6 Benefits of eating healthy

6 Benefits of eating healthy

Eating healthy

can come across very bad because of toxic diet culture and how they use it to promote their products. Toxic diet culture refers to eating healthy so you lose weight and get your dream body but that is so wrong. This actually makes me laugh so hard. Like no food in the world will make your body look different than how it is suppose to look. Food is there to keep your body going and definitely can’t make you fat or skinny. Eating less for sure won’t make you skinnier, it will just make you tired and depressed.

Because we need food

and vitamins that are inside the food we eat. Eating a lot won’t make you feel bad, but food unhealthy will. Remember you are putting this inside yourself, so be aware of it, because if that is shitty it will make you feel shit. Eating a lot won’t make you have bad body image, but eating unhealthy will. Knowing you ate this shitty food can make anyone feel shitty. And yes toxic diet culture convinced us that we feel shitty because of the way we look, because we are insecure, but that is so false. No one can make you feel insecure about your body, but you!!

That is why it is so

important to keep yourself healthy and take care of your body. I am not saying you can’t never eating anything unhealthy, but to be aware of it. If you ate only healthy all the time that would be unhealthy too. It is all about finding a balance. You definitely should eat once a week something sweet, but don’t over do it. That is the key, take it easy. So I also know that can be hard when you have habit of eating unhealthy. So I will give you view reason why it will beneficial to you in hopes to motivate you.

Better mood and energy:

Who doesn’t love being in the best mood every, I feel having good mood you get more things done. And who doesn’t love more energy, you feel so good when you have a lot of energy. When you eat healthy you get more energy, and also not only are you getting energy but you just feel better when you eat healthy and even if you have bad day, you still have great mood.

Improve memory and brain health:

Yes that is right if you have been forgetting a lot of things lately you might rethink your eating habits. All these unhealthy meals are more damaging to your brain than you think. There is a reason they are called unhealthy, they contain a lot of toxic ingredients that are not good for you. And as I said it is fine to eat little bit of that, but if you keep eating and that becomes habit that won’t be good for you. Isn’t it the best feeling when you remember everything, when you know your brain is good. This can also help you have a clear mind and will be able to think better.

Heart Health:

You probably heard about debates and how sugar can cause it and it is not a lie it is really true. Sugar is very damaging to your heart, and heart is the main thing when it comes to your body. If your heart is not working well, then you should really be worried. So to avoid that and to have trouble having to go to doctors and worry about our health, how about we cut out the sugar or just little bit so it doesn’t damage your heart. When heart is good, you are in peace too!

Reduce risk of cancer:

Nowadays we anyways have high risk of having cancer so why miss a chance of reducing it. By eating unhealthy and having unhealthy life style you do risk having a cancer. As I mentioned unhealthy food has very bad ingridents that can damage your body and your health even to the point of you getting a cancer by just being unhealthy. There has been many studies that suggest eating a lot of unhealthy food can cause you to get cancer. So why risk your beautiful and healthy body? Dark berries are perfect to reduce a risk of cancer!!

Clear skin:

Well you might not this, but eating healthy can clear up your skin. By having healthy life style and eating clean, your skin becomes clear. Wonder why your acne won’t go away, or why skin has so many spots it might be because of your unhealthy eating habits. The healthy food have ingredients that will improve your skin which is another reason why you should eat healthy. You will feel good and your skin will glow!

Your confidence will go up:

I don’t care what people say, but I feel sometimes we feel insecure because we don’t take care of our body. Maybe this is your body saying you need to take care of it, when you don’t treat it well of course you will feel insecure. It is important what you put in your body, so your body will feel good and therefore no matter how you look you will feel good and confident in your body. Remember it is the only body you got, so please take care of it!

I know sometimes it can be hard to cut off habits you had for long time, but realise it is not doing you any good. It will damage your health and your body image, so it is not worth it. There are enough delicious healthy food you can choose from without damaging your health. Once you realise how powerful it is to be healthy, you will not want to go back. I will be writing in upcoming article how to cut off unhealthy food and become more healthy so stay tune for that.

Hope you learned something from me today!

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