Gay is a sin…

gay is a sin

Gay is a sin…

I love how these people think they are all about god and then they say gay is a sin.

If you were all about god you wouldn’t be saying this because as from your beliefs all of us are god’s children and even gay’s so you are offending god. I mean you can’t be all about god if you are doing this. I don’t believe in god but I know that belief is that god accept everyone. There is so such a thing as a sin regarding someone’s personality, life style choice or sexuality. Especially sexuality person can’t control how they feel. If they feel they are attracted to boys they should be able to do it and it is no sin. It is perfectly normal and is 100% accepted. This way you are making someone feel bad and hating themselves because you are close minded. Open your eyes because god’s eyes are open. Anything else to add?

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