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Just the other night around 10 pm I wanted to take a walk and check on my car, but I couldn’t. Had so much fear and let me remind you I live in Switzerland and I live in good neighborhood, but no way. It is crazy as a woman you really have some limits and it is not really you can do anything about it. Can’t put yourself in risk! You know I would love to go clubbing by myself, but I can’t there is pretty high risk I might get raped. And I am really not attacking men and saying because of men women don’t feel safe walking home by themselves. I would say society is a problem, parents not teaching boys how to treat women and in reoccurring rapes and attacks towards women and not much been done about it. Society not wanting men to take responsibility and not paying consequences. I would say justice system fail to protect us and not making us feel safe to even come forward! There are many factors. But I know we can do is teach boys and men how to treat women, teach them that attacking us and raping us is not okay. And I guess even though society keep saying we are weak, got to get this strength out and show it. Show men the strength we have and they can’t do what they want with us. Also need to mention because people feel feminists are attacking men! I am not blaming men they are as much powerless in this situation as we are. What do you think we should do to change this?

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