5 Ways Influencers are damaging your body image

We are all aware that social media

is not the healthiest place and I feel it get worse and worse every year. I mean don’t get me wrong there also some amazing things about social media it can educate you and it can help with so many issues we as society are facing like for example racism I feel there would be way more racist people if there was no social media.

But social media also have quite a

dark side, a side that can get really toxic. And one of the main reasons we have toxic side of social media is because of influencers. These influencers that make you question your worth and make you feel your body is not good enough because they show you their perfectly photoshopped photos and make you feel it is real.

I could say so much about those

influencers and how wrong it is what they are doing, but let’s just stick to one topic at the time. You might think it might help you watching these influencers, but you are so wrong it is damaging you and your body image. I feel it can damage anyone’s body image, even if you are 100% happy with your body.

Of course when you see

perfect body on someone you wish to have it, but also feel shitty for not having it! But trust me if it looks perfect, I am sure 99.9% is fake. And also isn’t it more beautiful to have imperfections ? Well anyways let’s talk about it how they are damaging you

Only showing the highlights:

Influencers are known to show only highlights. They only post the perfect photo with perfect angle and the perfect setup, but that is not a real life. Our bodies won’t always look good in fact most times it doesn’t, when we sit it does look we have more than we have, when we are standing in the wrong angle it won’t look good either. And we also shouldn’t worry how we position ourselves because these influencers do it, we should be able to talk to our friends on the street without worrying how our body looks like. But when they just show the highlights it makes us feel insecure and makes us question our worth. We start to think if our body is really good enough.

And no one should feel this way,

everyone should feel that they are good enough because they are. Instead of focusing the best way you can look, focus on being the most real and how to make your followers feel good. But I can tell you one thing the reason influencers have need to only show highlights means they question their worth and therefor have to be perfect otherwise they feel insecure, so it is nothing against you and there is nothing wrong with you, it is them that have problem!


As I said before when we see these perfect bodies of course we want it too. So we end up comparing ourselves to these perfect bodies and it is not far fight since our bodies are not photoshopped or might not look the best at that moment. We end up wishing we had these bodies and that can put you in very dark place. We see our flaws but instead of embracing them we hate them because of what we see on social media. An influencer should make you feel good about your flaws not bad about it. It is stupid to compare yourself with everyone it makes no sense because we are all different, this influencer will never be you and you will never be that influencer. Own your power love who you are, don’t wish to be someone else!

Unrealistic expectations:

When you start comparing yourself and seeing your body next to these perfect bodies, of course you will try to achieve the perfect body. But see doesn’t matter how hard you work on it, you will never have the body that you see on social media. Because these perfect bodies that you see on social media ARE NOT REAL, they are photoshopped and honestly they don’t even think about how realistic this is they just do whatever looks good.

Our bodies can’t achieve what

photoshop can, it is impossible our bodies are built differently and it is not possible to achieve it. But that doesn’t mean that your body is not beautiful, because it is. This can leave us very frustrated and we can end up hating our bodies! This can also in general give you false image of ideal body. Because of these influencers you will end up thinking that this is the ideal body type, when in reality all bodies are ideal body types. There is no better or worse body type, it is your body so embrace it!

Eating disorder:

Showing the perfect can make someone feel they have to lose weight to have these perfect bodies. It can make people feel shitty about their own bodies. These people might stop eating because they think if they don’t even they could achieve the perfect body which is so false. Food is not your enemy, food is making sure your body keeps going.

Because of these influencers

so many can develop eating disorder even though they were perfectly health. It really pushes people because they think this is real and want it so badly. When you show your perfect body make sure to show the process how it got so perfect, this way you can prevent so many eating disorders!


When you see all these perfect bodies of course you feel start to not feel so good in your own skin. When you see all these perfect bodies and of course you don’t have it, you will start to have insecurities. You will feel that you are not good enough and that can’t be good for anyone. Being insecure about yourself can have effects in many aspects of your life. For example you tend to get jealous at other people, and that can make you feel worse. People who are jealous can become the worse version of themselves and can drive people away. There are many disadvantages of having insecurities, but most importantly you don’t feel good and you can’t grow to the best version of yourself if you have insecurities. But it is not you, it is them!

As you can see influencers really

can damage you. They make you have different image of ideal body, the very wrong and false image of ideal body. Influencers make you feel shitty about yourself and make you question your worth. And of course I can’t forget they make you have unrealistic expectations and we are still looking up to them?! They are the wrong people. I true influencer would put his or hers followers first and make them feel good and show them the real them not some fake version. Maybe you do it because you are insecure, but you are damaging your followers so much and I feel it is so selfish.

Little tip:

If watch influencer and you feel shitty after that, unfollow them that means they are the wrong person to follow. We have to show them if they don’t take this seriously they will lose us, we don’t want fake stuff anymore. And another good advice just know if it is too good it is probably fake and see that you have more courage to show the real you and they don’t so this make you more beautiful!

Hopefully this can open eyes to many of you, and you start to rethink how you need to treat your followers and also to the followers you can open your eyes and see how fake they are!

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Everything you need to know about body positivity

Everything you need to know about body positivity

We live in society, where they try so hard to make you feel bad about yourself. They make you think your body is not good enough, just so they can gain something from you. They want you to be insecure about your body, so you go and get things done to yourself, or buys pills or programs to look enough in their eyes. It is so wrong to make someone feel they are not good enough, just so you get something from it. And it is so easy to follow into this trap and even harder to get out of this trap. You got to be aware of what is happening and to always keep telling yourself you are good enough, and sometimes that can be hard and challenging. Let’s be honest most of us have been there at some point of our lives and sometimes it seems so impossible to get out of it. But luckily there is beautiful movement called “Body positivity” that will help you out with that. A movement that did wonderful things to many and can do the same to you too. So in today’s article I will be covering the following:

What’s body positivity

Why it is good for you

How you can practice it

P.S  this is collaboration with thatnastsyfeminist so this article has two parts, she will be talking about body neutrality, make sure to read entire article to find out where to go to read part 2. If you have been enjoying my content, you will enjoy her content too, her aesthetic is everything. Just take a look at her blog and instagram, they are too beautiful! 

Pause: Comment down below what you think is body positivity?

What’s body positivity:

We live in society, that thinks in their mind ideal body size is good enough. Their ideal body size is skinny, but also not too skinny, so anything else is just not good enough. Our society only celebrates in their mind the ideal body size and shames everything else. What our society fails to realise is that we are not designed to have their ideal body size. We are all different and our bodies are different. It is not possible to have the ideal body size and also it would be boring too. But sadly because of the way our society thinks, many people feel bad about themselves and feel they are not good enough. They also develop very unhealthy relationship with their body, which can’t be good for anyone. But also I get it, when you keep hearing it, of course you would think it is true.

Body positivity movement was created to empower and shed light on plus size women and men or any type of body that is not considered ideal body type. It is trying to destroy the false beliefs that our society created regarding our bodies. The movement avocados the acceptance of all bodies regardless of physical ability, size, gender, race, or appearance.

Goals of body positivity are:

  • destroying false beliefs our society has about our bodies
  • encouraging the acceptance of all bodies
  • help people build the confidence and acceptance of their own bodies
  • addressing unrealistic body standards

Body positivity focuses on teaching people to have healthy relationship with their bodies. By making them see beauty in their bodies and making them see unrealistic things they were taught by society. Teaching them for example that food is not an enemy, rather your bodies friend and that we shouldn’t be afraid of food. Or exercise even though it is seem as something good for you , body positivity teaches people that you don’t have to exercise. It high lights the importance of doing things that make you feel good, not making you do something. Body positivity is all about seeing the beauty in yourself and your imperfections.

Pause: Comment down below why you think body positivity is good for you?

Why is body positivity good for you?

Not feeling good about your body, can damage yourself more than you think. When you don’t enjoy who are you or how you look, it will make you very unhappy. You will end up being in very dark place that can lead to depression. Or not loving your body can lead to eat disorder, which will damage your health. Having low self-esteem and not feeling good about yourself can’t be good for anyone, so there is when body positivity movement can really make difference for you. Having someone teach you that what you been taught about your body is false, and teach you that your body is enough will help you so much. Seeing all types of bodies being celebrated, will make you feel good about yourself. And not only will you feel good about yourself, but your confidence will increase so much. It has been proven that more confidence you have, the more you are willing to do things. When you have low-esteem you miss out on things while having confidence you are willing to do more things. Reading about it, watching and observing body positivity will make you love your body. You won’t be able to hate yourself, because of all the positivity and that is why body positivity movement is so powerful.

Good things about body positivity:

  • Loving and accepting your body has been proven to decrease a chance of having a depression
  • Body dissatisfaction has big impact on self-esteem, so practicing body positivity will improve your self-esteem
  • Body positivity can also prevent eating-disorder and we all know eating-disorder is just very unhealthy
  • Increasing your confidence, you will be worrying less what others things about you, and in general having more happy and healthy life

Before reading, comment down below: give us some ideas how to practice body positivity?

How to practice body positivity:

Yes you love this movement, and you are very impressed by it, but you don’t know how to start with it? How do you start applying it into your life? Because the movement is amazing, but it won’t do anything unless you start applying it and are willing to do so.


I think affirmations are one of the easiest, but yet the most powerful way of practicing body positivity. Go to Pinterest and search affirmations and pick the once that resonate with you the most. I would say pick 5 to 10 affirmations and then save it on your phone or make a board for it. The great thing about Pinterest is when you search affirmations, they will keep showing more and more, so you can always new affirmations. After you saved 5 to 10 affirmations, you will be reading them every morning before your breakfast. Saying positive words to yourself even though you might not fully believe at that moment, will over time shift your beliefs into believing it.

Follow accounts on social media that promote body positivity:

We need to be aware who we follow on social media. We spend a lot of time on social media, and we need to be only following accounts that make us feel good about ourselves. Seeing posts about loving your body and telling you all bodies are beautiful, will eventually shift your views on your body too. What you consume is going to impact how you think, so be aware of who you are following. Some can be amazing creator, but if they are not serving you well, you don’t need to follow them.

Drop all the expectations how your body should be:

Your body is here for you, to hold you, and shouldn’t be one way or another. It is your body and only body you will ever get, and you just need to accept it. Not only accept it when it looks good, but to always accept it. Learn to see beauty in your imperfections!

Stop comparing yourself to others:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, is comparing yourself to others. Like we are all different and you can’t have her body and she can’t have yourself. So comparing yourself to others will just give you unrealistic expectations, and will end up making you feel bad about yourself. Instead of comparing yourself to others, how about you admire unique things about others and then mention unique things you admire about yourself.

Throw stupid fashion rules in the trash:

Our society made up this stupid rules like fat people can’t wear short skirts, or too revealing clothing. Also apparently bikinis, tank tops or crop tops are forbidden for people who are fat, like what? How about you mind your own business! If you feel like wearing bikini go for it. True fashionista will know, when it comes to fashion you can make anything work doesn’t matter how you look. Fashion doesn’t discriminate, it is the society that made up this stupid rules. So let’s unlearn this stupid rules, and wear what we want!

Have go to strategies when negative self-talk hits:

You can be the most confident person on this earth, but you will still sometimes deal with negative mindset and negative voices in your head. It is part of being a human, it is hard to control your mind. Even if you are very positive person, your mind observes what it hears and sees, and sadly you live in society that loves to bring people down, so sometimes you mind will be negative because of this. You got to have view sentences you can tell yourself when this happens for example:” I am enough”. You can also use for example bracelet that will remind you, you are enough. Whatever will make negative mindset go away, use it!

Consume everything body positivity:

You should be reading books about body positivity, watching movies about body positivity and listening to body positivity podcast. The more you consume the most effect it will be. You won’t be able to hate your body after consuming so much positivity. Check out my instagram stories, to find out great podcasts, movies and books about body positivity.

Take care of your body:

Nothing says more loving my body by taking care of it. Your body will feel good when you take care of it. If you feel too overwhelmed, take a break and take a day for yourself. Feed your body with quality food, and no that doesn’t mean having a toxic diet, but giving yourself a quality food. Also move your body, go walking or whatever exercise you prefer, and this is not promoting losing weight, but promoting healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to workout, but moving your body is a must. And of course taking care of your hygiene is also a must.

Body positivity is such a beautiful movement, that can help you improve yourself and your body image. Having healthy relationship with your body, will help you in so many ways. You really just got to start applying this movement to your life, because after you start applying it you can’t never go back. But body positivity movement is not only movement out there, that can help you when you are struggling with body image. There is movement called body neutrality, that can help you feel good about your body, and you can learn all about it on thatnastsyfeminist’s blog post:

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We did this collaboration in hopes to teach you guys about these two powerful and meaningful movements that can help you with you body image. I had so much fun doing this collaboration with this wonderful and unapologetic feminist that I can’t get enough of. If you haven’t checked her out yet, you are really missing out on something wonderful so make sure to check her out

Comment down below what movement is better suit for you? 

Reminder: Your body is always beautiful

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Contraceptives Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About Contraceptives?

How Much Do You Actually Know About Contraceptives Quiz?

Taking this Contraceptives Quiz is important because contraceptives are very big and confusing topic. As a woman you probably used some form of contraceptives in your life, and as a woman you need to learn about it. Sadly they leave this up to us instead of getting education around this topic. So many doctors give us just some random contraceptives that we have 0 knowledge about. We start taking them without knowing the side effects and sometimes this can have bad effects on your body. These contraceptives control how you feel, body changes and your health. So educating yourself about them is a must. Because we still live in system where they don’t care to teach us about them.

For example I am very against

birth control pills, because from all the research I do find all the side effects are not worth it. I get it sex without condom might be better, but seriously I have always been a healthy person and I strongly feel this could change if I start taking these pills. Of course I can’t be 100% sure and also I am not saying you shouldn’t do it. But you should do your own research and decide if it is worth it or not. Decide what is the best for you and your current situation. I did one time take Plan B pill and some would never take them. Because sometimes side effects can be really strong. They say that with Plan B one of the side effects is that you period can be quite irregular and can also be even more painful.

I decided to take it anyways,

because I personally have healthy period and also barley have any pains so I knew for me it wouldn’t be as bad. After taking Plan B I just had one period little lighter than usual and that was it no pain or irregular periods. So see you really need to get to know your body and yourself. You need to decide what is the best for you. One of my friends also took one time Plan B and for 6 months she had very irregular period. For example one time she had period for 2 weeks. That is crazy, that was for sure no fun, but in her opinion she felt better taking it than not taking it.

You also have to ask yourself

what is important my body or my mind. Do you want to be healthy, but then be very stressed out because you might get pregnant. Being certain that you won’t get pregnant is good enough reason to take it. So today my lovely ladies I am testing you to see how well do you know contraceptives and in second article that will come next week I will be giving you all the information you need to make the right decision , if this sounds good to you let’s start this Contraceptives Quiz:

True or False: You can get Plan B without a prescription or ID

View Results

 Loading ...


You can get Plan B without a prescription, you can get at any pharmacy. But in some country they do sometimes need to discuss it with you in private room before giving it to you.

True or False: Plan B won’t work if you’re already preggers.

View Results

 Loading ...


Some people out there think Plan B is abortion pill, which is false. See here is the problem we have because we don’t get educated on this topic. Plan B is a pill that prevents a pregnancy before it starts when used after unprotected sex or if birth control fails. The reason it doesn’t work when you are already pregnant is because Plan B works by temporarily delaying ovulation. This means if there’s no egg, there can be no fertilization, so because of that there can’t be pregnancy.

So basically you take Plan B when you find yourself in situation where you were unprotected during sex. Take Plan B as soon as possible, the sooner you take the more effect it will be. You have up to 5 days time to take Plan B. Taking Plan B won’t have any negative effects on your body for long term. Just as I said maybe more painful and irregular periods. Also little reminder, yes Plan B is effective but they don’t suggest you take it every month or so, so use it wisely.

Hormonal birth control is bound to impact my future fertility, right?

View Results

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Taking hormonal birth control won’t lower you changes at getting pregnant in the future. There are for sure some side effects of it that we will talk about next week, but it won’t prevent you from getting pregnant. So you can relax and take birth control without worrying.

Hormonal birth control is bound to impact my future fertility, right?

View Results

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Yes hormonal birth control are great at preventing pregnancies. But did you know that only condoms have been proven to reduce your risk at of some sexually transmitted infections. Of course that is the case if you are using condoms consistently and correctly. But I am sure you can figure out how to use condom correctly. Any disease like HIV and STIs which are very common can only be prevented by using condom so make sure to use both. And there are many ways to make it feel good even with condom on for example using the lube.

True or False: A birth control pill is pretty much a magical pill that has tons of different medical uses.

View Results

 Loading ...


Birth control pills can help you prevent pregnancy, but not only that. Birth control pill can also help you with your skin issues like acne. It can reduce bleeding and cramping with periods, and reduce pain during the ovulation. And much more that we are going to mention in next week’s article.

True or False: Can you get pregnant while using birth control pill?

View Results

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Yes of course you can get pregnant using birth control. It could be that you missed a day or you are not using it correctly or even that this birth control does work well with your body it can have a lot of reasons. That is why using condom is important while on birth control, because when birth control fails you are still good.

True or False: You can't get pregnant when you have your period?

View Results

 Loading ...


Sperm can live for up to five days inside the vagina, uterus, and Fallopian tubes, so it is possible for sperm that entered your body during your period to still be alive when your egg is released during ovulation.

So how well did you do on this Contraceptives Quiz? Comment down below

Taking this Contraceptives Quiz really can you give an idea, where you stand and if you need more education on this topic. As you can see this is huge topic and in between this question I have so much more left to say. It is really important when it comes to contraceptives that you get accurate information, so you can make the right decision.

Anyways let me know if I should do more articles like this one, more interactive article where you have polls and tasks to do?

Reminder: Always educate yourself before you start taking something

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How to eat healthy: simple ways to be more healthier with minimal effort

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How to eat healthy: simple ways to be more healthier with minimal effort

How to eat healthy

in today’s article i will give you tips how to eat healthy. This will help you if you are falling behind on your fitness journey or you want to be more healthy and looking for a change in your diet plans. I will be looking for feed back by the end of November on how it worked, this will be a bit long and I will start with the diet plan then workout.


while wanting to eat healthy is great way to drink more water. When we workout, we feel more thirsty anyway, so we should use it . Drink 3-4liters of water aprox (8oz) everyday on an average, 1-2cups every hour or so.


distribute you protein intake through out the day. Make sure its low fat or fat free and take turns between protein types. Now this does not mean that you only eat protein, you can eat carbs but only in the morning (if it is complex carbs ). Simple carbs are limited to vegetables and fruit. Now be careful with fruit too, try to consume it during the day, not night though.


keep your carbs simple. Fruits and vegetables are the 2 things you are allowed. So no sugar, if you must then use honey for the sweet taste. No white flower, no wheat either, you can eat outs, but should be during the morning.


Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is needed to boost your metabolism, so try to intake it every 4 hours orange,lime/lemon on salad, green pepper, hot chili pepper are all great options for vitamin C.

Detox and get loose:

one day during the weak you must detox, meaning minimum food intake. If you will eat, you are only allowed to eat raw food ,a lot water, drinking detox drinks and no caffeine. You have one day in the weak, where you can cheat, and eat what you want (great news right) i recommend you detox after your cheat day.

Tea and yogurt :

get some black tea and yogurt, after 30-45min of the main course make simple black tea. Wait for it to be warm so you can squeeze a half a lime on it (no sugar). Before you go to bed around 11pm take the Greek yogurt, and also squeeze a lime on it. But you must have that on an empty stomach (this will take off 80grams of pure fat) of lime is too harsh on your stomach use vitamin C drops.

Never full:

now this is very very important, I cant emphasize enough on how important it is. Now to fill in you stomach with food, when you eat never never eat till you are full, leave some space behind. Eat one third of your stomach to maintain this, drink 2 cups of water 30-20min before you eat anything.

Frequency is key :

you must have heard this a thousand times, but you must eat every 2-3hrs with small amount of food 200-300 calories or less  for each meal , and minimum alcohol consumption is also key. Now that is all for the diet plan, write it down and keep it in you phone to remember it. This plan isn’t just for autumn, its for everyone trying to keep a healthy life style , and i will show modifications throughout seasons to fit it with your needs.

These are some easy and helpful tips to how to eat healthy. This will help you stay on track with your fitness. Eating healthy is also part of loving yourself, you don’t want to feed yourself shitty food. But remember cheat day is allowed, and eat things that you enjoy.

Reminder: Take care of your health!

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How to speak up: easy guide to speak up with confidence under a week

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How to speak up: easy guide to speak up with confidence under a week

How to speak up

Our society isn’t really welcoming,

when it comes to woman speaking up. Women are often told they are too attractive to be smart, or that woman shouldn’t be smart it makes her look bad. They purpose of saying this, is to make women feel uncomfortable about speaking up. See our society see’s woman who speaks up as a threat, speaking up means she holds the power and they obviously don’t like that. Speaking up means you have knowledge and are smart, but what our society fails to realise is that all of us are smart even if we don’t speak up, we might hide it, but everyone is smart inside. Some people hide it because they feel like it, some hide it so they don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

[full_width][/full_width] [wpcs id=1075]

The bottom line

is that women don’t feel comfortable speaking up about something they have a lot knowledge about and a lot to say about. It is not right to make someone feel uncomfortable speaking up, every human has right to speak up. And it is really sad seeing powerful women not being able to speak up. But I get it I have been there too, we as women no matter how strong we are, we are taught not to speak up and we do this, but we shouldn’t do it. We have as much right to speak up as men do, so today my beautiful queens I will give some simple tips how to gain confidence to speak up. This could be when speaking up regarding issues like sexism, disrespect as well as just in general at work place.

-Take small steps:

At first it is quite scary speaking up, so you can start by practicing with someone you trust. Practice with a friend, just pretend as if she was some stranger or your boss and your are expressing how you feel about certain situation. Practice as much as you can, so you get comfortable with it. You can even practice in front of mirror, but I do feel practicing with someone will help you out more, because they can give you feedback and you can make improvements if there is something to improve. Just practice and with every practice you will get better and better.

-Identify Occasions You Feel Comfortable Speaking 

Maybe there were situation, where you were able to speak up. Think about it why were you able to speak up then? Acknowledge why it was good thing to speak up in this situation. Maybe you did something to prepare yourself for what, what was it? Addressing  this can help you out build confidence to speak up in other situation too. Knowing the benefits of speaking up, can help you out a lot. You might still be scared, but it will push you to do it anyways knowing the all good that will come with it.

-Write down what you are going to say

I personally know whenever just say in my head what I am going to say, I end up say something completely different. We humans don’t function well, just by saying in head especially when you are going to have uncomfortable conversation. So writing it down will help you, you don’t need to write all details, but important points will help. I also think writing down will help you memorise it and then you might not even need to use notes. But it is good to help you stay on track, and knowing you will say exactly that will build up your confidence.

-Get out of comfort zone:

Getting out of comfort zone has so many benefits, and also will build up your confidence in speaking up. It can be something that is directed to communication for example go to networking event and try to introduce yourself and speak with people, or maybe go traveling by yourself. It can be anything that you wouldn’t do, but of course even better if communication is involved. We are so used to being in our little bubble and getting outside of it, can really help us grow. Give me some good ideas for out of comfort zone in comments I might do some of them!

-Find your voice:

I think for anyone it is important find their voice before speaking up. What is the goal of that conversation? What are you trying to gain from it? Who will you help with it? Who will you inspire? Why is your voice worth being heard? All these little things can really help you boost your confidence and motivate you to speak up. Even if the answer is I am trying to help myself get better salary is good enough reason. Our brain works well with having reason for doing something and if the reason is very positive and can help someone even better. So try doing this, write down and repeat many times before speaking.

-Take Action, Rather Than Seeking Perfection First:

Confidence won’t come if you just sit around, it comes by taking action. You take action and there you go your confidence is up, you sit your confidence is down. So you might not have confidence to speak up, but if you do it regardless you will gain confidence for next time. So step up and take action.

-Focus On Facts, Not Emotions:

When speaking up you can get emotions, you are in a way expressing how you feel, but leave emotions for later. It was proven when speaking up, when you focus on facts and go straight to the point and not involve your emotions, you will perform better in conversation.

-Pay Attention To Your Body And Verbal Language:

Your body and verbal language is as important as the conversation when speaking up. How you hold yourself can help you out a lot so people take you seriously. Straightening your shoulders can really help you out as well as other things. One way to practice is to video tap yourself and then let someone give you feedback. Getting coach for this can also be very helpful. The way you hold yourself can really boost your confidence.

-Let Go Of Outcomes:

So many people are too focused on outcome. I feel people don’t like the idea they might get rejected or that they wouldn’t bring their point across. I get it, it is not the best feeling, but honestly so what at least you tried. You need to learn that you can’t control how others will react, the only thing you can do is speak up and see how they react, but not worry too much about it.

-Be An Advocate For Others:

Helping others with their struggles, can help you out a lot. It can boost your confidence, the feeling of being needed and that you helped someone has big impact on your confidence. And also it makes you feel you have some knowledge, which will motivate you to speak up. Feeling you know what you are doing, can really be helpful. Of course boosting your confidence shouldn’t be the reasons for helping someone, but I would say it is for sure a bonus.

These tips are

quite easy, but will have big impact on your confidence to speak up. Speaking up is never easy, even for people who do that often, but it is a must to success in life. People can’t know how you feel unless you tell them, so you got to open your mouth. By speaking up you don’t also free yourself from your feelings, but also you gain respect by speaking up. Trying practicing and applying these tips in your daily routine, and you will be pro in no time.

I used to let my twin sister do all the talk for me, and would never speak how I feel. Today it is different story. I am more than comfortable calling people out, and speaking up if there is anything I don’t like in every aspect in my life. I am more than confident to go up to my boss and tell him if I don’t like something. All it took was working on being more comfortable with speaking up and of course gaining more confidence. You can be this too just by practicing everyday.

Hopefully this can help anyone struggling with speaking up. You can do it, I believe in you!

Reminder: You are worthy of being heard!

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