Not endorsing that we kill men but…


Not endorsing that we kill men but… Listen all of you, men are not the cause of all of our problems. Like yes they participate in it but the society is the main source to it. Like they were born in this society and of course acted how they were told by society but does […]

I’m tired of my intelligence…


I’m tired of my intelligence… Let’s first talk about how our society see intelligence. They see it as someone with university degree, phd or any kind of degree who knows a lot about many topics, who has high position but the truth is that it is not like that. We are all intelligent but in […]

Men literally piss in public but aren’t…

men will piss in public

Men literally piss in public but aren’t… Yes it is fine for you to pie in public even though you can find yourself a toilet but no women can’t breastfeed. Yes because it is not like she can’t control when baby is hungry and it is not like it is the main source of survival […]

I’m tired of explaining consent!


I’m tired of explaining consent! Yes listen it is not that hard. When someone doesn’t want it stop it. Sometimes they won’t say no because simply when you don’t know someone it is harder so say no and even when you know someone it is hard so say no. We do have hard time saying […]

Everyone is beautiful

everyone is beautiful

Everyone is beautiful It is messed up world we live in. We see beauty everywhere and on everyone but yet ignore it and try to convince ourselves and others that we need to change something. Beauty is not just being skinny, beauty is not just with brown hair, beauty is not just white people. There […]

Gay is a sin…

gay is a sin

Gay is a sin… I love how these people think they are all about god and then they say gay is a sin. If you were all about god you wouldn’t be saying this because as from your beliefs all of us are god’s children and even gay’s so you are offending god. I mean […]

We need feminist because…

we need feminist because

We need feminist because… Yes that’s right if we are getting less paid why don’t we also pay less for gas, food and in general everything. See while you still keep paying us less the pricing are rising so how can we afford it? It is not fair game in my opinion if we get […]

Love everyone regardless of their race


Love everyone regardless of their race Yes that is right you should be kind to everyone. It doesn’t matter if they are from rich country or poor country and I mean everyone is different the country they are from doesn’t define them you can’t choose in country you want to be born. The same goes […]

Slut shaming

slut shaming

Slut shaming Photo credit: @charlihoward what an absolute queen for posting this photo much respect Let’s talk about slut shaming. Yesterday I talked little bit about how men slut shame women but you know what else is a thing women slut shaming other women. So what if I woman is comfortable in her own body […]