Everyone is beautiful

Written by nakedlydressed on 13.02.2020 | Category: Feminism

Everyone is beautiful

It is messed up world we live in.

We see beauty everywhere and on everyone but yet ignore it and try to convince ourselves and others that we need to change something. Beauty is not just being skinny, beauty is not just with brown hair, beauty is not just white people. There is no definition for beauty, it just is. Beauty is everyone no matter how they look. For me beauty is both skinny and chubby they are both beautiful. Beauty is also all types of skin color it is beautiful because no everyone is the same and that is beautiful as hell. Birthmarks as well as any piece of you that makes you, you is even more beautiful it shows who you are and where you come from. We try to ignore beauty because society wants us to. For me it is better to have us think we are not beautiful but we are all beautiful and no need to change remember this!!

everyone is beautiful


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