5 Proven Ways for Feminist to Deal with Online Hate

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5 Proven Ways Ways for Feminist to Deal with Online Hate

As a feminist you are more open minded and see the world for what truly is, and not what our society wants us to see. You don’t just believe everything society tells us, but you dive deep. And find  your truth, and probably more accurate truth. But see society does program us to believe what they like us to believe, so a lot of people on this earth have this mindset, a very close minded mindset. They don’t like to explore and see it for themselves.

They let society control their mind. So when feminist comes to speak up and tell the truth this of course is not good. You ruining close minded beliefs. They are so close minded, they need to keep these beliefs as long as possible. So you coming and ruining this for them won’t make them happy. So that is why most feminist get a lot of hate online.

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Doesn’t matter

if you are just commenting or liking feminist stuff, or have feminist page or blog you will get hate. I remember one time on twitter when I barley had 100 followers I tweeted one thing about pro-life. I kid you not got over 100 comments from of course pro lifers. And I can tell you to this day that tweet has still the most comments. I can also tell you I have many haters who follow me, and they interact with every post I post, but of course in a hateful way.

So it really doesn’t matter in which way you are feminist,

as long as you are in a way voicing your opinion, you will have problem with them. This really does show that if they spend so much time hating on us, we do see how big issues they really have. But I don’t really care about them, and they are not the point of this post, but how all of us can take care of ourselves when this happens and how not to get to us.

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Know who you are as a person, and that you opinion is 100% your truth:

In situation like this one, working on yourself really can come handy to you. Diving deep and learning who you truly are, getting to know yourself, your beliefs, and the way your form an opinion will really be helpful to you. Know yourself and knowing your own opinion will make yourself more confident. People won’t be able to easily make you question your own opinion. Invalidate your opinion won’t be easy anymore, because you know your opinion and that this is 100% your truth. You will know that we have different opinions, and that you have your own, and won’t easily backdown on your own opinion. You will let them say their own opinion, but you won’t be offended or triggered by them doing so. And most importantly your mental health won’t be in danger because of it.

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Remember people who hate on others are actually reflecting how they feel about themselves:

As I said feminist are not friends to close minded people, because you make them question their beliefs and they don’t like it. And what make it even worse, your opinion probably makes more sense, but they don’t want it. They probably don’t even know arewhy they have these beliefs, so you having opposite beliefs for sure is triggering from them. I am also sure people who hate on others must have view insecurities anyways, doesn’t even have to be that they are unsure about their opinion and beliefs. It could be they in general feel not good in their own skin, so they need to take it out on someone.

Trust me when I say,

I have never experienced a person who is 100% happy with themselves to hate on others. If you are happy with yourself, you really have no need to to judge or hate others. You probably trigger them by simply having different opinion from most of people. It means you are confident enough and that triggers them too. Even though it seems they are simply hating on you, it has more to do with their own insecurities, and trust me it has little to do with you, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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Remember you can always block them:

Blocking does seem childish, and it shows them it is effecting you, but sometimes it is better to block them. Sometimes hate can get out of the hands and you need to block them. I remember I had this hater couple of moths ago. She was of course Trump supporter and would always comment on my post, like I should thank you for making my engagement higher. She would always comment opposite of my opinion. For example if post would be about pro choice, she would comment about pro life, and how pro choice is disgusting. And it was honestly very funny some things she said, but then it really got out of hands. She started hating on one of my followers, and she is teenager passionate about feminism.

Like she has right to be passionate about feminism,

and you can be against it, but what is not right, hating on someone for having different opinion than you. This old woman started hating on her and then the girl messaged me about it. She didn’t ask me to block her, but I didn’t like that she was hating on one of my followers, so I blocked her. I want my followers to feel comfortable commenting on my posts. So yes when it does go out of hands, you for sure should block them. It doesn’t mean they are getting to you, it means you need your peace. It means you are winning. Blocking someone doesn’t always mean they are getting to you. It means you care more about yourself than having higher engagement, plus who really cares if they think they won as long as you have peace.

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Taking break from it is also okay:

Sometimes all the hate can really be too much. When taking too long to take a break, can sometimes damage your mental health. When you feel anxious about social media and the comments, please take the break. Or for a while just use it to take to your friends and maybe then just follow people who make you happy.

Lear how not to need validation from others:

Another aspect of working on yourself is also learning to love yourself. When you learn to love yourself, you won’t need validation from others. That will be huge plus for you and how to react to hate comments. When you don’t need validation, all these hate comments won’t bother you anymore. You will read them and would laugh at them, because they don’t mean anything to you. I feel most of us don’t like getting hate comments, because we are all so hungry for validation, and hate comments are just opposite of that.

Remember that whatever you do,

there will always be someone jealous of you, judging you, but why do you care? It is just some random stranger, who probably wouldn’t even be able to hate on you in real life. Ask yourself are you happy with yourself? If the answer is yes, that is all you need. The only validation you need is your own, everyone else don’t matter. Just learn to not give a fuck and not worry about what others think about you. Let’s just be real, if they are judging you, they probably are jealous instead of actually thinking something is wrong with you, why would they then be talking about you?

It is sometimes hard with the hate I get it, and you 100% are allowed to feel hurt and sad by it. But know that people hating on you probably see you are doing great things. Hate never comes from the place where they feel they are doing better, it is always opposite. Feeling like you are doing better will make any insecure person hateful towards you. It is not right, but sometimes insecurities can make you do crazy things. The only thing you can do is ignore it, and not let it get to you. Being confident in what you are doing will be the biggest revenge.

Reminder: Take of yourself first!

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