, you only live once
    3. Of course not

    Do you have a hard time making decisions?

    1. I seek reassurance a lot
    2. Yes! All the time
    3. No! I conquer with total control

    You are having a class discussion about social media. You have a strong opinion on the matter do you?

    1. Sit quietly and listen
    2. Whisper to your friend what you think but don't say it to the class
    3. Raise your hand and say your point of view loud and proud

    You're doing an important group project and none of you really know each other that well. What's your role in the group?

    1. You are happy doing what others tell you to do
    2. You give some ideas, but are happy that others are taking the lead
    3. You take the lead, get to know them and tell everyone what they should do.

    How do you feel about interviews?

    1. I hate them and I am so bad at them
    2. I love them, because I love talking
    3. They are alright, but I do get nervous for interviews

    Would giving a long speech at your best friend’s wedding completely embarrass you?

    1. A little
    2. No
    3. Yes

    All 10 questions completed!

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    How confident are you?

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