How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps

How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps One of my lovely followers took time to reach out to be and asking me to talk about this topic as she read something on Quora. Thank you to @ryukiiyo to reaching out if anyone has any request you are more than welcome to reach out to me. So misogyny is big problem in our society so what is it? According to internet misogyny means […]

What is happening to Turkish women?

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What is happening to Turkish women? Over the past years, reports of violence against women have skyrocketed. Well over 1000 Turkish women have been officially killed in gender based violence since 2010. A deeply Conservative government has discouraged/strangled outcry, activism, and awareness surrounding the issue. And you would think it can’t get any worse than this, but then 2020 came and we all know how unpleasant this year has been for all of us. So you […]

Example of sexism in marriage and how bad it can get

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Example of sexism in marriage and how bad it can get Note from Editor: This article shows example of sexism in marriage and how bad that can be. No one has right to treat you badly because of your gender.  What does sexism actually mean? prejudice or discrimination based on sex behaviour, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex Sexism is bad behaviour that has no manners. Thinking it is okay to […]

11 Myths about sexual assault

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Not from editor: In this article I will be pointing out sexual assault myths , and why they are false. False information can really damage how someone thinks about sexual assault, especially someone who has been sexually assaulted.  There are so many sexual assault myths that are so false, from people that no nothing about it. It has to do that they are not open minded, and they form opinion about it based on their own beliefs. You can’t form […]

Shouldn’t workout for weight loss

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Note from Editor: In this article I will be explaining why you shouldn’t workout for weight loss, and why this mindset can prevent you from losing weight. It is no secret that our society has beauty standards, especially beauty standers for women. As a women when you have little bit more weight,  you are not meeting our society’s beauty standards. That means you are not beautiful, which is far from truth. Not even our society believes that, […]