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Our feminism community is here to have difficult, but much needed conversations around the issues in our society. We need to have these difficult conversations so we continue to develop more feminism future and society.




Nakedlydressed believes in feminism where we are all connected and accepted. What we mean by that is doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you earn or how you look like, you are welcome. And not only that, but also everyone supports everyone. In our community there is no space for hate and jealousy, we cheer and support! But at the same time we must be able to address the unique differences that set us apart. And differentiate our lived experiences and how we are treated as we take up space in this world.

We musn’t let

those differences divide us to the point of not being able to collaborate, in dialogue and activism. In order to create the feminism t future in which we are all due to benefit so immensely from. Regardless if you are a man, woman or something else you go by, this society is harming all of us. We must fight for better future and fight for each other.

fight like a girl


Something to know about feminism is that, there are many types of feminism and for everyone feminism has slight different meaning. But we all meet on the way and all want the same end results. For us, feminism is simply this. A movement that’s working towards the equitable. And just treatment of all human beings – socially, economically, judicially, and politically.

One which,

in turn, would allow all people to freely express themselves in whatever ways feel the most authentic to them. We want society in which everyone is free of judgement. Free everyone of preconceived stereotypes of how someone of their appearance, being, or background should act or think.

We are all hurt

in a society that pushes rigid norms, expectations and stereotypes upon us based on our appearance. A truly feminist future would allow us to be our truest selves, free from stigma and the threat of harm.


As a feminist platform, in which we are trying to open the conversations and educate. Our platform, products and content are here for those who are starting their feminist journey.

Maybe you recently

learned about feminism, or is interested in getting involved with this topic. And for those who are already in this community, but want to continue to grown within the community and want to learn more and more, we are here for you.

Or anyone who sees

big issues in our society and wants a change, wants a better future. We will help you grown, learn and much more…

Nakedlydressed website is here to help

educate, but not to judge. We’re not here to guess at intent. We believe that if you’re on our site, you have an earnest interest in bettering yourself and leading a happier and healthier life.

For yourself and for

those around you, as you sit with these conversations, listen, and grow. We’re happy to be a resource for you in your journey. For those of you that are all too familiar with these conversations because, sadly, you find yourself on receiving end of varying forms of discrimination and abuse due to these social biases that feminism looks to address, our platform hopes to serve as a place of empowerment.

One in which we

can help you better own your story and your voice. There’s not much we can teach you that you don’t already know and have already lived. Instead, we hope that our website and our products may help you feel a greater sense of pride and ownership in your hard-earned voice and visibility.



While promoting free speech, Nakedlydressed is against hate speech in the service of

  1. -sexism,
  2. -racism,
  3. -homophobia,
  4. -transphobia,
  5. -xenophobia
  6. -and any other form of bigotry and discrimination.

If that’s too difficult for you to follow, we invite you to hit the (x) on this tab and exit our site. For those of you still with us, welcome. Let’s, kindly and respectfully, have some difficult conversations.

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