not assaulting a woman should be rewarded

not assaulting a woman should be rewarded

not assaulting a woman should be rewarded

Seriously we live in world where not assaulting a woman should be rewarded what?

That should be normal. It is happening so often so now when a man hasn’t done it he is a trophy guy well not really. We need to be more focused on how to reduce how to decrease assaults from happening. We need to teach people how to control themselves and how this is not okay. Not rewarding someone for not doing it this is not setting the best examples. We live in world where men get away with things like this so it is happening so often. We allowing men to do whatever and is not okay. Our justice has to better so we don’t need to deal with things like this. Not trusting the victim and making victims to be liars is enabling this sick people to do whatever. They have problem and you can’t just let it go. See this can ruin someone’s life and you blaming it all on victim. It is hard enough being a victim. I want to see you punish them because their action can cause pain to someone. First letting them get away shows this bad people it is okay and you discourage victims to report which can only help them do it more. We need to act now!

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Reminder: don’t think that only because he hasn’t done anything to you, means he is good. It takes more to be good man


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