How to discover your own personal style?

How to discover your own personal style?

The meaning

behind fashion is expressing yourself through your clothes, but I feel this meaning got lost in translation. Nowadays instead of focusing on how to express yourself through your clothes, we trend to focus on what is trend and how to impress others. You shouldn’t be wearing something to impress someone, or because it is something many are wearing at the moment. It is not wrong to get inspired by latest trends, but then put your own twist to it so it aligns with you.

There are many

disadvantages of wearing something that doesn’t align with you and your personality and I will be telling you all about it in upcoming article. Because we are too focused on trends, finding our personal style can first be very difficult and can cause you to cloud your decision. It is important to find what truly is your personal style, because when something aligns with you, you feel more comfortable therefore you will feel more confident wearing it. If you were wondering why you seem so insecure, maybe rethink your personal style.

If something aligns with you,

it will anyways be stylish, because being yourself will never go out of the style. Here you won’t be getting how to style latest trends, but how to style according to you and your personality. Latest trends are only trendy if they fit your personality. If you love bright colours, we support it, we support anything as long as it is true to yourself. So now where do we start? How do we find our personal style?

Finding personal style can be really easy, just in view simple steps in you have it, so let’s go:

Get to know yourself:

This one is the most important. If you don’t know who you truly are, you can’t really know what is your personal style. Dive deep into yourself ask yourself questions like:

-What do I like/enjoy doing?

-What words describe me? (Not how you like to be described, but how you really are)

-What makes me happy?

-Ask your friends and family to describe you?

-What makes me unique? (And don’t even say nothing is special about me, everyone is unique in their own way)

Getting to know yourself and knowing who you truly are will play important role in finding your own personal style. Try also to be aware what you are doing during the same, some small habits you have, how to interact with people, what makes you nerves or stressed.

Learn to love yourself:

After you got to know yourself on a deeper level, you got to work on loving yourself. In this part you got to be open and accepting. I also have to mention that in part of getting to know yourself, you can’t be convincing yourself to be someone you are not, just because you rather be that. In the long run it will don’t be good for you. You got to be open to fully knowing your true self. Learning to love yourself can be really difficult so some people, so be patience. High light some unique qualities you have, and try saying affirmations like “I love and accept myself” and learn to embrace all the imperfections about yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you will always be focusing how to dress to impress instead of dressing to express yourself.

Get inspired by others:

As I said before, getting inspired by others is all good. By getting inspired by others you will get some good ideas to try out and see what aligns with you the most. Try pieces that resonate with you the most and wear them with view outfits and see how it feels like. Great way to find out if it is you or not, is by taking pictures of outfits in which you wore the piece and ask your family and friends if they think it aligns with you. Another great way is after wearing the outfit and seeing the photos you took and writing down how this outfit makes you feel. If you for example have a piece and can’t even put together outfit with this piece, it is a sign it is not for you. Just play around and see what feels good for you. It is also important for you to feel comfortable in this piece so make sure you feel this way.

Style pieces that will high light your personality:

Your style should high light your personality not someone else’s. Now that you got to know yourself, and your personality you should be able to know what aligns with your personality. So take for example a leather jacket and make view different outfits with it and see what suits you the most, what outfits screams you. In this part it could also be useful taking pictures and then really looking it and thinking what suits you.

Write it down:

Your style can also change from time to time. Sit down and write down how you are feeling, what are your goals at the moment. All of these can influence your style. Because how someone feels can influence how they dress, because this is also how you express yourself through your emotions. It is great to have a diary where you can write weekly how you feel, so you can change up your style according to how you feel.

Fashion is

not about what you wear, but how it makes you feel. Does it describe me or someone else? In order to find your personal style you have to get to know yourself and love and accept yourself. Otherwise this won’t be your personal style, and you won’t feel good in it. People love to pretend to be someone else, because our society makes us feel we are not good enough. But don’t you get it, every time you didn’t pretend people were more drawn to you. Pretending is not a plus in any aspect of your life.

I always loved glittery

clothes, so one time I bought myself this glitter sneakers. I was so happy to wear them at work, but when I got there my back then best friend totally made fun of it, but I didn’t care because I loved how it looked. I knew I was being true to myself and no one could hurt my feelings. This is why you shouldn’t be pretending, because people won’t be able to insult you when you are being yourself and confident in who you are.

Let’s enjoy who we are and let’s enjoy even more making outfits according to ourselves, no putting masks, we are not about that fake life!

Reminder: Don’t stress out too much about shopping!

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