Pro Life vs Pro Choice


Pro Life vs Pro Choice

Pro Life and Pro Choice labels are so confusing and I always keep getting messages on instagram to explain what is the difference or what if I am little bit of both what should I call myself? And this is perfect example of what actually labels do, just make all of us so confused so maybe we all should stop basically labelling everything. Anyways back to the topic I feel these two labels are putting people in two boxes and in a way forcing people to be in one of the boxes. These labels are very close minded and makes you feel you are not free to make your own choice.

In my opinion there should only be one label when it comes to abortion and that should be only PRO CHOICE. You don’t have to do it yourself, but feel everyone should feel comfortable making decisions about their body without being judged. That is why Pro Life is just an excuse for close minded people to judge others. But sadly there are still two labels so let’s go over and I will also add my opinion about it:

But first funny meme haha got to thank memes to making everything lighter

Yes see I don’t see you all pro life looking people who are born! I guess different nationality and color means not worthy very bad!

Pro Choice:

So people who are Pro-Choice know that everyone has basic human rights to make decision if they want to have children or not. It is your choice and your body and no one has any right to judge for it. People who are Pro-Choice believe it is okay for you to be able to choice abortion as a choice for unplanned pregnancy. These people might not want to choose abortion for themselves, but still believe it is okay to do it and for you to have ability to do it.

Most healthcare organisations call Pro Choice Pro-Reproductive Rights. According to Planned Parenthood it gives people more variety of beliefs.

Some more memes:

Yes see you don’t really care what happens to woman and also the baby when it is born!
Yes makes no sense!

Pro Life:

People who are against abortion are called Pro Life. But in my experience from all my abortion posts on twitter and instagram these people don’t really care about women’s life having unplanned pregnancies and after the child is born. The only thing they are worried about is fertilized egg, embryo or fetus and it is funny how they call themselves Pro Life. How are you Pro Life, when you don’t care if women’s life is ruined.

Most healthcare organisations call Pro Life Anti-Abortion.

Yes so many children left with no parents, that is not a good life!

My take on it:

So now on to my opinion Pro Life is the right choice and the only choice that should exist. Everyone has right to make their own decisions, especially when it is about their body and also very big and life changing decision. No one would go through abortion just because. If someone goes through with it, it is because they are simply not ready and that is fine. Things happened you learn, but you don’t have to suffer through. You should be able to get abortion and also not be judged by anyone for it.

If we lived in perfect world, everyone would mind their own business and accept the fact someone is not ready. Sadly we are not there yet and who knows if we will ever be. People have no right to judge you or have opinion about your body doesn’t matter if they wouldn’t do it themselves no right on opinion. The term Pro Life should be cut off and also Pro Choice, because then we are supporting this labelling. We should just support anyone who wants to get abortion and people who don’t support it should just not say anything. It is honestly so stupid, because we all know they couldn’t care less about life of someone. It is all, because you are destroying their political views and beliefs.

Let’s be positive and stop being judgement towards someone!

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Pro Life vs Pro Choice

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