16 Amazon Home Workout Must Haves

It’s not just you: Home workout gear has been hard to find since the COVID-19 pandemicfirst struck. But now, about a year after we’ve adjusted to being indoors more than ever, tons of top-rated exercise equipment, including stationary bikes, weight sets, and treadmills, are back in stock on Amazon at some incredible prices. With a little creativity (and just two days for shipping), you’ll get moving in no time. You already know that working out […]

At home workouts for abs

At home workouts for abs When I started my fitness journey I hated working at home and loved working at gym. Gym is the right environment and gives you that motivation, you really can’t be lazy at gym while at home you can easily give up. I skipped on workouts at home so many times in the beginning it is quite embarrassing when I think about it. But at home workouts are perfect to be […]

7 Ways How Diet Culture is Toxic

How to love your body

7 Ways How Diet Culture is Toxic Diet Culture really is toxic, just the fact that it makes people feel shitty about their bodies says a lot for me. Making people be scared of what they are eating and not being able to enjoy amazing food is not okay. Food is very important and main thing that makes you body keep going, how is this bad for your body? Please explain to me. I mean […]

6 Benefits of eating healthy

6 Benefits of eating healthy Eating healthy can come across very bad because of toxic diet culture and how they use it to promote their products. Toxic diet culture refers to eating healthy so you lose weight and get your dream body but that is so wrong. This actually makes me laugh so hard. Like no food in the world will make your body look different than how it is suppose to look. Food is […]

Wonder how to boost your energy? Here are 9 ways to boost your energy

boosting your energy

Wonder how to boost your energy? Here are 9 ways to boost your energy Lately I have been feeling very tired, and even though in the winter time I tend to be tired I kind of didn’t like it, because I really love the feeling of getting things done and I couldn’t. So I set myself to mission to try to bring back my energy. I am lucky enough that I get my energy pretty […]