We need to stop student loan debt

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Note from Editor:This article addresses problems we face as society regarding student loan debt, and how we can possibly fix it.

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It is crazy how someone

is willing to invest in themselves to better themselves, and also society and yet they have to pay so much for it. Yes you are doing for yourself too, but studying means eventually you will work, and that keeps economy going. You studying, and gaining knowledge will keep society going forward. You are also the reason society is getting smarter, and making progress.

People have to understand we are here together, and so everything we do, even little changes we are doing it for ourselves, but also for society. We all have to understand when someone is doing well, we all are doing well, because this person is part of our society. But sadly our society has developed so that everyone thinks it is just me and me. If I am successful, and have money I don’t care about poor as long as I am not poor, but this is so wrong. I guess this started from one person thinking like this, and then everyone followed. This mindset has been in our society for years and it needs to stop.

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Your actions don’t

just impact you, it impacts all of us. Coronavirus is perfect example for this. See China or let’s say their politics didn’t react quickly during the beginning stages of this virus, and it is possible it could have been stopped there. China’s regime didn’t care if it would spread in other countries, the only thing they cared about is destroying this virus in their country.

And see because they didn’t care, it is all over the world and it impacted more people, and this mistake also impacted them, because see a lot of companies have factories in China, but since they are out of business the factories are closed too, which won’t be good for China’s economy. See you not carrying for other, and doing whatever you want, will eventually bite you in the ass. I don’t want to scare anyone, you should be free to do things without questioning yourself, but when it comes to big decisions you should think about others too.

Students loas debt

keeps rising, and schools are getting more expensive. People finish schools, and still have loans & debt. Finishing school, and starting to earn should be fun. Financial freedom and able to save money, but no they can’t because of their loans and debts is this far? See this will just motivate less and less people to go to school, more people will rather start learning online. If less people are interested in studying, professor will go out of jobs, and everyone working in colleges and universities, also   more people will be learning online, where the information and knowledge is being shared , and can’t be verified if it is correct, that means our society might gain false knowledge. All of this can have bad impacts on our society. We don’t want that, so how do we fix that?

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Well schools should

be paid by rich people’s tax money, can’t be more simple than that. Rich people are rich today, because someone in society invested in them, so they should do the same. Besides that having people gain knowledge can also be good for future of their companies too, so they should want that too. But sadly most rich people see that they are doing good and that is fine. What they don’t see if less people will go to school, it will get harder to get good workers. Less people will be willing to invest in you, which will impact your companies success. See if you don’t invest in them, why would they consume what your company is offering? All of us have to help each other, it is not all about you.

We are all meant to do great things together.

Reminder: What you do can impact others too, so be aware of that!

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