10 Summer clothes to boost your confidence

Confidence is of course something you,

yourself need to work on. No one and nothing can make you confident but you yourself, but sometimes you need little help in your confidence journey. Wearing certain clothes can for sure make you feel good and then this good feeling can make you more confident and this will continue. In summer time for some of you can be really hard because in summer we to tend to show more and if you don’t have ideal body type according to society or are not confident in yourself, it must be hard dressing in the summer.

But don’t worry some clothes

have power to make you feel good even if you, yourself don’t feel good about you. So for today’s article I have summer clothes to boost your confidence and help you in your confidence journey.  Also a disclaimer I am not saying you should only wear these clothing, you are allowed to wear whatever you want to because all clothes are made for all body types and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Body suit:

Body suit is just so great for summer it is comfortable and looks good on you, it can really compliment your body. The thing that I love the most about body suit is that you can style it in so many ways. You can make it elegant, edgy or even casual. For example you can wear body suit with a skater skirt, some great heels and nice hand bag and you have perfect date night look for summer. If you want to go more casual add shorts to body suit and then add some sneakers and backpack. No matter what you wear body suits really makes your body flattering and that is why body suits are great summer clothes to boost your confidence.

Satin Mid Skirt:

Satin is great material anyways and it makes anyone look very elegant and stylish. I feel that mid length is great length you don’t show too much where you feel uncomfortable incase you are insecure about your body, but yet you show enough so it is flattering. This skirt you can style is so many ways I would style this skirt in casual way since my style is more causal. I would wear some graphic tee with this skirt, sneakers, crossbody bag  and black hat to finish up the look with some accessories. Having some badass outfits with this skirt can really boost your confidence.

Paperbag Shorts:

Paperbag shorts are great summer clothes to boost your confidence. It is very minimalistic but yet still a statement piece. This shorts is great because it doesn’t show too much and most importantly is it high waist which always looks good. With this shorts you can walk around without worrying if you are showing too much. Since this piece is very simple and minimalistic I would style it in simple way. For example with a white tee, some cute sandals and crossbody bag. If you have any other ideas you can comment down below!!

Matching Sets:

Matching Sets are so great and so easy so style. It doesn’t matter if it is shorts, skirts or pants everything looks so amazing and it really highlights your body which can also boost your confidence. With matching sets you don’t need to think too much just add some simple sandals and crossbody bag, just choose in a different color so it isn’t too much.

Ruffle tank tops:

Ruffles have become popular in last view years and can’t really complain because they look amazing. First ruffle tank tops are so cute and second the ruffles make your body so flattering which is great for you. I would wear ruffle tank top with a skirt, sneakers and some cool hat to finish up the look and there you go. Ruffle tank tops can make any outfit stand out and there are great summer clothes to boost your confidence.

Linen joggers:

Linen joggers are perfect summer clothes to boost your confidence. Not only are they very comfortable and can be styled with anything, but they are flattering on anyone. The material of these joggers makes them look good on anyone. Another good thing about these pants is that with this pants you will not get hot in the summer. With this joggers I would wear some cami top with a hat and cute crossbody bag perfect for a summer beach day. Another way to wear it is with denim jacket and some cool sneakers!

Maxi dress:

You can’t tell me you don’t feel like a queen when wearing maxi dress. Maxi dress looks so amazing and it really highlights the beauty of your body and it is such a effortless dress. You can look super trendy by just wearing maxi dress but it can also be casual as well. I would wear maxi dress with some beautiful sandals, clutch and sunglasses or you can even add a hat whatever you feel like doing. And trust me your confidence will go up but simply wearing maxi dress.

Mini skirt:

I don’t care what society tells us I know that mini skirt looks good on anyone. Mini skirt is the best way to highlight your beautiful legs and feel like bad bitch that you are. It is such a classic piece that you need to wear this summer. I would wear mini skirt with some white top, a backpack and either some sneakers or sandals and you got yourself great casual look. You got this show off your beautiful legs!!

Oversized Shirt:

Outfits with simple white shirt can’t get more effortless. Wearing oversized shirt will give you such a bad bitch vibes without having to put too much effort in it. Oversized shirt makes your body but especially your beautiful legs flattering, oversized shirt simply can’t make you look bad. It will boost your confidence the moment you put it on. I would wear oversized shirt with some denim short, simple top, heeled sandals and for accessories sunglasses and clutch and you got yourself badass bitch outfit, thank me later!

Satin dress:

These satin dresses have big huge this summer and I see why. They are so stunning and it really gives this wow effect. I can say with confidence that this satin dress will look good on you no matter what and you will feel it too when you wear it. I would wear this satin dress with some heeled sandals and some cute cross body bag and you got yourself an amazing look.

These are amazing pieces

and can really boost your confidence, but don’t let this limit yourself you are the boss and you wear what you feel like wearing. I would say these clothing pieces can make you feel confident without you having confidence yourself. And wearing them can also help you gain your confidence. Confidence is really an inside job but certain things can help. SO enjoy summer with these beautiful outfits and own your shit you beautiful human!!!

Wonder what is your summer style, then take this quiz to find out for fun!

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6 ways How to wear denim jacket in spring?

How to wear denim jacket in spring?

Fashion is all about different styles and it changes constantly, but some piece in fashion will always be in. The only thing that changes is the way we wear it. And when it comes to an outfit you know you can’t go wrong with denim jacket, because we all know that will always be. But of course we do wear it differently than people 20 years ago am I right?

But that is also

one of many things I love about fashion that some unique piece go through centuries but the way people wear it is different. I think denim in general will never really go out of style. Maybe we could also do different pieces of denim from last 20 years or so. Would you like that and we could call it  #NakedlydressedDenim if you would love that let us know with hashag #NakedlydressedDenim but for today’s article we will be showing you how you can wear denim jacket

 Skater skirt: 

these skater skirts are very girly and super cute to wear with denim jacket. I would wear it with some basic top tucked into the skirt or sweater whatever you are into more denim jacket with it and ankle boots with super cute hat, your fav handbag and with that all you could also add some jewelry. And you got super cute look for shopping days in spring. I love the fact you can make very simple look with skater skirt look so much more 

 Maxi skirt: 

this maxi skirt are great thing to wear in the spring. They look so classy and elegant even with casual look the only thing is it maybe hard for some of use to wear it. But these maxi skirts does make you higher and everyone loves that am I right. So how to wear with denim jacket? Very easy just take some basic top in whatever colour you want and then take denim jacket button it up so it looks very cool with that wear sandals the best shoes you can wear maxi skirt and for accessories take a clutch and of course you’ll need sunglasses since it is spring and it is all about the sun. 

Knee cropped jeans: 

I don’t if you guys know these latest types of jeans, they are very similar to high waist jeans but difference is that they don’t go up they go up in the bottom and that is why you can see little bit of you legs but that is great. Anyways with these jeans you can also wear denim jacket for casual outfit but also can be for night in the town.

So how to wear them

you can choose some cool top from your closet or maybe a blouse or shirt a stripe shirt wouldn’t be bad as well tucked in the jeans and then with it oversized denim jacket with either heels or some heeled sandals and then for final touch you should wear on shoulder clutch with some cool sunnies and then mix it up little bit with some bracelets 

 Printed shorts: 

nothing better than printed flowers shorts for the spring. These shorts are very comfy and great for sunny spring and even summer days. You could wear this shorts with long sleeves shirt and denim jacket left open since it won’t be that cold and maybe pull up sleeves. Put some long chain on your neck and with that for lazy Sundays flats will be needed with small size backpack to look cute as hell and you’ll also need to put some sunnies and that is cute outfit for lazy Sundays

Spring dress: 

this spring dresses you probably familiar with. Just little cute dress with some daisy prints or just simple white dress and this dress is also great to wear with denim jacket. This is very cute to roll it in the spring. You could wear it with just simple denim jacket wide open with pair of your fav sneakers, round sunnies and on shoulder bag and for little details daisy headband. Great way to be kind of hippie and girly

High waist shorts: 

I am actually so obsessed with high waist shorts and when they are so cute as this one even more and they are great piece to wear with denim jacket. Denim on denim nothing better in case it is jeans shorts but any other shorts can work as well. This is perfect to wear for some fun days with my friends a high waist shorts

and then a basic oversized

top tucked into shorts and then loose since it is oversized then put on denim jacket and also some sunnies and chain with all of that I would wear some cool ankle  boots and also take my fav shirt and tie in around my waist to just look very cool. With that look you would be total badass but in very cool way

It is so great that you

can wear denim jacket in so many different ways and styles. Everyone can wear them from girly girl to badass edgy type and you can’t go wrong in having denim jacket in your closet I feel people who don’t have them are missing out because you need them. They are unique piece of clothing you must have and that is it. So these were couple of ways you can wear them I try to put together different styles so all of you can relate to it and get inspired. Hope you enjoyed it. Also wanted to let you know that soon we will be launching our website so get ready some exciting things are happening 

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Spring clothes: Everything on my Wishlist

Spring is slowly approaching

even though it still feels like winter. I can’t wait for spring to come, because this winter has be really cold and also it has been quite hard for so many. Anyways since spring is coming, it is time for spring clothes and I love spring clothes so much. Spring wardrobe is my favorite, it gives me very much girly vibes. So you can say I can barley wait for spring to official come and I can style all my favourite spring pieces. So today I will be inspiring you to get excited about spring as much as I am by showing you some of my spring clothes on my wishlist. I honestly love having a Wishlist for every season it gives you idea what you want, so you don’t go overboard with shopping.

But before we start let

me explain myself and why I have been gone for two weeks or even more. So during this crazy time I was able to make one of my biggest dreams come true and that is to go to Mexico. Since I can remember I wanted to go to Mexico and I finally did it. I was in Cancun for two weeks and it was the most amazing time. I was able to see and experience so much. I have recharged my energy and now I am more motivated than ever.

Oversized blazer:

I am so obsessed with these pastel oversized blazer. These blazer are upcoming trends for this spring and I can’t wait for them. I generally love oversized blazer it gives me bad biatch vibes and with this pastel colours it will looks so good. You can either style it in classy way or mix it up with casual by wearing jeans with it and white t-shirt. This blazer is defiantly great addition to your spring clothing!

Tully Log Sole Loafer:

These shoes are so stylish and they give me Parisen vibes. They are very comfortable, which is great if you are busy and walking throughout the day, but also you can style them with so many things. For example you want to be classy go with simple black dress and leather jacket it will look so cute. You want to be more casual go with jeans and simple t-shirt, these shoes will be great for your spring wardrobe.

Pleated Dress:

I am not the biggest dress fan, but pleated dress is just amazing. It is a classic piece that you need for spring. You can style it in more casual way by adding sneakers and for example jeans jacket or if you want to be more classy you can wear it with some heels and nice blazer. You have so many options especially if you get it in black.

Pointelle Mockneck Sweater:

In spring it can get hot, but remember it can still be little bit cold so you need to have some stylish sweaters around. This sweater is great when it gets cold. It is not too warm, but just enough to keep you warm in spring time. You can wear it with skirt, with trousers or even over the dress when it gets cold. Getting it in some pastel color would be great since pastel colours are very in at the moment.

High-Waist Biker Short:

The biker shorts have been in for view years now, but this year the biker shorts in pastel colours will take over. At first these biker shorts seem weird as a trend, but now I get it. You can style these biker shorts with anything. You can wear it with blazer, with jeans jacket, with sneakers, with heels and much more. It can be casual, classy, edgy, anything you want to. This biker shorts are a must for your spring clothing.

This year spring fashion

will be interesting. It has a lot of classy pieces, but now in pastel colours. I really love that these pastel colours are trendy at the moment. Pastel really gives me positive vibes and it can really brighten your outfit and make it more interesting. You can go from having boring outfit to having very outstanding outfit by just adding pastel piece to your outfit.

I also love that with most

of the pieces on this list you have so many options when it comes to styling it. If you are like me who likes to be classy, but also sometimes likes to be casual this is perfect. Having pieces in your wardrobe that you style for casual as well as classy looks is amazing. For example let’s say you want to be causal during the day, but have dinner in the evening and have no time to dress up and look classy well these pieces are perfect, because you will just need to change shoes and maybe add blazer and you got yourself a classy look.

I feel like this list is great, it has something for everyone. And it has everything you need for you cot be prepared for spring. If you can’t wait for spring to come, come down below and tell me what is your favourite piece from this list?

Want to know what is your spring style? Take a quiz to find out

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Choker: Do’s and Don’ts

Choker: Do’s and Don’ts

hey babes,

I hope you had an amazing weekend and started off week well. I kind of always hate this first days of the week, but lately the weather has been amazing so I can’t be hating anything about it. But anyways today we will talk little bit about over lovely chokers. Chokers are great trend from 90s and it came back and it still after view years going strong. I still remember how obsessed I was with these net chokers my friends and I would always wear them and they would come with pack of choker, these rings and bracelets and I also remember that my mom hated it and didn’t like me wearing.

They didn’t just bring

back the epic trend from 90’s they actually did upgrade it a bit because why bring something back if you won’t upgrade it?! And now we don’t only have cheap net chokers but chokers all kinds of size, style, colour everything from simple black chokers to denim choker yes guys denim chokers are real thing . Chokers are great but there is little problem with them, they are not like regular necklace so they don’t go with everything, so you have to be careful with what you are wearing, so your girl hooking you up today with do’s and don’ts with choker, so you don’t have to think if it is alright like this or not. So here are view do’s and don’ts hope you enjoy it

So let’s first start off with easy stuff and that is DO’S:

1. V- neck t-shirt work or V-neck t-shirt with choker (see in picture below)

great with choker it is open and you can see the neck. This way the choker is shown on your skin and with that hight it gives that lager neck effect

2. Mix them up with your other necklaces

it looks really cool and since they are not places on the same part of the neck it doesn’t distract it from choker

3. For night out the gold or silver choker

is great it will highlight your neck and  you will look flawless in your little black dress with gold or silver choker

4. Go for large choker so make your outfit little bit more interesting

it will make your outfit pop out and cool way to style your elegant look with a choker and in case if you are wondering if you need to add something to be more elegant just add large choker it will do the trick

5. You are allow to wear choker with other 90s trends

that is totally in this season and that is velvet yes choker and velvet work great together of course. I would not wear velvet turtleneck dress with choker but nice V neck t-shirt or hight heels or even trousers look great so go for it

6. Mix it up with retro style pieces


Yes choker couldn’t be better to be paired with for example round glasses, high waisted jeans or crop top.

7. With laid back look oversized denim jacket

and some jeans choker will make this look more interesting will compliment the outfit
8. Shoulder off top is great suit to choker, wear bold choker with shoulder off top and some nice trousers or skirt and you will look great and for a second it will look like it is also a part of a top

So now that we went through couple of do’s let’s do don’ts and read this careful this one is more important

1. Don’t over do it!!

Don’t put all kind of choker with different styles and colours no that doesn’t work and it is way too much for one outfit just keep it simple one choker is enough

2. Turtleneck

is pretty much no no as I said it hides your neck and this way it can’t compliment your neck

3. Don’t wear chocker too tight

first your skin will start to get red and that is not good and second it doesn’t look flattering when it is too tight and you should be able to slightly move it around

4. Don’t add earring

when wearing choker you need to keep your focus on your neck and if you are wearing earring that will just be distracting and also one accessory is enough

5. Different patterns

just doesn’t go with choker. You can wear some bracelets with choker but it has so suit and need to be like same style

6. Be careful of style of the choker

if for example the choker is this kind of lace choker you can’t wear laid back outfit it just would look silly

So I thought I would also show you guys view of my fav choker and where you can get them:

This one I got last year in November at Stradivarius and it comes with this two chokers. The first one that long one with little detail on end and I have been wearing this one like crazy. I love that goes down this way it is like necklace as well and it looks great with any outfit with sweater or some simple t-shirt. The other one is little bit special and has this gold details that makes it for your neck so flattering and gives that bigger neck effect and you can wear it with v-neck t-shirt such a good idea and then add some leather jacket and this one cost around 10 dollars
This one I got for present from my friend and I think it is so cute. It is little bit retro the chain and I love it. My style is not that retro but I love putting retro accessories and this is great with high waisted jeans or these mom jeans as well and she got at Forver21 for about 4 dollars
With this I also got two in one, but I only wear the long one I don’t know the other doesn’t suit to my style. I love the fact that it is pretty long and you can set it up differently longer or shorter and even make a bow there it is really cute you can wear it from casual looks to nigh out looks and it is from Bershka and it was around 10 dollars
So guys that was it for my choker do’s and don’ts article. I think chokers are really great and you can play around with them a lot but some things just don’t go at all and I think they are so flattering to your neck as well. Hope you also liked the chokers I showed you which I have been wearing like crazy. Wish all of you amazing people great week
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How to discover your own personal style?

How to discover your own personal style?

The meaning

behind fashion is expressing yourself through your clothes, but I feel this meaning got lost in translation. Nowadays instead of focusing on how to express yourself through your clothes, we trend to focus on what is trend and how to impress others. You shouldn’t be wearing something to impress someone, or because it is something many are wearing at the moment. It is not wrong to get inspired by latest trends, but then put your own twist to it so it aligns with you.

There are many

disadvantages of wearing something that doesn’t align with you and your personality and I will be telling you all about it in upcoming article. Because we are too focused on trends, finding our personal style can first be very difficult and can cause you to cloud your decision. It is important to find what truly is your personal style, because when something aligns with you, you feel more comfortable therefore you will feel more confident wearing it. If you were wondering why you seem so insecure, maybe rethink your personal style.

If something aligns with you,

it will anyways be stylish, because being yourself will never go out of the style. Here you won’t be getting how to style latest trends, but how to style according to you and your personality. Latest trends are only trendy if they fit your personality. If you love bright colours, we support it, we support anything as long as it is true to yourself. So now where do we start? How do we find our personal style?

Finding personal style can be really easy, just in view simple steps in you have it, so let’s go:

Get to know yourself:

This one is the most important. If you don’t know who you truly are, you can’t really know what is your personal style. Dive deep into yourself ask yourself questions like:

-What do I like/enjoy doing?

-What words describe me? (Not how you like to be described, but how you really are)

-What makes me happy?

-Ask your friends and family to describe you?

-What makes me unique? (And don’t even say nothing is special about me, everyone is unique in their own way)

Getting to know yourself and knowing who you truly are will play important role in finding your own personal style. Try also to be aware what you are doing during the same, some small habits you have, how to interact with people, what makes you nerves or stressed.

Learn to love yourself:

After you got to know yourself on a deeper level, you got to work on loving yourself. In this part you got to be open and accepting. I also have to mention that in part of getting to know yourself, you can’t be convincing yourself to be someone you are not, just because you rather be that. In the long run it will don’t be good for you. You got to be open to fully knowing your true self. Learning to love yourself can be really difficult so some people, so be patience. High light some unique qualities you have, and try saying affirmations like “I love and accept myself” and learn to embrace all the imperfections about yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you will always be focusing how to dress to impress instead of dressing to express yourself.

Get inspired by others:

As I said before, getting inspired by others is all good. By getting inspired by others you will get some good ideas to try out and see what aligns with you the most. Try pieces that resonate with you the most and wear them with view outfits and see how it feels like. Great way to find out if it is you or not, is by taking pictures of outfits in which you wore the piece and ask your family and friends if they think it aligns with you. Another great way is after wearing the outfit and seeing the photos you took and writing down how this outfit makes you feel. If you for example have a piece and can’t even put together outfit with this piece, it is a sign it is not for you. Just play around and see what feels good for you. It is also important for you to feel comfortable in this piece so make sure you feel this way.

Style pieces that will high light your personality:

Your style should high light your personality not someone else’s. Now that you got to know yourself, and your personality you should be able to know what aligns with your personality. So take for example a leather jacket and make view different outfits with it and see what suits you the most, what outfits screams you. In this part it could also be useful taking pictures and then really looking it and thinking what suits you.

Write it down:

Your style can also change from time to time. Sit down and write down how you are feeling, what are your goals at the moment. All of these can influence your style. Because how someone feels can influence how they dress, because this is also how you express yourself through your emotions. It is great to have a diary where you can write weekly how you feel, so you can change up your style according to how you feel.

Fashion is

not about what you wear, but how it makes you feel. Does it describe me or someone else? In order to find your personal style you have to get to know yourself and love and accept yourself. Otherwise this won’t be your personal style, and you won’t feel good in it. People love to pretend to be someone else, because our society makes us feel we are not good enough. But don’t you get it, every time you didn’t pretend people were more drawn to you. Pretending is not a plus in any aspect of your life.

I always loved glittery

clothes, so one time I bought myself this glitter sneakers. I was so happy to wear them at work, but when I got there my back then best friend totally made fun of it, but I didn’t care because I loved how it looked. I knew I was being true to myself and no one could hurt my feelings. This is why you shouldn’t be pretending, because people won’t be able to insult you when you are being yourself and confident in who you are.

Let’s enjoy who we are and let’s enjoy even more making outfits according to ourselves, no putting masks, we are not about that fake life!

Reminder: Don’t stress out too much about shopping!

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