9 Ways to learn to love yourself

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Note from Editor:This article talks about ways to learn to love yourself. Our society benefits from people not loving themselves, so it is really important to love yourself. Learning to love yourself has so many benefits.

It is no secret

that our society benefits from us not loving yourself. They make it also easy not to love yourself, from consuming instagram to other false advertisements, and of course that means win for them. But living in this society means it is hard to learn to love yourself. The reason, why it is hard to learn to love yourself in our society is, because they just show you how to change yourself, yet never how to accept who you are, but if you know how to love yourself, that can be easy too. The problem is how to not love yourself is more dominate than how to love yourself, so there are way less information about this topic, therefor it is harder to learn to love yourself, but don’t worry I am here to help you out with that. I also want to mention you have way more benefits from loving yourself like for example you won’t be looking for validation anymore, you will feel free, you will be able to do things without worrying what others think, you will be more confident, and finally you will attract more positive people into your life. I know I sound like the worst sales man, but got to be convincing, I am against real strong force. At least I am not asking for money, but just for you to consume my content, pretty good deal am I right? Anyways yes you probably sick of my lame jokes so let’s start:

Getting over all your traumas:

I think this should be your first step and this one is very important. What I find out works the best to get over any trauma small or big even though I feel every trauma is big can’t be seen small or big is following: accepting this happened to you, finding strength to forgive yourself and others for it, and find the lesson that you learned from it, tell yourself that this is why you had to go through this. Sometimes it is hard, but you need to tell yourself that trauma is there to shape you as a person, and teach you something. You are allowed to feel angry about it, but then move on and see just positive from it, because this is how you will get over it.

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Forgive yourself for mistakes:

Traumas do shape us as people, but so do our mistakes. Sadly mistakes and traumas can also hold us back, this is why this is also very important. You have to accept that you made mistakes, but also give yourself strength to understand why you did it, by discovering lesson you learned from it. Tell yourself what you learn. and that this is why you made this mistake. Be happy about the mistake don’t regret it doesn’t matter how horrible it is.

Work on your issues:

If there are any issues you have for example you can’t trust people work on that. Don’t be hard on yourself accept you have it, but also explain to yourself that there is no need for it. Tell yourself why you have it for example someone wasn’t loyal to you tell yourself that was one person, but not everyone is like this. and tell yourself as long as they don’t show any red flag let’s relax. Working on all the issues you have will be so good for you.

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Trust yourself:

Trusting yourself is also important. You should trust others, but if you are feeling you can’t trust someone trust yourself with this feeling. Show yourself you trust yourself and in return you will get self love.

Take care of yourself:

Taking care of yourself is also important to love yourself. Taking care of yourself can be skin care, taking good care of your body, staying healthy not overworking, and saying no when you don’t feel like doing something. This will give yourself so much boost of energy and love.

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Challenge yourself:

If you try new things, it will open you up and make you feel more comfortable. It will also teach you what enjoy or not enjoy.

Give yourself Credit:

If you did a great job make sure you let yourself know, make sure you show that. Don’t be shy if someone says you did a great job, make sure you fully accept that.

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Make a list of Accomplishments:

Making yourself aware everything you accomplished, will get you to love yourself. Write everything down even if it seems lame or small everything is important. Keep reading it until you feel good about yourself.

Write down all the unique qualities you have:

Knowing who you are, and what unique qualities you have to offer will boost yourself. We forget to be aware of our unique qualities, and that is why we start not to love ourselves. Knowing how unique you are, will give you this push to love yourself.

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Accept yourself fully:

Finally accept yourself for who you truly are, not for who someone wants you to be. Always be your true self never pretend to be someone else. Also accept all your flaws and fully embrace them. Everyone has flaws, but learn to love them.

Accepting everything about yourself all your mistakes, experiences and who you are will get you to love yourself. Learning deep meaning about all of it, will make you grow and embrace yourself. It will free you of all the stupid expectations our society has. Embrace your true self, because that is the most beautiful version of yourself.

Also don’t be hard on yourself when you have bad days and don’t feel your best, let yourself feel this way, but also give yourself a strength to get up and move forward.

Reminder: Always love yourself!

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