It is okay to be male feminist

real male is feminist

For today’s article I will be talk about, that is okay to be male feminist hopefully it will be helpful.

Feminism is more

than just fighting for women, it is more than just a movement, it is a lifestyle. Feminism is about unlearning all messed up things our society thought us and fixing all the flaws in our society. That is beyond just women being equal it is also about men. Yes we do get less when it comes to salary, and I guess respect, but men also have struggles from being in this society just in the different ways. Feminism is all about accepting everyone, and be there for everyone, so that is why male feminist should be a thing.

harry quote about being male feminist

We live in society,

where men are not allowed to have emotions. If you cry, you show you care or even show you have feelings. You should really be careful, because everyone is going to call you weak, and not a real man. What this is so stupid! Where do you think they should store their emotions in trash? Yes I know I am trying really hard to be funny, but it is so true isn’t it? Because this is how our society treat their feeling, as if it is nothing, and nothing to worry about.

Comment down below you think this is true let’s who else agrees with me! Anyways their feelings and emotions work the same way, if they ignore them eventually all of it will come out, but worse than before. It is okay to show your feelings, and need someone, and it is okay not to earn more than your partner. It is okay to not meet our society’s expectations, because they are so unrealistic. Regardless of what society say, you are real man. Real men show their feelings, they are kind and carrying. See feminism accepts everyone, and also accepts men, who do show their feelings, and that is why society is triggered by feminism.

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Feminism triggers society,

because we are destroying their unrealistic expectations. and opening eyes to many. There are reasons why they have unrealistic expectations of us, they want to control us. When they see slowly they are losing the control, they are going to do everything to gain back. So instead of fixing their flaws, and maybe this way they would have more control, but instead what they do is making others looks bad. So society makes feminism look bad to other, but especially to men.

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They say things like,

how if a man is a feminist he is not a real man. They know that men get triggered, when you tell them you are not a real man, and that is all they have to do. But this is not true, men who are feminist are real man. They stand for all the women in their lives: for their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, wives and daughters. Real men see that, what feminism is doing is going to make better future for his daughter/s .And they also stand for themselves, because the system is also messing with them too, just in a different ways.

Boys, girls, men and women  should be proud to be feminist and not get hate for it. Because feminist is all about accepting yourself, and seeing through all the flaws in our system, and trying to fix them.

Reminder: accept and support everyone!

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