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Shouldn’t workout for weight loss

Note from Editor: In this article I will be explaining why you shouldn’t workout for weight loss, and why this mindset can prevent you from losing weight.

It is no secret

that our society has beauty standards, especially beauty standers for women. As a women when you have little bit more weight,  you are not meeting our society’s beauty standards. That means you are not beautiful, which is far from truth. Not even our society believes that, but they need us to think that, because they do get many benefits from having us believe that.

So many surgeries, pills and many more products to sell by convincing you it will make you meet beauty standers this is so wrong. You, me and everyone is beautiful the way there are, and you don’t need to change a thing. Sadly a lot of people fall for that, and start working out like crazy in order to lose weight. Let me tell you this is wrong way to lose weight, and also wrong reason to work out. Before I dive deep I need to tell you story how I struggled losing weight, and how it finally happened to me.

love your body work out weight loss

So around when I was 16 years old,

almost 11 years ago wow times flies by so fast, anyways I wanted to start to workout and achieve weight loss. Before I continue I also want to mention, I was never really too worried about my body. I had tummy but was fine wearing bikini, I always had a lot of respect for my body and always loved my body even with its flaws. I honestly looking back have to say I was very lucky because really view people get to have this. Anyways when I started working out I did have goal of weight loss, because obviously wanted to, but I didn’t have this goal because I hated my body. Back then was the same as today. I really did embrace my flaws, and never was hating on my body.

workout quote workout weight loss

So when you have

goal to achieve weight loss, you got to make sure you first love your body the way it is, without you putting hard work into work out, if you have that this is great start. Not loving your body and because of that wanting to lose weight. Looking how our society tells us we are suppose to look to be beautiful. This mindset will make your weight loss journey very hard. You won’t look like that model or actress, because you are you not them, so this will just make you even more depressed and make you hate your body even more. You also won’t succeed, because you are not coming from good place.

You will end up gaining

weight instead of losing, because of lack of motivation. When you are forcing something instead of coming natural it won’t work trust me, it is the same as anything in life. But see if you already love your body, and you will get excited to make any progress, and the motivation will get higher and higher. The higher motivation the more progress. It really needs to come from good place.  Because your body knows when it is natural and when it is forced. Your body doesn’t allow progress on something it is forced, even if this sounds crazy it is true. So please work on loving your body before you start anything.

kid quote workout weight loss

So what I mean by this is,

having goal to loss weight is fine as long as it is coming from good place. When I started I do feel I was coming from good place, but where I went wrong is I was to obsessive. So let me explain I am type of person, when I start something I need to see results right away as soon as possible, and I want to see big progress right away, but little did I know that is not going to happen. Nothing in life happens overnight. I mean my crazy competitive ass would like that, but no it doesn’t work this way. I had this obsession with losing as much weight as possible, and it was not that I was unhappy with how I looked, but I just needed to prove to myself I can do it.

Guess this comes

from me being competitive, I always need to do the best. I am not getting annoyed when someone is better than me, but I have this need to do the best for myself it is crazy. So I was obsessing over how much I weight, I was counting every single calorie omg so embarrassing, why did I do this to myself?

be happy with

Like food is reason

for everyone’s happiness seriously you taking first bite the happy mood is being activated and my crazy ass avoided that why? Weighting yourself is in general just bad. There are so many factors and most of time is not that accurate, but also it can get obsessive, especially when you are competitive person like me who needs results right away. So that was already crazy, but then I kept trying different workouts and diets and always stopping after 2 days because there was no progress. Like makes no sense? I feel I went through all diets and workouts.

teach mind

So see this is also not coming

from good place, being obsessive and needing progress straight away. It was so forced, and just me not getting it, it takes time. I was stressing out for nothing, now I can just laugh at it. So after all the diets and workouts through all this time I kept running couple of times a week. Even though I was ready to give up, I started to noticed I don’t want to stop running. Workout, something that I was suppose to do until I achieved weight loss was becoming something I enjoyed. Even though I was always sporty and always played some sports, I never thought I would enjoy working out, but without me wanting this running started becoming my happy place.

Whenever I would

feel bad I would always go running, and would come back feeling better. By then it has been a year since I started working out.  Nothing seems to workout, and out of nowhere I came across workout that would change the game. I came across BBG Workout, that seems too good to be true, that has everything in one, and also diverse, which means no more boring workout.

Obviously at this point

I was not hoping for any big results. This time around I said to myself I am going to stick with this program until the end. And I really did it, I went through all different kind of workouts for three months, I cut off sugar, chocolate and bread plus I stopped weighting myself. I was not expecting anything, but because workouts were so fun it kept me motivated. Every week I would be more and more motivated. After 3 months I finished it and I was beyond happy with results. I didn’t weight myself so I didn’t know if I accomplished my goal, but it didn’t matter I was happy what I saw in mirror. I didn’t just notice the weight loss, but also the glow and feeling accomplished.


My plan was

to stop working out when I reach my goal, but working out felt so good. It is crazy, how my main goal for workingout, became least important thing in my fitness journey. I started with not knowing anything about fitness to knowing so much more. Yes any advice hit me up seriously can talk about it for hours. It really thought me a lot of about my body, and that good things come to those who wait. This experience gave me passion from something I just wanted to do to lose weight. And it made me realise there are better goals to have than to just lose weight. Isn’t it better to workout to better your mental healthy, or to stay fit, I would consider this better goals.


Today I have been happily

working out for over 10 years, and have tried many amazing workouts. Today I have more motivation than ever, because it is my passion. I workout five times a week, I am stronger than ever, and could care less if I am losing weight. I can say that my health is better than ever, I can’t remember last time I was sick. Last thing to mention I do notice fast progress, and this is because there is so much motivation and so much love for it.

So there you have it. Having goal to lose weight is not too bad if it is coming from good place. I think better goal to have is for example to be fit. The process will be quicker, therefor you will get more and more motivation, and will lead to weight loss too. Your goal might be weight loss, but trust me at the end you will not care about weight loss at all. Working out is so amazing, it really makes you keep doing it. Working out makes you feel good so why would you stop doing it? I would say just keep working out, without putting too much pressure how much weight you lose. And don’t forget to have fun while working out.

Hopefully this gives you motivation to workout and to keep going, because fitness will change your life for better!

Reminder: Always love your body!

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