How to live your best life in 5 simple steps

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How to live your best life

I feel all of us guilty of this,

we tend to focus on unimportant things and don’t really enjoy the life. We have to remind ourselves that we have to enjoy life and the now we have won’t last forever. As humans it is natural that we stress ourselves, because of the stupidest things, but it is not doing us any good. Instead of focusing on something that probably won’t matter in a day or even in two hours, better enjoy your life. For example enjoy the moments with your friends and be 100% present. If you focus all your energy on the bad things, the bad things will keep coming and coming. If you focus on good things well more good things will come your way it is simple. So many of us tend to focus our entire lives on the wrong things, and then we end up regretting this, let’s stop this. Let’s focus on what makes us happy and what we enjoy. So here are view tips how to start enjoying your life:

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How to live your best life step 1:

-Stop dwelling on the past:

I always see the past as a blessing and not something to dwell on or to feel sorry about. You need to think about everything you experienced in the past as a lesson and as part of becoming who you are today. If you only focus on the negative parts, you won’t be able to move forward. If you are only seeing your past as negative, how do you justify all the good things that came with it? I am sure if you dive deep and think more you will realise all the good things that came with it and I can assure you there are probably more good things that came with it than bad. So let’s stop playing the victims. Use the past as something to take from, something you can learn and reflect on. Talk about it and heal from it, but then move on from it in a positive way. This way you will be able to move forward and be able to enjoy your life.

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How to live your best life step 2:

-Stop with Comparison:

No matter who you are as a person, at some point in your life your probably compared yourself to others. For example I used to obsessively compare myself to my twin sister, and think back it is ridiculous because we are two completely different people. It is our nature to do this, but you got to stop it. I get it, in a way we are taught to do so by our society, but you got to stop it. You are just hurting yourself. Instead of comparing yourself how about you admire something about yourself and others. How about you admire unique qualities you have and also admire unique qualities other people have. Enjoy the diversity, and know we are all amazing and there is no need for competition. Comparing yourself to others will just stop you from living your life. Judging yourself from not being the same way someone else is, will put you in a bad head space. It is impossible to be someone else, you are you for a reasons so embrace it.

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How to live your best life step 3:

-Stop focusing on the wrong things:

As I mention we tend to focus on the wrong things. We stress out about something that won’t even matter for long time. When you are stressed out about something take a deep breath and ask yourself this question: will this bother me tomorrow or next week? most of times the answer will be no, so then at that moment just say to yourself well then stop stressing out. I feel most of us don’t want to stress out, but then we end up anyways doing it, but if you tell yourself to stop it, it might work. And I feel this method with knowing it won’t anyways matter tomorrow also might be helpful. We really tend to focus on the wrong things for no reason, so we really need to stop it.

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How to live your best life step 4:

-Accept yourself:

Trying to be someone else and not accepting yourself is not good for anyone. You have to remember you are you and you can’t change that. Your weird and unique ways is what makes you, you and you don’t have to change that. The most beautiful thing you can do to yourself is to be yourself and 100% accept who you are. Knowing no one is perfect, but that is what makes you and everyone else beautiful will help you accept yourself. You have to stop thinking that being you is not cool, you are the way you are fro a reason so stop trying to change that. Loving who you are is going to make your life so much more beautiful.

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How to live your best life step 5:

-Live in the moment:

Remember now is all we have and we will never get it back, so live in the moment and enjoy every second of it. Be present when someone is talking to you, be present with things you are doing and experiencing. Be aware of every little detail that you are experiencing, because this is what I call truly living your best life.

In the world so many things are going on, so our focus can shift quickly, but we really need to remember to be present. We need to start focusing on beautiful and happy things in our lives. I am not saying forget about your struggles and worries, but I would say work through them and move forward so you can focus on more positive things in your life. Just make the best out of your life and enjoy the beautiful moments and focus on that. Do more things that make you happy, because this is how you truly can live your life!

Reminder: Focus on positive!

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