What not to be around Sexual Assault Victims Quiz


What not to be around Sexual Assault Victims Quiz

Being a sexual assault victims is not easy. Having gone through this awful experience is something no one should go through. It is also something not everyone can understand. As friends and family of the sexual assault victims you do have to be aware of what kind of language you use around them. Even one word can trigger them into bad depression and have make healing process longer. Of course no one is to blame, you can’t know when you have’t been trough this. This why I am here to help.

With this quick quiz you can be aware

of your knowledge and learn what is missing by doing this quiz. It is easy and fast tool. You can always redoit and don’t worry if you even get all the answers wrong, by doing this quiz you will be ready. So let’s get started:

how could you let this happen sexual assault victims

What should you say?

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Wrong: You’ve slept withs many people though 

People can sleep with as many people as they want to. It is their body so they choose what they want to do with it. There is no wrong way of treating your body. Some people happen to love sex more, some less. It someone had many partners doesn’t mean they deserve to be raped. It is a crime regardless of their sexual background.

how do I know sexual assault victims

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Wrong: Did you say no? What were you doing there? 

There is way too often victim blaming, because our society want to ignore the real problem which is the rapist. Victim blaming can cause victim to go into very dark place. A thought of them being the reason that his happened to them, could destroy them. These kind of questions makes them question themselves. It is common of victim to not say no, when your mind noticed something bad is about to happen, you freeze.

The right term for that

is called flight and fight response you can google it. But you basically are left speechless you barley speak and can even say no. Regardless of the situation any normal person would not, this is not right and they shouldn’t be doing it. No one has right to access your body without you give permission. They need to make sure you 100% want it otherwise it is sexual assault.

come one rape victim

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Wrong: How could you even put yourself in that position? 

You should never make them feel, they are to blame. It is not the right way to approach the situation. You blaming them will turn into them blaming themselves and that won’t be good for recovery. Getting raped can happen to anyone, at any time and at any place.

It can happen during

the day at public place, but also at club. You can’t restrict yourself from doing things you enjoy because there are rapists out there. It happened and victim is not to blame. The rapist shouldn’t done it and that is it! Ask them how to support them. This will make them comfortable and easier to open up to you.

this is why poster rape victim

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Wrong: Weren’t you drunk? How can you be sure you didn’t want it? 

Having sex with someone while they are drunk is called a rape. Doesn’t matter if they wanted or not, it is still a rape. When someone is drunk they mind is all over the place, and they can’t think straight. Because of that their decision when they are drunk can be different from when they are sober. Knowing someone is drunk, you have responsibility to stop and if not you are being aware that you are raping someone.

Of course someone being drunk

is perfect for rapist, it is so easy to rape someone and so many rapists take advantages of someone being drunk to get away with it. If you want to be sexually active, you have to take responsibility, and that means learning about consent and knowing when it is given. Unwanted sexual experience can traumatise someone for life. Entourage the victim that speaking up about it, is a good thing and that they should keep speaking about it. Keep telling them that going through this experience make her stronger.

It is not our poster sexual assault victims

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Wrong: Don’t tell anyone, it can ruin your future.

Sharing your experience, can only brighten your future. This is something you had no control over and also nothing to be ashamed about. If you were a rapist there would be plenty to be ashamed about, but you were victim. If someone thinks badly of you because of this experience, it makes them a coward. But most people would not think badly about you, because you have been raped. Most people will admire how strong you are. You shouldn’t be putting wrong ideas in victims head, it is not right. You should be telling them, how wonderful they are and how loved they are.

victim poster

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Wrong: I told you there was something off about them.

If they even get slight feeling they could have done something differently, they will start blaming themselves. Don’t make it harder on them. Make them feel that whatever they have done was enough. They couldn’t prevent that from happening. Trust me saying I believe you will do them much more. Maybe I believe you is not big deal, but when you keep hearing you are making this up, when you hear someone say I believe you it makes you 100 times much better.

why are you?

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Wrong: What were you wearing? 

It doesn’t matter what you were wearing. Rapists rape for power not because of what you were wearing. Some straight rapists tend to rape gay people or even rape children. It doesn’t matter, you should be allowed to wear whatever you want to. No one should control what you wear or be triggered by what you wear. Know that way too many times it has been proven that clothes just didn’t matter. So instead of questioning them, ensure them their clothes didn’t matter. What they wore what not the reason. It is important for them to hear that

So how well did you do it?

And as I mentioned not having all the answers correct, doesn’t mean you are not ready. Reading through the entire article will make you ready, so make sure you read everything I wrote under the questions. Don’t be too hard on yourself, when you haven’t been through something like this it is hard to understand, But I feel sexual assault is very taboo topic and need more attention.

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I didn’t know much about this topic either and thought certain things that people do are fine, but I learned they are not. I learned a lot from following accounts that are focusing on this topic, and reading a lot about it, but also when you yourself go through this experience you learn the most by experiencing this yourself. It is way easier to learn when you have been through this, and much harder when you haven’t been through this.

This is very hard experience to go through and I don’t wish on anyone, but also when people speak up about it, it does bring awareness to this topic.

Hopefully you learned something from this article, and if there are any questions please write in comments!

Reminder: The language you speak with sexual assault victims matters!

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