9. Ways how to be feminist

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9. Ways how to be feminist

One great thing about being feminist is also applying some little things to your daily rountine. This can even inspire people around you do be feminist too. So I got view very useful things you can apply to become badass feminist you already are:

1. Reading from feminist authors:

One of main things that got me into feminism is reading a lot about it and reading about feminism from feminist can’t get any better. You got front row sit and the best way to learn about it and the issues we are facing is from feminist.

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2. Watch more feminist movies:

Movies are not as good as book because of course from book you get a lot more information but if you are too busy and too tired to read movies can also be useful. Feminist movies are great to also learn something more.

3. Wear what the hell you want:

Being a woman you are being judged by what you are wearing so embrace being a feminist by really never asking if it is okay to wear it? Wear it and seriously ignore all the comments. This will inspire other women to do so as well and eventually they might stop with stupid comments

4. Being a woman you are anyways

Being treated poorly by society so be good to other women. Support each other and be there for each other. You know how it is living in men’t world so why would you be mean to other women?

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5. Saying no:

We women are taught to always say yes well that doesn’t seem far. So start today by saying no things you don’t want to do this will show them you are not their slave and they might giving you the respect you deserve.

6. Speak up

and tell how you feel even though you think they might not agree: Tell your truth

7. Treat everyone the same:

No matter of race, their gender or even their sexuality love everyone the same and accept them who they are because that is something a feminist stands for.

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8. Share equal responsibilities in relationship:

the biggest thing that feminist have to deal with is inequality in our society so to be able to change this you need to do this yourself in your own relationship meaning men and women both have to cook, clean and divide the house work and in general responsibilities.

9. Raise your children to believe in gender equality:

A lot of flaws in our society happends simply because we are taught at young age something that is wrong so to prevent that make sure to teach your children to believe in gender equality and that everyone gets the same.

There are small things that won’t effect you at all but will make huge impact because what feminist really are fighting for is something all of us should be fighting for. All flaws in our system like inequality that goes for women and men, yes men also deal with inequality as well just not in the same way we women do so we really need to try and show people the right way. Also we need to make sure we are loving, accepting and kind to everyone. If you have more suggestion please comment down below.


Reminder: always stay positive and love yourself no matter what

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