Men literally piss in public but aren't...

Written by nakedlydressed on 13.02.2020 | Category: Feminism

Men literally piss in public but aren’t…

Yes it is fine for you to pie in public even though you can find yourself a toilet but no women can’t breastfeed.

Yes because it is not like she can’t control when baby is hungry and it is not like it is the main source of survival for baby this is very ironic. See men can find toilet or hold it but yet noo it is fine. But baby is really hungry when it is and babies need food as much so they are able to grow. So don’t see why they are being judged for doing it in public. Stop that shit it is another way to control us and of course that would mean seeing boobs in non sexual way and that is something all of you don’t want. But guess what boobs are not here for your needs, boobs are not even suppose to be sexual it is just part of our body. You can be attracted to women but no need to sexualize boobs. Anything to add? Comment down below

men will piss in public

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