Teenagers sometimes knows more about politics than adults!

Written by nakedlydressed on 10.02.2020 | Category: Feminism

Teenagers sometimes knows more about politics than adults!

Only because you are a teenager doesn’t mean your opinion isn’t valid.

Teenagers are very much and know a lot. I mean all of this they have experienced too. Politicians and people in power have experienced that where they were the once making the mess. Not fighting for making the equality, accepting everyone, climate change and more. Where teenagers experienced it from where they watch you make a mess and not be able to do anything about. You were ruining their future, because all of us younger people are the future. Only because they don’t have job and don’t have real life doesn’t mean don’t see it what is going on they are still living the same reality as you. So in my opinion they have more right to fight for it than anyone else in fact I entourage it. They are perfect candidates to do it because they have seen it all go down. If they want to make a change they for sure should. They can change world for the better. Anyone can change world but not everyone can change world for better. I believe they can all of us who have experienced it go down. Look at history how many incredible young people changed world for better!


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