Love everyone regardless of their race


Love everyone regardless of their race

Yes that is right you should be kind to everyone.

It doesn’t matter if they are from rich country or poor country and I mean everyone is different the country they are from doesn’t define them you can’t choose in country you want to be born. The same goes to skin color be kind to every skin color and I mean the term skin color is for me ridiculous because at the end we still bleed the same color blood like what the hell. Be kind to everyone regardless of their sexuality it is not your thing to hate on their sexuality or be rude it is how they feel and this is also something they can’t change. Also be kind to everyone even if they don’t have the same religion as you everyone has different beliefs just respect them. Be kind to men, women and any other gender out there whatever people define themselves is fine they can be both or more than one gender in my opinion. Weight and height is also huge one don’t be kind to skinny people and people with normal weight. Be kind to everyone regardless of how they look and again I think we are all beautiful in our own way. And also race is another thing don’t only be kind to one race be kind to everyone after all the race is just a term we are all just humans so in my eye we have the same race sorry to disappoint you. And finally age even though it should be just number some take it seriously and would disrespect people in certain age. Everyone should be respected no matter if they are 9 or 90. And the end this these are terms our society made up but at the end we are all humans and all the same so let’s spread love.
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