Women in Politics

Women in Politics

Via @the.independent
Finland’s coalition government will be composed of five parties all led by women for the first time, after the country’s female transport minister won a vote to be named the next prime minister.
This is incredible, this is what we want as women to also be recognized and also be part of making choices in the world. I think this will help for making equality. Yes of course all women doesn’t also mean equality, we also think men should be part of it too. But women being able to lead will also make other people understand. And also allowing women to be part of government and having power as well. See in most of countries there are more men in government than women are. There are also more men as presidents than women so people seeing this will open their eyes. It should be as much men and women government. See men and women think differently and have different skills this is what will be incredible to make some amazing changes. Do you think there should be equal men and women in government?

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Reminder: Women should also be in position of power and if you want something go for it, don’t let anyone stop you!

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