Sexual assault awareness month

Sexual assault awareness month

For today’s post I will be talking about sexual assault since it is sexual assault awareness month.

I feel sexual assault is something,

that is happening nowadays way too often, but isn’t been talked about as much. So many feel like it is dangerous topic, and we should not talk about it. Now more than ever we should talk about it, and bring awareness to it. It is important to talk about it so the victims don’t feel ashamed to open about, and also so it doesn’t keep happening.

It is also important,

to talk about rape, because so many lies are spread about rape. Of course people like to blame victims than to face the actually problem. But that is not right, and you are not helping by doing so. So today I will be addressing one of the biggest misconception I constantly keeping hearing about rape.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Fiight


Sexual assault has

nothing to do with victim, but everything to do with rapist. Rapists are the once that have problem. Someone wearing more clothes won’t give them less risk of getting raped. I do get why people think this way? Our society likes to blame women for everything, and avoid making a man the bad guy.

They will do basically anything to protect the reputation of a man, but what about the poor victim? It is hard enough going through this, and now you are going to make her feel like it is all her fault. Blaming herself, and also feeling ashamed won’t help her heal, and certainly isn’t true. Feeling like you could have done something to prevent this for happening is the worst feeling in the world.

Sexual assault awareness month quote

Sexual assault doesn’t happen

to just people who are wearing less, it is happening to so many. Children, men and women are being raped regardless of what they are wearing. Rapist don’t even care how you look, because they rape your body not your clothes. Please don’t think it is you who was the problem, because it is not true.

Rapist have deep issues,

and that is why they rape people. It must be horrible going through life with so much pain, but that doesn’t mean it should  excuse for their actions. If you have unresolved issues go wok through them, but don’t ruin someone’s life because you simply can’t get your shit together.

no means no sexual assault

Sexual assault victims need

all the support, and hearing you think negative about them won’t help them. Actions and words can have big effect on someone else without you knowing. Make them feel it is okay to be sad, but make them feel it is just another thing that is making them stronger.

sexual assault awareness month support

So many victims

feel they are weak, and for some time they lose their power. They need to feel they are strong, so they can take back their power. Just be for them, and listening is the best thing you can do, and basically the way out of this horrible feeling.

Reminder: accept and support everyone!

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