5 Reasons Why Halloween is so Problematic?

5 Reasons Why Halloween is so Problematic?

Why is Halloween so Problematic?

As we all know Halloween is coming up and here are some great costumes ideas to inspire you for your halloween costume. Anyways halloween is a great holiday, you get to dress up and just for one day be whoever you want to without being judged. And that aspect of halloween is great, no judgement which can help some people who struggle being themselves. In our society it is so typical so judge others, so Halloween way to show everyone you can be whoever you want to be. But while Halloween has great aspects, it also has problematic aspect that we can’t ignore. It has problematic history that we need to address so we learn.

Pocahontas costume:

Pocahontas costume: why is halloween so problematic

Pocahontas is a great character and great role model, so it shouldn’t be a problem dressing up as her for halloween. While she is great role model, dressing up as her can be racist. See Pocahontas highlights indigenous and their culture, which is great. But did you know that indigenous have been treated poorly in the past and still do this day, because they are simply indigenous. They have been treated badly, but when it comes to halloween costume it looks amazing. That is culture appropriation and I think it is so not acceptable. We use their struggle to our advantage and I don’t think it is okay and this is why halloween is so problematic.

Princess costumes:

Princess costumes

While princess costumes are fun, but are in my opinion very problematic. Disney Princesses presents the belief that woman need to be beautiful to be accepted and  the idea how she needs a man to rescue her for a horrible life. I don’t think this kind of belief should be celebrated. Princess costume is problematic because of the history behind it.

Mexican culture costumes:

Mexican culture costumes why is halloween so problematic

Do I even have to say? You be calling Mexicans so many bad names and discriminate them, but then you it is fine if you use their culture for halloween costume? The same as with Pocahontas you use their struggles for your benefit. It doesn’t matter if it is taco, a Mexican girl anything that belongs to their culture is not acceptable. If Mexican looks like a Mexican and wears their typical clothes she gets bullied for wearing it, but when you do it for halloween is fine. I think that is not acceptable and if we allow it, our society will continue to be unequal! This is just no acceptable and this is why halloween is so problematic.

So called “Sexy” costumes:

sexy nurse costume

They made out of any character a sexy halloween costume for women. These costumes scream sexism and should not exist. These costumes represent the main problem is our society, which is that women are only here to please a men. We don’t matter, we are just objects and need to please men. We don’t dress up for ourselves, we dress up for men. Men need to like what you are wearing not you. Making us feel we don’t matter and making us think we need to do everyone to please a man. We are our own people and are not going to be controlled by men. These costumes makes me angry and no one should wear them.

Black culture costumes:

black culture costume why is halloween so problematic

Do I even have to say much? I mean to this day black people get treated so poorly simply because of the way they look and where they comes from. Because of the way they look they have difficulties in life for example getting a job and it is horrible. While they are treated poorly others benefit from wearing their costumes. White people get compliments when they dress as black person. Don’t use someone’s struggles to your advantage. We need to fight for them, so they are seen as equal in our society, not make it even bigger problem.

I think Halloween is a great holiday and great way to embrace yourself and be whoever you want to be. The fact that you can be dress as crazy as you want to without being judged is amazing. But dressing as something that is an issue in our society that shouldn’t get attention at all is wrong. My advise is to get costume that really high lights your personality and you, but just very loud. The idea of being whoever you want to be is in a way wrong, because it makes you feel you are not good enough. By dressing in costume that high lights you, you don’t risk wearing something offensive and also you will for sure feel good in that costume.

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9 Responses

  1. Interesting article but it sounds like you’re being fake “woke”. Would you have made this article 5 maybe even 10 years ago?

  2. A friend referenced this article to me, and all I can say is… “yikes”. As a black person, this article is just ridiculous. You can tell this was written by a non-black person. Yes, black peoples do get discriminated against and are treated very poorly TO THIS DAY, but what the fuck does dressing up like a princess have to do with needing a man? Girl, go to sleep.

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