Solution to inequality

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Solution to inequality

In last week’s article I talked about why women get less salary and today I will be talking about how we can change this, how companies, but also you can change this. This issue has been around forever so changing it, won’t happen over night or just by one person. It really needs for everyone to say stop we need a change. So here is solution to inequality


Companies have all excuses how for Senior position you need this and that, just so women don’t get senior position. We live in modern world now, where flexibility is possible for anyone. From having ability to work from home to many amazing tools that we have today. We can always come up with excuses why we can’t do something, how about we start designing senior positions that suits for both women and men.

I am sure anyone can do this, it is honestly way easier to design position that suits both men and women. I also feel in this case men do have to step up and call out CEO’s on this bullshit. Men need to be part of change, by refusing to take position that are only suited for men. And also it is quite easy for companies to create position for just men, when men allow women to work less, while they still work full time. When you have family don’t give the woman all the responsibility, while you are able to work and build you career it is not far. When you responsibility is divided in half, it will be harder for companies to create position that are only suited for men.

inequality in paying


Even though in our society it is the man who is allowed to work full time and build up his career, but at the same time our society makes it so hard for men to work part time. This bias that men have to work full time, that you won’t be able to build up your career with part time job needs to be cut off.

Of course men will work full time to build their careers, but if companies made part time jobs as attractive as full time jobs it would be different story. Obviously the man ends up with full time job, because it is known men can faster build up their careers and second no matter what he will be earning more money, so if woman works they will be losing money. Companies need to make part time as attractive as part time. We also need to make women working full time instead of men attractive as well by paying women the same as men. Companies need to be part of solution to inequality.


One of the reasons they say women are paid less is because they go for jobs in sectors with lower income. The only reason women do that is because next to their job, they also have full time job at home taking care of children so these jobs allow them to have more flexibility.

Companies need to make flexible working in every sector and while they are at that also make equal pay for every sector. We have advanced in so many ways so flexibility shouldn’t be a big problem. Opening flexibility in typical men’s  occupations would entourage more women to work in them and also allow more men to work part time, which will result in equal career progress for both men and women.

why not far


This one is of course my favourite and most important one. The fact that women are still not getting paid the same amount for the same job as men is ridiculous. There needs to be strict law for all the companies that force them to pay women the same. Instead of being quite, how about we shame any company that pays woman less. Paying less should become culture embarrassment not something to be proud of.

Our society has always seen women as less and it is such a false belief, but unless we shame people for thinking this way nothing will chance. All these excuses like women earn less because they are not skilled or work less are so false. We keep getting reports from the same positions and same hours, and it is so not true that women can do less women can do as much as men can. Women won’t stand by this anymore. All of us  won’t support companies that pay women less so they are forced to change.

So now that we gone over what companies can do, there are many more things they can do, but we go over them some other time. But the thing is yes they can do it, but will they do it? We don’t have a lot of control over companies are their actions, but we have full control over our actions. We need to focus on how we can be part of solution to inequality since that can also influence the change.

reasons for inequality

-Sharing salary information:

A lot of people think sharing you salary information is forbidden , but it is actually not. Of course many companies don’t want you do to so, but you have full right to do so. It is your own salary and you own information, therefore you have full right to share this information. No matter in what sector you work, if you are man or woman sharing this information online can really help bring awareness you this issues and push to change. Speaking up and sharing information will help with solution to inequality.

-Knowing the law:

If you noticed that you male co worker earns more than you in the same position, you have full right to complain. There is Law that has been made in 1963 that give you right to get paid as much as male. But sadly so many companies haven’t been monitored so they can easily get away with it. But if this is happening you need to complain about it. Of course no one should fight for their right. But it is what it is, you need to call them out on that.

-Bring awareness to this issues:

Talk to women in your circles, make them aware of this issues. Educate them and teach them what they can do to help fight this issues. You should also talk to men about it, bring awareness to them too. Because some men don’t even realise how big of issue this is. I feel talking about it can really help fight this issue.

-Donate to organisation that are fighting inequality:

There are so many wonderful organisation that are fighting inequality, donating either your time or money can really help them.

Here is organisation I really like: Equalsalary

-Share on social media:

Social media has become big part of our lives so sharing this issue on social media can help too. Share your thoughts and educate people anything will help.

-Cultivate negotiation skills

As women they don’t value us as much as they do men, so we really need to step up the negotiation skills. Having amazing negotiation skills they will have no reason to pay you less. When they see that you value yourself they will value you as well.

What do you think? What else can we do to help out to fight inequality? I think it won’t be easy, but for sure will be worth it! When this happens it will be beautiful change that everyone needed, so let’s believe in that.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series and you learned something from it. Comment down below letting me know what you learned.

Reminder: We all need to fight this issue even if you are a male!

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