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What’s feminism?

It’s a movement that realizes the injustices and oppression that marginalized people face in their everyday lives and works to combat those issues. There are a lot of misconceptions about feminism, but our feminist ideology is simple, feminism is for human rights, respect, and inclusivity.

Why did you get into feminism?

I have experienced many bad things through out the life. When you always get less just based on your gender, and then at some point you just had enough. On first of January 2019 I decided to create feminism instagram and from there I grew and made then this website.

What is Nakedlydressed?

Nakedlydressed is feminism online community that focus on body positivity and loving yourself. We talk about everything from fashion to fitness but put our own twist to it which is body positivity. Our feminism community is talking our issues while trying help people love and embrace theirselves and their bodies! 

Feminism in Numbers

It’s all in the data. And it will blow you away…

Let’s remove any subjectivity, let’s look at the numbers. Every day there are more and more studies backing up the reality we keep talking about: real equality doesn’t exist yet. Nothing gives you more leverage in a debate that some irrefutable statistics. Because data is not a man hater. Data is the most objective way we have to prove a reality and then change it

Men and Feminism

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle…

We can’t have feminism without men being on board. And we wouldn’t even if we could. Feminism is not a war between genders, we want equal opportunities and rights for all. But we can only do that by acknowledging the current situation.

Why is it essential that feminism be intersectional?

The term “intersectional,” coined by scholar and activist Kimberlé Crenshaw, is the idea that multiple identities intersect to create a whole; in order to fully understand someone’s identity, we must think of each separate identity as linked to all the others. As an example, a white Jewish woman is all three parts of her identity; she cannot simply separate her race, religion and gender when these identities intersect and interplay with one another constantly.

So why is this important in relation to feminism? Because if our concept of equality doesn’t include the liberation of women of color, queer women, disabled women, then what are we fighting for? If we don’t name these identities explicitly in our struggle, we leave out the essential experience and strength they bring.

Do you think your feminism is intersectional? Do you think it’s important that feminism be intersectional? Have you thought about intersectional feminism before?


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