Rape/murder innocent woman but…

Men will rape/murder innocent woman

This is why women don’t feel comfortable reporting rapes.

This makes me so sad. In our society everything is around men and when men do such a horrible thing such as rape everyone tries to turn it around the victim. Because in their eyes everything man do is not as horrible as when woman does it. Like are you joking me with this? Party girl what a horrible thing am I right? Not really you are young you should be partying it is normal not like old creepy men who go partying to find young women to rape. And so what if she is an escort doesn’t mean higher risk of getting raped. I mean everyone lives how they want to you don’t know why she does it so don’t judge her for it. She didn’t kill anyone or rape anyone so. I mean being a super party girl or escort doesn’t make her bad person but someone you kills and rapes is for sure bad person. We this you discourage victims to report stop doing this shit!


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