10 Reasons I’m Feminist

Reasons I’m Feminist

Although some people strongly disagree with feminists I see true power in feminism. Being feminist isn’t just for women, it is for all of us. It is shaping us to be better versions of ourselves, and to think for ourselves and not what we are taught to believe. Feminism is also helping us fix the messed up system we live in, that will eventually be beneficial for all of us. Everyone earning enough money, plus working less which means more freedom, isn’t this beneficial for all of us? If you would be more open minded, you would see the beauty of feminism. Anyways here are some reasons I’m feminist and think everyone else should be too:


-The belief that women shouldn’t be smarter than men and if you are no man will want  you is the reasons I’m feminist:

We are all smart in our own unique ways, and women are smart too. The belief that a woman who is a smart is no good for any man is ridiculous. Feminism is showing that this is not true, and you can find a man when you are smart. Having a smart woman around him is priceless and every man’s biggest dream trust me!


-Because even though I am not too worried about, many women are scared to walk alone at certain time:

Yes this world is crazy, that a human being has to worry about walking alone at the night. It is not okay, what if she wants to walk by herself sometimes? She can’t do this, because our society allowed men to become aggressive towards women, so now women are too scared. Feminism is fighting this issue by helping women be more confident and bringing awareness to men and that being aggressive is not cute.

-Because a woman in a room full of men is terrified is the reasons I’m feminist:

If a man is in a room full of woman, he is loving his life feeling his is the start, but when is other way around it is different story. Men make us feel uncomfortable, they make us feel less and they don’t take us seriously. We shouldn’t be afraid to walk in the room full of men, we should own this shit. But even confident woman would feel scared, because they make you feel this way. Feminism is teaching women to not be afraid and own their power.

-Because women’s value shouldn’t be based on her sexual history:

Yes it is disgusting how they value us based on our sexual history. My sexual history is only my business and regardless what I have done sexually it doesn’t define me who I am as a person. We are all different and what we do sexually is different others and that is fine, we are allowed to do whatever feels right. Feminism taught me that what I did sexually doesn’t define me, and that I am still worthy regardless of what I did.

-Because of sexist comments:

To be disrespectful to a woman just because she is a woman is not okay. To discriminate her with your rude comments is not acceptable. Sexism has been in our society for long time and needs to go aways. Feminism is fighting this huge issue we have be dealing with.

-People like to shame women for focusing on their careers:

Woman can focus on her career is up to her. She doesn’t have to do anything society wants her to do. It is all up to her, and no one has right to shame her for it. It this is what she wants, she is doing the right thing.

-Because being called a “girl” is considered a bad thing:

Our society likes to make girls seems like they are weak, not able to succeed or do anything in life, which is so false. All humans are amazing and regardless if you are man or a woman, you should be proud of it. No one should shame you for being that.

-Because it is more humiliating to be raped than to be a rapist:

When woman gets raped it is all her fault, they consider her dirty and not pure anymore. But they never shame rapist and it is never really his fault. If he raped her, her being dirty is all in his hands. She couldn’t control it, he forced her to do it so making her feel shitty is not okay.  Feminism is fighting this mindset so people consider rapist as dirty and not the victim.

-Because no one should be afraid of losing their job, because they call out their bosses for harassment:

No one should be harasst by their boss. That is not okay, and this totally isn’t nice working environment. Bosses should learn not to harass their employees, it is not acceptable. Everyone has right to call out their boss for bad behaviour without losing their job.

-Because young girls are worrying more about how much eating instead of enjoying their youth:

Our society is giving young girls unrealistic beauty standers. Young girls are way too young to be worrying about how much they eat. They shouldn’t even care about it, as long as you enjoy what you are eating who really cares. We shouldn’t change ourselves, because our society thinks the only way you are beautiful is if you are skinny. We are all beautiful in our own unique ways and we don’t need to change, our society needs to change! Feminism is helping beautiful young girls accept themselves and love for who they are.

Being a feminist is something

I am really proud of. Feminism is opening eyes to so many, and helping them in so many ways. They helping so many feel better about themselves, it is freeing them over ridiculous pressure our society puts us on. It is wonderful community to be part of and I entourage everyone to join and be feminist. You can simply join by just being your true self.

Reminder: Always stay true to yourself

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Solution to inequality

Solution to inequality

In last week’s article I talked about why women get less salary and today I will be talking about how we can change this, how companies, but also you can change this. This issue has been around forever so changing it, won’t happen over night or just by one person. It really needs for everyone to say stop we need a change. So here is solution to inequality


Companies have all excuses how for Senior position you need this and that, just so women don’t get senior position. We live in modern world now, where flexibility is possible for anyone. From having ability to work from home to many amazing tools that we have today. We can always come up with excuses why we can’t do something, how about we start designing senior positions that suits for both women and men.

I am sure anyone can do this, it is honestly way easier to design position that suits both men and women. I also feel in this case men do have to step up and call out CEO’s on this bullshit. Men need to be part of change, by refusing to take position that are only suited for men. And also it is quite easy for companies to create position for just men, when men allow women to work less, while they still work full time. When you have family don’t give the woman all the responsibility, while you are able to work and build you career it is not far. When you responsibility is divided in half, it will be harder for companies to create position that are only suited for men.


Even though in our society it is the man who is allowed to work full time and build up his career, but at the same time our society makes it so hard for men to work part time. This bias that men have to work full time, that you won’t be able to build up your career with part time job needs to be cut off.

Of course men will work full time to build their careers, but if companies made part time jobs as attractive as full time jobs it would be different story. Obviously the man ends up with full time job, because it is known men can faster build up their careers and second no matter what he will be earning more money, so if woman works they will be losing money. Companies need to make part time as attractive as part time. We also need to make women working full time instead of men attractive as well by paying women the same as men. Companies need to be part of solution to inequality.


One of the reasons they say women are paid less is because they go for jobs in sectors with lower income. The only reason women do that is because next to their job, they also have full time job at home taking care of children so these jobs allow them to have more flexibility.

Companies need to make flexible working in every sector and while they are at that also make equal pay for every sector. We have advanced in so many ways so flexibility shouldn’t be a big problem. Opening flexibility in typical men’s  occupations would entourage more women to work in them and also allow more men to work part time, which will result in equal career progress for both men and women.


This one is of course my favourite and most important one. The fact that women are still not getting paid the same amount for the same job as men is ridiculous. There needs to be strict law for all the companies that force them to pay women the same. Instead of being quite, how about we shame any company that pays woman less. Paying less should become culture embarrassment not something to be proud of.

Our society has always seen women as less and it is such a false belief, but unless we shame people for thinking this way nothing will chance. All these excuses like women earn less because they are not skilled or work less are so false. We keep getting reports from the same positions and same hours, and it is so not true that women can do less women can do as much as men can. Women won’t stand by this anymore. All of us  won’t support companies that pay women less so they are forced to change.

So now that we gone over what companies can do, there are many more things they can do, but we go over them some other time. But the thing is yes they can do it, but will they do it? We don’t have a lot of control over companies are their actions, but we have full control over our actions. We need to focus on how we can be part of solution to inequality since that can also influence the change.

-Sharing salary information:

A lot of people think sharing you salary information is forbidden , but it is actually not. Of course many companies don’t want you do to so, but you have full right to do so. It is your own salary and you own information, therefore you have full right to share this information. No matter in what sector you work, if you are man or woman sharing this information online can really help bring awareness you this issues and push to change. Speaking up and sharing information will help with solution to inequality.

-Knowing the law:

If you noticed that you male co worker earns more than you in the same position, you have full right to complain. There is Law that has been made in 1963 that give you right to get paid as much as male. But sadly so many companies haven’t been monitored so they can easily get away with it. But if this is happening you need to complain about it. Of course no one should fight for their right. But it is what it is, you need to call them out on that.

-Bring awareness to this issues:

Talk to women in your circles, make them aware of this issues. Educate them and teach them what they can do to help fight this issues. You should also talk to men about it, bring awareness to them too. Because some men don’t even realise how big of issue this is. I feel talking about it can really help fight this issue.

-Donate to organisation that are fighting inequality:

There are so many wonderful organisation that are fighting inequality, donating either your time or money can really help them.

Here is organisation I really like: Equalsalary

-Share on social media:

Social media has become big part of our lives so sharing this issue on social media can help too. Share your thoughts and educate people anything will help.

-Cultivate negotiation skills

As women they don’t value us as much as they do men, so we really need to step up the negotiation skills. Having amazing negotiation skills they will have no reason to pay you less. When they see that you value yourself they will value you as well.

What do you think? What else can we do to help out to fight inequality? I think it won’t be easy, but for sure will be worth it! When this happens it will be beautiful change that everyone needed, so let’s believe in that.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series and you learned something from it. Comment down below letting me know what you learned.

Reminder: We all need to fight this issue even if you are a male!

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5 Proven Ways for Feminist to Deal with Online Hate

5 Proven Ways Ways for Feminist to Deal with Online Hate

As a feminist you are more open minded and see the world for what truly is, and not what our society wants us to see. You don’t just believe everything society tells us, but you dive deep. And find  your truth, and probably more accurate truth. But see society does program us to believe what they like us to believe, so a lot of people on this earth have this mindset, a very close minded mindset. They don’t like to explore and see it for themselves.

They let society control their mind. So when feminist comes to speak up and tell the truth this of course is not good. You ruining close minded beliefs. They are so close minded, they need to keep these beliefs as long as possible. So you coming and ruining this for them won’t make them happy. So that is why most feminist get a lot of hate online.

Doesn’t matter

if you are just commenting or liking feminist stuff, or have feminist page or blog you will get hate. I remember one time on twitter when I barley had 100 followers I tweeted one thing about pro-life. I kid you not got over 100 comments from of course pro lifers. And I can tell you to this day that tweet has still the most comments. I can also tell you I have many haters who follow me, and they interact with every post I post, but of course in a hateful way.

So it really doesn’t matter in which way you are feminist,

as long as you are in a way voicing your opinion, you will have problem with them. This really does show that if they spend so much time hating on us, we do see how big issues they really have. But I don’t really care about them, and they are not the point of this post, but how all of us can take care of ourselves when this happens and how not to get to us.

Know who you are as a person, and that you opinion is 100% your truth:

In situation like this one, working on yourself really can come handy to you. Diving deep and learning who you truly are, getting to know yourself, your beliefs, and the way your form an opinion will really be helpful to you. Know yourself and knowing your own opinion will make yourself more confident. People won’t be able to easily make you question your own opinion. Invalidate your opinion won’t be easy anymore, because you know your opinion and that this is 100% your truth. You will know that we have different opinions, and that you have your own, and won’t easily backdown on your own opinion. You will let them say their own opinion, but you won’t be offended or triggered by them doing so. And most importantly your mental health won’t be in danger because of it.

Remember people who hate on others are actually reflecting how they feel about themselves:

As I said feminist are not friends to close minded people, because you make them question their beliefs and they don’t like it. And what make it even worse, your opinion probably makes more sense, but they don’t want it. They probably don’t even know arewhy they have these beliefs, so you having opposite beliefs for sure is triggering from them. I am also sure people who hate on others must have view insecurities anyways, doesn’t even have to be that they are unsure about their opinion and beliefs. It could be they in general feel not good in their own skin, so they need to take it out on someone.

Trust me when I say,

I have never experienced a person who is 100% happy with themselves to hate on others. If you are happy with yourself, you really have no need to to judge or hate others. You probably trigger them by simply having different opinion from most of people. It means you are confident enough and that triggers them too. Even though it seems they are simply hating on you, it has more to do with their own insecurities, and trust me it has little to do with you, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Remember you can always block them:

Blocking does seem childish, and it shows them it is effecting you, but sometimes it is better to block them. Sometimes hate can get out of the hands and you need to block them. I remember I had this hater couple of moths ago. She was of course Trump supporter and would always comment on my post, like I should thank you for making my engagement higher. She would always comment opposite of my opinion. For example if post would be about pro choice, she would comment about pro life, and how pro choice is disgusting. And it was honestly very funny some things she said, but then it really got out of hands. She started hating on one of my followers, and she is teenager passionate about feminism.

Like she has right to be passionate about feminism,

and you can be against it, but what is not right, hating on someone for having different opinion than you. This old woman started hating on her and then the girl messaged me about it. She didn’t ask me to block her, but I didn’t like that she was hating on one of my followers, so I blocked her. I want my followers to feel comfortable commenting on my posts. So yes when it does go out of hands, you for sure should block them. It doesn’t mean they are getting to you, it means you need your peace. It means you are winning. Blocking someone doesn’t always mean they are getting to you. It means you care more about yourself than having higher engagement, plus who really cares if they think they won as long as you have peace.

Taking break from it is also okay:

Sometimes all the hate can really be too much. When taking too long to take a break, can sometimes damage your mental health. When you feel anxious about social media and the comments, please take the break. Or for a while just use it to take to your friends and maybe then just follow people who make you happy.

Lear how not to need validation from others:

Another aspect of working on yourself is also learning to love yourself. When you learn to love yourself, you won’t need validation from others. That will be huge plus for you and how to react to hate comments. When you don’t need validation, all these hate comments won’t bother you anymore. You will read them and would laugh at them, because they don’t mean anything to you. I feel most of us don’t like getting hate comments, because we are all so hungry for validation, and hate comments are just opposite of that.

Remember that whatever you do,

there will always be someone jealous of you, judging you, but why do you care? It is just some random stranger, who probably wouldn’t even be able to hate on you in real life. Ask yourself are you happy with yourself? If the answer is yes, that is all you need. The only validation you need is your own, everyone else don’t matter. Just learn to not give a fuck and not worry about what others think about you. Let’s just be real, if they are judging you, they probably are jealous instead of actually thinking something is wrong with you, why would they then be talking about you?

It is sometimes hard with the hate I get it, and you 100% are allowed to feel hurt and sad by it. But know that people hating on you probably see you are doing great things. Hate never comes from the place where they feel they are doing better, it is always opposite. Feeling like you are doing better will make any insecure person hateful towards you. It is not right, but sometimes insecurities can make you do crazy things. The only thing you can do is ignore it, and not let it get to you. Being confident in what you are doing will be the biggest revenge.

Reminder: Take of yourself first!

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Why do men get paid more than women?

Why do men get paid more than women?

Attention: this will be two part series, so make sure to come back next week for part 2. The first part will cover the WHY and the second HOW we can change this and WHAT we can do to change this.

It is no secret

that we live in society, that pays men more than women and have always been this way. We can go back wayyy back and it always has been this way. Maybe they got paid in some other ways, but always been paid more. It is obvious our society sees men as better and women as lower and of course this is not true, but they make it true.

Society doesn’t like

women to feel we are the same as men. So they do things to make sure we don’t think like this like for example paying women less. Getting paid less this will automatically make anyone feel less, because this is how our mind works, but is it true? No of course not, because women can do the same things men can and both genders are good enough. It is not right to pay women less for the same work. Only because society wants us to make less so men are the main providers doesn’t make it right. But this is not only factor why women get paid less, there are more factors that I am going to talk about in today’s article.

-Men get paid more than women for the same roles:

So the same role means the same hours, the same tasks and condition everything the same and yet men get paid more than women why? Well see they set average hourly or monthly for both men and women. Obviously for women is less so doesn’t matter if she has the same role. Her average is not the same and that is the reason women even in the same role earn less. The only average that should exist is the average for hour and month. No average for gender or job everyone gets the same. It is not right that men get paid more than women for the doing the same work. I work hard as much as my male co worker and I also worked hard to get this role, so getting less is not right.

-Caring responsibilities and part-time roles are shared unequally

So they say women choices to stay at home to look after children. So she can only work part time and with part time job it is harder to advance in career therefore you have less salary. Well see I wouldn’t call a choice, when she is expected to work less so she is more at home with children. She doesn’t have a choice, she has to be stay at home mom, who works part time. No one asks woman is it okay for you to work less, where men have a choice.

Men can have full

time jobs and have family and of course it is easier for them to get more salary. Man expects this wife to stay at home, there is no big discussion about it. So how can she advance in her career and have chance at good salary, when people are limiting her chance. If men were more open to sharing responsibilities it wouldn’t be a problem.

-There are more men in senior roles than women

So senior positions

are positions that are the highest positions and of course with most salaries. I mean these positions also come with a lot of responsibility and it takes a lot of hard work to get there. But anyone would love to have position like this one and I don’t blame them.

But see most companies

created these position only for men or more positions like this for men. Like for example let’s say you work in Marketing department, and if your company needs senior position in marketing. It is most likely they will create this position for men. So even though you work hard you already don’t have chance to get it. And it is just not okay for companies to support this inequality, they should be pushing it. We need to let women earn as much as men do.

-Women choose to work in low-paid roles and sectors

It is known that,

secrets and roles done by women and low-paid and wonder why? So women can earn less and men can earn more. The whole system is created just for men if you think about it. We shouldn’t be paid one sector more and one less or paying certain roles more. But especially when we noticed women work in these roles, we shouldn’t push this inequality.

Another argument

for this is, that women choose the low-paid sectors, because they offer more flexibility and are family-friendly. See not a choice, because women don’t get enough support from men so they are forced to go into these jobs. Women need to make sure jobs are family-friendly because their partners aren’t. It should be other way around their partner should be family-friendly and job shouldn’t because they will have better salary then.

As you can see

reasons why women don’t get the same salary as men is quite unfair. This entire system was made just so it suits men. So men keep earning more and always have more power. It is not right for men to get more salary for the same role, when you do the same job you should get the same salary.

Women shouldn’t

have to choice career or family. No one should force woman to be stay at home mom, the responsibilities should be equally divided. Woman can work as much as her husband and both of them can have far chance in being successful. Forcing mother to stay at home is society making sure women doesn’t earn more. You are limiting her potential and it is not right. But now we can chance to change this, it will take time but it is possible. And you too can be part of this beautiful chance, stay tune to next week’s article to see how you can help.

Reminder: We all deserve equal salaries

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How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps

How to stop misogyny as male in view simple steps

One of my lovely followers

took time to reach out to be and asking me to talk about this topic as she read something on Quora. Thank you to @ryukiiyo to reaching out if anyone has any request you are more than welcome to reach out to me. So misogyny is big problem in our society so what is it?

According to internet misogyny

means feelings of hating women, or the belief that men are much better than women. For example when someone says women belongs to kitchen or saying a woman will never being successful in her career just because she is simply a woman, it can even be a male touching a woman without permission. Misogyny is something that our society created by treating women so poorly. When people are taught women are less, they will also treat them this way, but we can always correct this. And 2020 is perfect year to do this since we have been going through a lot of changes so why not also push for this change as well.

So my lovely follower

was kind enough to send me screenshots of Quora thread, where someone asked  how do you as a man deal with misogyny. I feel as a man who is aware that women are being treated poorly, you for sure should do something about it. As a man in our society you do have a lot of influence so don’t stand and be quiet, do something about it.

So let’s go over what people answered:

Maybe in your eyes

it is not hatred towards women, because you yourself never experienced it. But making unwanted advances is very disrespectful in my eyes therefor you see women as less and this is one form of hatred towards women. Actions can be as much hateful as words can be. I don’t care if this is meant to be a joke, some thing you shouldn’t be joking about. Learn how to joke, what is okay to joke about and what not. Think about would you tell this to another man, if the answer is no then don’t say it.

How about you get a life,

you so called humour can hurt someone else. You might think it is a joke, but your words can effect someone. The other person doesn’t know that it is a joke and in my opinion when jokes is disrespectful it is not a joke anymore. Disrespectful behaviour can effect someone as much as rape. Someone being disrespectful can make a person feel worthless and give them insecurities they didn’t need to have. Being disrespectful is worrying, no one has right to be disrespectful and if they are we need to fix that.

Most women don’t hate on men.

I don’t support disrespect towards both men and women. I never say that men are to blame how women are being treated, it is society and not men. Some people get it wrong and think society means men. Men are as much powerless in this situation as women are. Only hateful and close minded women would say something like this. Men should try to help, because as I said men really do have a lot of influence in this society. Plus misogyny is performed by men so if other men show that they should stop it, they might listen.  It is not about they won’t help us so we won’t help us, it is about doing the right thing, because you don’t want to live in society where women are being treated so poorly. It is about being a bigger person.

When the joke is hurtful

I can’t really call it joke anymore. Remember joke is suppose to be funny, and if joke becomes hurtful sorry to break it to you, but that was never a joke to begin with. The gaslighting of misogyny is just not okay. Misogyny is as seriously as any other person, because it hurts people’s feelings.

Women are not asking men

to hate their gender. Everyone should love and respect everyone. We are simply asking you to stop behaving sexist towards women. It was all good when we didn’t say anything, but now that we are saying something we are the bad guys. Treating someone poorly based on their gender is not acceptable.

It is great that she

is standing up and yelling at them, but don’t just stand there do say something too. As I said if that comes from a man it will be a bigger influence on them to change. As a man you can help bring good change and end the sexism. Also I don’t know why she is called crazy, when she is just annoyed by how poorly she is being treated put yourself in her shoes.

I totally agree I do

also think that if someone is being misogynistic it is because they don’t feel good about themselves. It is known that people who don’t feel good about themselves have to bring down others to feel good. I know that any real man would never be disrespectful towards a woman. It is truly disgusting and as he also said if it makes someone uncomfortable it is not a joke anymore.

This is the right way to do it.

This is how as a male you can help stop misogyny. Make women feel their opinion matters and help them grow. And make other men aware how misogyny is bad and that they shouldn’t do it. And you should for sure call other men out if when are being disrespectful towards women. All of this can really help out with stopping the misogyny.

I totally agree anger

will not help, it will just make them do it even more. Some are just not even aware that what they are doing is wrong. So explaining to them why it is wrong can really help them shift and not do it anymore. I think this is really great advice how you as a male can help stop misogyny.

So here it is.

As you can see there are quite different opinions, but some opinions really are not true. Of course everyone has right to have their opinion, but some things just make no sense. The reason it doesn’t make sense is because they also know the behaviour is not okay, but don’t really want to admit it so they turn it around. Making someone feel uncomfortable and being hurtful towards someone is not a joke even if it was meant as a joke. When you hurt someone’s feelings it is not a joke end of the story. Don’t turn it around and make us look crazy. This behaviour needs to stop. As a male you really can help to make a better change. Some people did give us great advice how you as male can help stop misogyny.

When it comes to misogyny

bring awareness to people is really important. Making them aware why this is wrong, will help people shift and stop doing it. Also calling people out for doing it is also really important, but just try to do it in nice way this will make them listen. Anger won’t make them listen. Give women a chance to be heard this way they will feel more comfortable to call out people who are treating them poorly. Give them a chance to grow in career as well, so they feel they are good too. These are all simply thing that will have big impact on change so please apply this to your life.

Misogyny has been big problem in our society so it will take all of us to stop it. Be part of beautiful change.

Reminder: Let support our sisters!


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