Sassy comebacks to sexist compliments

Sassy comebacks to sexist compliments

As a woman in our society

you used to sexist compliments. You know which compliments I mean, the sexually objectified compliments that are not needed. These compliments are more harmful than anything else. It can make a woman question her worth, and have big issues around herself and her body. No one should feel shitty about themselves, but you usually do when you hear sexist compliments.

The woman feels that

her worth is in her body. So because of her body she is enough otherwise she wouldn’t be. It can make anyone feel insecure when others only see their body. But it is no common in our society for men to feel they need to give us sexist compliments because men have been taught by society that they own women and that only use women have in their body. Our society talks about women like women are objects so men can meet their needs or make children. So of course men will feel they are only good because of their bodies. But I will tell you now and forever it is a bullshit. You are much more than just your body. You are enough even if you don’t have babies.

When you get this sexist compliments just not, you are much more. These compliments don’t define you and shouldn’t let them ruin your image about yourself. But now the big question is what are the best comeback for these sexist compliments

1: Women being angry

Him:You’re cute when you’re angry

Her: I don’t think it’s a great idea to minimise my emotions right after you’ve pissed me off.

There is a reason someone is angry. Yes it might be silly for you, but you should never make someone feel that their emotions are not valid. It can make anyone feel they shouldn’t show their emotions, which will just lead to pressing their emotions and that is never good idea.

2: Opinion on women wearing makeup

Him: I like that you don’t wear a lot of makeup

Her: I love how you think that your opinion on what I apply on my face and how much, is a compliment or even important enough to be spoken out loud.

Seriously a woman can do whatever she wants to with her face. If you think a woman is putting makeup for you, you have no idea. We women we put makeup because we enjoy it. We put makeup on because we want to feel good for ourselves. I really don’t care what you prefer, it is my face so the only opinion that matters is mine.

3: Girls knowing a lot about sports

Him:It’s so amazing to see a girl know so much about sports.

Her: It’s amazing to see a man who still believes in the stereotype that only men can be into sports. Newsflash: Girls are humans and humans have different about interests!

Seriously so many women are into sports. Things don’t have genders. You can like football and be a woman. You can like dance and be a man. It really depends on the person, and it also doesn’t mean they are gay or lesbian. It has more to do with interests than anything else, and it really should be this way. Stop focusing on stupid stereotypes, they mean nothing.

4: Being smart as a woman

Him: You’ve got beauty and brains!

Her: Could you share the research paper that proves how these are mutually exclusive traits?

What women can’t be smart? Or what when you look good which to be honest all of us do you can’t be smart. So then I guess no one can be smart when you think like this. It is stupid especially the stereotype hat suggest that women are beauty so they have no brain. Like what? This is not true, women are very smart and have many skills. Many studies prove that women can indeed be better leaders and much more. It is our society that needs women to stay back, but seriously it is not okay. We should strive too!

5: Opinion on woman not trying too hard

Him: I love how yo don’t try too hard like other girls.

Her: I wish I could be half as awesome as the girls I admire and I wish you could get a fraction of our sensibility

What is wrong with trying too hard? To be killing at your life, at your career and at your relationship. Why is a woman who is doing the most, seen as something bad. Woman who is doing the most should be attractive, but I guess for insecure men it is just opposite. Get over it, women can be hard workers too.

6: About jokes

Him: You’re great, most girls don’t know how to take a joke.

Her: So you mean nobody else takes your sexism for humour and lets it slide? I guess that’s the sign I needed. Boy bye!

I don’t know, but if no one would laugh at my jokes I would rethink them. I would think ooh maybe I should stop with them, or ask them what is wrong with them. Be aware of what you are saying, when your jokes are hurting others, there are not jokes anymore.

Of course girls

won’t take it lightly when you are disrespectful towards them. Learn that sexism is not something good or cool. When you are being sexist you are seen as uneducated and rude. Sexism is not something to be proud of so stop doing it.

Remember it not

about putting him down, but putting him in his place. Hearing sexist compliments and just ignoring them won’t do you any good babe. It is good for you to express how you feel. Giving them these sassy comebacks, will do that for you.

If you ignore them,

you will just get angry for not saying anything. And then it will just keep going and going every time you get sexist compliments and you know that happens away too often. Do you really want to let yourself? Why would you let disrespectful men get away with it. It is not right. By saying something you are educating them, but also helping yourself not go into dark place. It really can effect you, so this is why it is important. Why are you protecting him while you are suffering. You should always come first. I know you can do it, so do it. Read this as much as possible and save it in your phone in case you forget.

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How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps

How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps

One of my lovely followers

took time to reach out to be and asking me to talk about this topic as she read something on Quora. Thank you to @ryukiiyo to reaching out if anyone has any request you are more than welcome to reach out to me. So misogyny is big problem in our society so what is it?

According to internet misogyny

means feelings of hating women, or the belief that men are much better than women. For example when someone says women belongs to kitchen or saying a woman will never being successful in her career just because she is simply a woman, it can even be a male touching a woman without permission. Misogyny is something that our society created by treating women so poorly. When people are taught women are less, they will also treat them this way, but we can always correct this. And 2020 is perfect year to do this since we have been going through a lot of changes so why not also push for this change as well.

So my lovely follower

was kind enough to send me screenshots of Quora thread, where someone asked  how do you as a man deal with misogyny. I feel as a man who is aware that women are being treated poorly, you for sure should do something about it. As a man in our society you do have a lot of influence so don’t stand and be quiet, do something about it.

So let’s go over what people answered:

Maybe in your eyes

it is not hatred towards women, because you yourself never experienced it. But making unwanted advances is very disrespectful in my eyes therefor you see women as less and this is one form of hatred towards women. Actions can be as much hateful as words can be. I don’t care if this is meant to be a joke, some thing you shouldn’t be joking about. Learn how to joke, what is okay to joke about and what not. Think about would you tell this to another man, if the answer is no then don’t say it.

How about you get a life,

you so called humour can hurt someone else. You might think it is a joke, but your words can effect someone. The other person doesn’t know that it is a joke and in my opinion when jokes is disrespectful it is not a joke anymore. Disrespectful behaviour can effect someone as much as rape. Someone being disrespectful can make a person feel worthless and give them insecurities they didn’t need to have. Being disrespectful is worrying, no one has right to be disrespectful and if they are we need to fix that.

Most women don’t hate on men.

I don’t support disrespect towards both men and women. I never say that men are to blame how women are being treated, it is society and not men. Some people get it wrong and think society means men. Men are as much powerless in this situation as women are. Only hateful and close minded women would say something like this. Men should try to help, because as I said men really do have a lot of influence in this society. Plus misogyny is performed by men so if other men show that they should stop it, they might listen.  It is not about they won’t help us so we won’t help us, it is about doing the right thing, because you don’t want to live in society where women are being treated so poorly. It is about being a bigger person.

When the joke is hurtful

I can’t really call it joke anymore. Remember joke is suppose to be funny, and if joke becomes hurtful sorry to break it to you, but that was never a joke to begin with. The gaslighting of misogyny is just not okay. Misogyny is as seriously as any other person, because it hurts people’s feelings.

Women are not asking men

to hate their gender. Everyone should love and respect everyone. We are simply asking you to stop behaving sexist towards women. It was all good when we didn’t say anything, but now that we are saying something we are the bad guys. Treating someone poorly based on their gender is not acceptable.

It is great that she

is standing up and yelling at them, but don’t just stand there do say something too. As I said if that comes from a man it will be a bigger influence on them to change. As a man you can help bring good change and end the sexism. Also I don’t know why she is called crazy, when she is just annoyed by how poorly she is being treated put yourself in her shoes.

I totally agree I do

also think that if someone is being misogynistic it is because they don’t feel good about themselves. It is known that people who don’t feel good about themselves have to bring down others to feel good. I know that any real man would never be disrespectful towards a woman. It is truly disgusting and as he also said if it makes someone uncomfortable it is not a joke anymore.

This is the right way to do it.

This is how as a male you can help stop misogyny. Make women feel their opinion matters and help them grow. And make other men aware how misogyny is bad and that they shouldn’t do it. And you should for sure call other men out if when are being disrespectful towards women. All of this can really help out with stopping the misogyny.

I totally agree anger

will not help, it will just make them do it even more. Some are just not even aware that what they are doing is wrong. So explaining to them why it is wrong can really help them shift and not do it anymore. I think this is really great advice how you as a male can help stop misogyny.

So here it is.

As you can see there are quite different opinions, but some opinions really are not true. Of course everyone has right to have their opinion, but some things just make no sense. The reason it doesn’t make sense is because they also know the behaviour is not okay, but don’t really want to admit it so they turn it around. Making someone feel uncomfortable and being hurtful towards someone is not a joke even if it was meant as a joke. When you hurt someone’s feelings it is not a joke end of the story. Don’t turn it around and make us look crazy. This behaviour needs to stop. As a male you really can help to make a better change. Some people did give us great advice how you as male can help stop misogyny.

When it comes to misogyny

bring awareness to people is really important. Making them aware why this is wrong, will help people shift and stop doing it. Also calling people out for doing it is also really important, but just try to do it in nice way this will make them listen. Anger won’t make them listen. Give women a chance to be heard this way they will feel more comfortable to call out people who are treating them poorly. Give them a chance to grow in career as well, so they feel they are good too. These are all simply thing that will have big impact on change so please apply this to your life.

Misogyny has been big problem in our society so it will take all of us to stop it. Be part of beautiful change.

Reminder: Let support our sisters!


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