Contraceptives Pros and Cons of 15 Methods

Contraceptives Pros and Cons: 15 Methods This is a follow up to the last week’s article. So what about contraceptives and pros and cons, which one do I take? What are side effect, what are pro’s? All of these factors makes it hard to choose and most of women have really hard time choosing the right one. There are so many informations out there about contraceptives, that you don’t know what is true and what […]

Contraceptives Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About Contraceptives?

Contraceptives quiz title

How Much Do You Actually Know About Contraceptives Quiz? Taking this¬†Contraceptives Quiz is important because contraceptives are very big and confusing topic. As a woman you probably used some form of contraceptives in your life, and as a woman you need to learn about it. Sadly they leave this up to us instead of getting education around this topic. So many doctors give us just some random contraceptives that we have 0 knowledge about. We […]