We need to stop student loan debt

student loan debt poster

Note from Editor:This article addresses problems we face as society regarding student loan debt, and how we can possibly fix it. It is crazy how someone is willing to invest in themselves to better themselves, and also society and yet they have to pay so much for it. Yes you are doing for yourself too, […]

Killing animals is okay, but abortion isn’t

abortion poster

So here is the thing some people seems to be okay with killing poor animals, but yet abortion totally not acceptable. How does this make sense? In their opinion abortion is a murder, but wait what is then killing animal, a charity work? Not really, since you are taking away humans life, a breathing humans […]

9 Ways to learn to love yourself

love yourself poster

Note from Editor:This article talks about ways to learn to love yourself. Our society benefits from people not loving themselves, so it is really important to love yourself. Learning to love yourself has so many benefits. It is no secret that our society benefits from us not loving yourself. They make it also easy not to […]

We should be empowering women everyday, but how?

empowering women poster

In today’s article it is all about empowering women So many amazing, beautiful and smart women in this world, but yet we find ways to bring them down instead of empowering them why is that? Simple answer would be our society, they teach us that other women are our competition, and it is far from […]

Menstrual pads should be given for free and condom should be sold

mentrual pads poster

Menstrual pads should be given for free and condom should be sold I read the following tweet: “CONDOMS should be sold and menstrual pads should be given for free. Sex is a choice and MENSTRUATION isn’t. Young girls without money are suffering out here. Should I go deeper?” This tweet got me to think and it is […]

How do Christian actually feel about homosexuality?

homosexuality church poster

Today I will be discussing how Christian feel about homosexuality. When someone is covering topics that I am I strongly feel there needs to be transparency, and especially topic regarding religion. So for the start I would like to share my beliefs with you. I am mostly atheist, but I am from Serbia, where they […]

Stop changing your body: body positive movement

body positive poster

In today’s article I will be talking to you about being body positive and how that is important. Pressure to look perfect hasn’t been bigger than now. Everyday we consume instagram, and let’s be honest we see there everything, but real. From people facetunning their photos to getting multiple surgeries done just for instagram. From […]

Sexual assault awareness month

Sexual assault awareness month

For today’s post I will be talking about sexual assault since it is sexual assault awareness month. I feel sexual assault is something, that is happening nowadays way too often, but isn’t been talked about as much. So many feel like it is dangerous topic, and we should not talk about it. Now more than […]

It is okay to be male feminist

real male is feminist

For today’s article I will be talk about, that is okay to be male feminist hopefully it will be helpful. Feminism is more than just fighting for women, it is more than just a movement, it is a lifestyle. Feminism is about unlearning all messed up things our society thought us and fixing all the […]

If abortion is murder then

abortion 7

If abortion is murder then We live in society, where there are many stupid and close minded people. They will basically turn things around so it suits their beliefs and make you feel like a bad guy for believing something differently. They will make any other belief look bad. And this goes the same when […]