Do these 5 things and this is how you will stay motivated

how to stay motivated

How to stay motivated

hello all dear readers today’s article is a follow up on our fitness strategy  ill be giving you a few tips on how to stay motivated through out your life so lets get it started  :

In everyone’s fitness journey and in general in life, you will have some phases where you find yourself unmotivated. Right now I sometimes don’t feel like working out because it is so cold and in a way depressing. It seems like it always dark outside and this doesn’t motivate me at all. But I also know that after working out I will feel much better, so I always try to push myself. For example on first of January as everyone knows it is mostly a lazy day, and I really couldn’t bring myself to workout. I was so tired and I just felt like sleeping, but I knew once I started working out this would change. And it really did, after that workout I felt so much better and had much more energy. But it is not so easy to motivate yourself, so here are so tips how to stay motivated:

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1- You didn’t gain/lose weight in a few weeks to lose it in a few weeks :

Lets get a reality check weight lose/gain won’t happen over night. So when you start your fitness or wight lose plan, you can’t give up in a few weeks. Because your body will take a while until it fits with the new change ( just keep going). Your body first needs to get used to it, until it can start losing or gaining weight. But because the progress won’t happen over night, your main goal should never be to lose weight, instead make a goal to get strong and fit it is way better. It is great to see results, but don’t focus too much on numbers.

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2- Don’t look for fast fix solutions :

You can do a crash diet every now and then but that can’t be the bases of your health plan as all the fast fix results you will get, you will lose just as fast and the consensuses can be brutal. If you do fast diet, you will eventually go back to eating you usual food and then your weight will go back. Instead try to balance the food and get used to eating this forever. Don’t have mindset to just eat it for a while. Have a mindset to eat it forever. So in this case you will find alternatives that you like eating and you will be able to eat little bit unhealthy food. This way you won’t shock your body by changing your eating habits to your usual food and therefore you won’t risk gaining or losing the weight back. The food is not the problem, your habits are so just adjust them!

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3- constancy is key :

Your fitness journey should be a long term and not a short term. You need to think about it as if you are going to do it for long time. Knowing you will keep doing it for long time, will motivate you much more. Not having an end date is a key to motivation. But not only that, you need to keep doing it, not saying I can just not do it one day. By being consistent, your motivation will rise and this will become a habit. When something becomes your habit, you in a way automatically do it without thinking too much about it.

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4- no good dead goes unpunished :

Working out and staying healthy is really not just for your body. Its is also for your brain and for your mental health as well. You will be more in control of yourself and feelings, and you will be able to run your life better , so its more than worth it don’t you think. Knowing how much benefit you get from working out, will motivate you to workout. Having peace within yourself after workout and being able to control your emotions and your feelings is so amazing. Knowing that when you are unmotivated and having bad day and then working out will turn your day around and you will be much better. This mindset always keeps me going.

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5- Love you :

You may not be in a place that you want to be in right this moment , but you will get there eventually. Your hard work will pay off as long as you don’t stop. Everyone is different, and for you to make your goals come true, you must love you and love where you are. From where you are you will learn how to be a better you. Having that unconditional love for yourself, will keep you motivated and will make anything happen. Believing in yourself and just keep going is something so powerful, so just keep that in your mind.

Highlight how far you have come:

I don’t know about you, but seeing how far I have come can really motivate me. Great way to motivate yourself is to make a plan. Make a workout plan with squares and after every workout check one square of the plan and you can visually see how far you come. Knowing you did 100 compare to last year which was only 10 can really give you motivation. Just keep working hard

Now that we talked about workout it is only far that I give you view ideas for workouts. I have many more planned just stay tune!

High knee ups: 20 seconds

Squats: for beginners 30 squats/ 5 rounds, for people in between 10 days of 30 squats and for advanced 15 rounds of 30 squats


Burpees: 15 burpees

By following steps, you will keep yourself motivated. You will never be unmotivated again. You will always get excited to workout no matter how you are feeling, but this takes time and I know you will get there. Just keep working hard and believing in yourself. I feel the main key to success any kind of success is to believe in yourself, so please do so. But see with motivation sometimes it is hard to say if you are unmotivated or just having a bad day. So this is why I put together this quiz you can take to test yourself. See how motivated or unmotivated you really are so you know what step to take. Sometimes only one step is needed for you to push yourself to get up and workout. Hopefully this article and this quiz will help you out.

Click here for quiz



Reminder: Believe in yourself!
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