Debunk-in myths about abortion that you have been told


Debunk-in myths about abortion

On social media there is a lot of information about abortion which can be good and bad. If this information is checked by professional it can for sure be helpful, but if it is just a lie to convince someone to not get it I think it is so wrong. I feel that if your belief is that abortion is wrong that is fine, you just don’t get it, but spreading lies to feel better about yourself is wrong. There are many reasons why someone want to terminate the pregnancy and image then coming across all these lies of course a person would rethink it. It is not right to make someone questions themselves, if you feel you want to get abortion get it don’t listen to these lies. Because of all these lies it is important to tell you what is true and what is false, so for today’s article I will be telling you myths about abortion that people are spreading online and why they are just myths!



Having an abortion has higher health risks than continuing a pregnancy  and going through childbirth


Abortion is totally safe if performed by qualified practitioners. This is very old way of thinking the medicine has improved so much and so did the abortion. There is so much technology and so much knowledge. Many researches suggest that childbirth has higher risk for your health than having a trimester abortion.

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Abortion affects future fertility


If it is done correctly by qualified professional there is rarely associated with any future risk to fertility. I know someone who had couple of abortions and was able to have a child after all these abortions. The only reason why people think you can’t get pregnant again after having abortion is because of these people who are against abortion. They make you believe god is punishing you for getting abortion, but I am here to tell you it is so false.

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Abortion used instead of contraception


Contraception is great, but it is far more difficult than what you think. Even if you use it correctly something can always go wrong. So in this case terminating pregnancy is great option to have, because it is safe. Most of people experiencing unplanned pregnancy use some form of contraception, yet we know that:

-No form of contraception is 100% effective, including sterilisation

When you have sex it is always risk, because no contraception can 100% control our bodies and sometimes even if you are being safe you can still get pregnant!

-All modern methods of contraception have some associated risks/ side effects

For some people risking your health is just not worth it, when you can have abortion which better for your health than contraception. I for example would never in my life take birth control pill I think it would not be good for my body!

-Finding suitable contraception is very difficult for some people

We all have different bodies and we don’t know how our body might react to certain contraception. So some people don’t even bother using them!

-Sexual behaviour is not always consensual or predictable

We can’t always plan out when we will have sex, sometimes it just happens and we might just forget to take contraception. It can also happen that someone might force us to have sex and this is something you can really predict!!

-Violence/abuse/control in relationship can make it difficult to use/access contraception

When your partner want to control you, it is hard to take contraception and I feel some many controlling partners are against contraceptions!!!

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Abortion causes emotional/mental harm


Yes of course unplanned pregnancy can have mental and emotional effect. There might be a guilt for some, but that also goes away soon. Because that person deep down had good reasons for it and that is good enough to move one. Research shows that for majority abortion causes no long lasting psychological consequences. I feel terminating pregnancy itself is not traumatic, but other aspects of abortion that are sadly part of it. When you feel judged by others or when someone questions your decision that can be hard on anyone. Even though it feels right to you, they make you question this decision. Just remember in these situation that you are allowed to get abortion and when it feel right to you, you should do it! No one knows how you feel so they have no right to have opinion on you!!!

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Abortion causes breast cancer


First I have to say that this myth is so crazy. Even though I am not a doctor I can see that cancer and abortion and two totally different things. It is impossible to get breast cancer from abortion! But in case a woman has a breast cancer while pregnant, abortion can actually safe a child from getting sick! Maybe these crazy people feel that abortion is like a cancer so now they are trying to convince people that is can cause you a breast cancer. This is crazy and there is no chance you can get it!!



Adoption is better than abortion


Yes in your opinion adoption is better, but your opinion doesn’t matter! The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the pregnant woman who is carry that child. And also let me remind you, adoptions are not as perfect as they make you think they are. You don’t know if the child will happy life because that child might end up in foster care, and foster care is the worse. Most foster care parents are horrible and are just doing it for the money. The thought of the child not having the best life is worse than have terminating pregnancy  and everyone needs to accept it and stop judging!!


Only young and/or irresponsible people choose abortion


That is so not true. It can be that a 20 year old seeks terminate pregnancy but it can also be a woman in here 30s with happy family that also wants to do it . There are many women who seek abortion after having children because it is not about being irresponsible it is about just not being able to have a child for whatever reason. Women in all ages, material statuses, religions, occupations seek abortion. Let’s stop assuming things that are simply not true!!

And here we go, what our society teaches us about abortion is so false. Abortion can be a positive thing if you are willing to expend and open your mind. So many see it as negative, but you don’t see the positive, it helped and still is helping many women who really can’t have a child! There are so many wonderful women who are thankful for getting abortion and thankful that abortion does exist! Abortion doesn’t have to be this taboo topic, we can make it more positive so people will talk about it more. Us being open about it and not being judgemental can help many women other there! It will make them feel good about getting abortion.

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