Is visiting strip club anti feminist?

Is visiting strip club anti feminist 3

Is visiting strip club anti feminist?

Strip clubs and sex workers are for many of us very mysterious and unknown. We as people are scared of unknown so this kind of things are little bit like forbidden area. But only because it is unknown for you, it doesn’t has to be for everyone. So many talk negative about strips clubs, but mostly about sex workers and is not okay.

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You don’t know why they do the work? Let’s looks at some possible reasons:

-They might grew up in bad household and were not able to get a degree and this is the only job that pays well without a degree

-It is also possible, that they might be struggling paying their bills with their 9 to 5 job so they need extra money

-Or it could be that they might be single parent, who can’t live from one salary

-And guess what they might even be into it, it makes them feel good and empowers them and teaches them confidence.

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You don’t know their situation

so you can’t really judge them. Everyone is little bit different, but for all the sex workers have in common is empowerment. Seeing this job is not easy at all you really don’t know what will happen to you. So working there makes you so strong. But also being comfortable showing your body motivates others to be more confident and that is so empowering. We live in society, where our bodies are always being judged so you being comfortable in your body is going to help so many. Yes I do agree strips clubs might be using it in wrong way, they are using it to please someone else. I don’t agree with that, you should feel comfortable and pleasing yourself should come first.

So after what I have said is it anti-feminist visiting strip club?

So visiting strip club as a business and supporting bosses, who probably treat their workers very badly this is for sure anti-feminist. You hear way too often that sex workers are being treated poorly, like for example they are being overworked, not treating correctly by their bosses and their bosses are not really carrying for their safety as well. This is not okay and as a feminist I don’t support business like this

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But visiting strip club to support sex workers,

who work hard and are so strong this is very much feminist. Going there to give them money, without wanting anything and just saying you are doing amazing will give them hope. Most of them are in hard situation and in times like this, they would need someone’s support even if it is from stranger. So visiting strip club is not anti-feminist if you visit it for the right reasons. So make sure you are visiting for the right reasons, support them and give them some hope.

Write in comments some nice messages to sex workers let’s give them some hope.

Reminder: Be kind and supportive to people who are struggling!

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