10 Summer clothes to boost your confidence

Confidence is of course something you,

yourself need to work on. No one and nothing can make you confident but you yourself, but sometimes you need little help in your confidence journey. Wearing certain clothes can for sure make you feel good and then this good feeling can make you more confident and this will continue. In summer time for some of you can be really hard because in summer we to tend to show more and if you don’t have ideal body type according to society or are not confident in yourself, it must be hard dressing in the summer.

But don’t worry some clothes

have power to make you feel good even if you, yourself don’t feel good about you. So for today’s article I have summer clothes to boost your confidence and help you in your confidence journey.  Also a disclaimer I am not saying you should only wear these clothing, you are allowed to wear whatever you want to because all clothes are made for all body types and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Body suit:

Body suit is just so great for summer it is comfortable and looks good on you, it can really compliment your body. The thing that I love the most about body suit is that you can style it in so many ways. You can make it elegant, edgy or even casual. For example you can wear body suit with a skater skirt, some great heels and nice hand bag and you have perfect date night look for summer. If you want to go more casual add shorts to body suit and then add some sneakers and backpack. No matter what you wear body suits really makes your body flattering and that is why body suits are great summer clothes to boost your confidence.

Satin Mid Skirt:

Satin is great material anyways and it makes anyone look very elegant and stylish. I feel that mid length is great length you don’t show too much where you feel uncomfortable incase you are insecure about your body, but yet you show enough so it is flattering. This skirt you can style is so many ways I would style this skirt in casual way since my style is more causal. I would wear some graphic tee with this skirt, sneakers, crossbody bag  and black hat to finish up the look with some accessories. Having some badass outfits with this skirt can really boost your confidence.

Paperbag Shorts:

Paperbag shorts are great summer clothes to boost your confidence. It is very minimalistic but yet still a statement piece. This shorts is great because it doesn’t show too much and most importantly is it high waist which always looks good. With this shorts you can walk around without worrying if you are showing too much. Since this piece is very simple and minimalistic I would style it in simple way. For example with a white tee, some cute sandals and crossbody bag. If you have any other ideas you can comment down below!!

Matching Sets:

Matching Sets are so great and so easy so style. It doesn’t matter if it is shorts, skirts or pants everything looks so amazing and it really highlights your body which can also boost your confidence. With matching sets you don’t need to think too much just add some simple sandals and crossbody bag, just choose in a different color so it isn’t too much.

Ruffle tank tops:

Ruffles have become popular in last view years and can’t really complain because they look amazing. First ruffle tank tops are so cute and second the ruffles make your body so flattering which is great for you. I would wear ruffle tank top with a skirt, sneakers and some cool hat to finish up the look and there you go. Ruffle tank tops can make any outfit stand out and there are great summer clothes to boost your confidence.

Linen joggers:

Linen joggers are perfect summer clothes to boost your confidence. Not only are they very comfortable and can be styled with anything, but they are flattering on anyone. The material of these joggers makes them look good on anyone. Another good thing about these pants is that with this pants you will not get hot in the summer. With this joggers I would wear some cami top with a hat and cute crossbody bag perfect for a summer beach day. Another way to wear it is with denim jacket and some cool sneakers!

Maxi dress:

You can’t tell me you don’t feel like a queen when wearing maxi dress. Maxi dress looks so amazing and it really highlights the beauty of your body and it is such a effortless dress. You can look super trendy by just wearing maxi dress but it can also be casual as well. I would wear maxi dress with some beautiful sandals, clutch and sunglasses or you can even add a hat whatever you feel like doing. And trust me your confidence will go up but simply wearing maxi dress.

Mini skirt:

I don’t care what society tells us I know that mini skirt looks good on anyone. Mini skirt is the best way to highlight your beautiful legs and feel like bad bitch that you are. It is such a classic piece that you need to wear this summer. I would wear mini skirt with some white top, a backpack and either some sneakers or sandals and you got yourself great casual look. You got this show off your beautiful legs!!

Oversized Shirt:

Outfits with simple white shirt can’t get more effortless. Wearing oversized shirt will give you such a bad bitch vibes without having to put too much effort in it. Oversized shirt makes your body but especially your beautiful legs flattering, oversized shirt simply can’t make you look bad. It will boost your confidence the moment you put it on. I would wear oversized shirt with some denim short, simple top, heeled sandals and for accessories sunglasses and clutch and you got yourself badass bitch outfit, thank me later!

Satin dress:

These satin dresses have big huge this summer and I see why. They are so stunning and it really gives this wow effect. I can say with confidence that this satin dress will look good on you no matter what and you will feel it too when you wear it. I would wear this satin dress with some heeled sandals and some cute cross body bag and you got yourself an amazing look.

These are amazing pieces

and can really boost your confidence, but don’t let this limit yourself you are the boss and you wear what you feel like wearing. I would say these clothing pieces can make you feel confident without you having confidence yourself. And wearing them can also help you gain your confidence. Confidence is really an inside job but certain things can help. SO enjoy summer with these beautiful outfits and own your shit you beautiful human!!!

Wonder what is your summer style, then take this quiz to find out for fun!

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5 Ways Influencers are damaging your body image

We are all aware that social media

is not the healthiest place and I feel it get worse and worse every year. I mean don’t get me wrong there also some amazing things about social media it can educate you and it can help with so many issues we as society are facing like for example racism I feel there would be way more racist people if there was no social media.

But social media also have quite a

dark side, a side that can get really toxic. And one of the main reasons we have toxic side of social media is because of influencers. These influencers that make you question your worth and make you feel your body is not good enough because they show you their perfectly photoshopped photos and make you feel it is real.

I could say so much about those

influencers and how wrong it is what they are doing, but let’s just stick to one topic at the time. You might think it might help you watching these influencers, but you are so wrong it is damaging you and your body image. I feel it can damage anyone’s body image, even if you are 100% happy with your body.

Of course when you see

perfect body on someone you wish to have it, but also feel shitty for not having it! But trust me if it looks perfect, I am sure 99.9% is fake. And also isn’t it more beautiful to have imperfections ? Well anyways let’s talk about it how they are damaging you

Only showing the highlights:

Influencers are known to show only highlights. They only post the perfect photo with perfect angle and the perfect setup, but that is not a real life. Our bodies won’t always look good in fact most times it doesn’t, when we sit it does look we have more than we have, when we are standing in the wrong angle it won’t look good either. And we also shouldn’t worry how we position ourselves because these influencers do it, we should be able to talk to our friends on the street without worrying how our body looks like. But when they just show the highlights it makes us feel insecure and makes us question our worth. We start to think if our body is really good enough.

And no one should feel this way,

everyone should feel that they are good enough because they are. Instead of focusing the best way you can look, focus on being the most real and how to make your followers feel good. But I can tell you one thing the reason influencers have need to only show highlights means they question their worth and therefor have to be perfect otherwise they feel insecure, so it is nothing against you and there is nothing wrong with you, it is them that have problem!


As I said before when we see these perfect bodies of course we want it too. So we end up comparing ourselves to these perfect bodies and it is not far fight since our bodies are not photoshopped or might not look the best at that moment. We end up wishing we had these bodies and that can put you in very dark place. We see our flaws but instead of embracing them we hate them because of what we see on social media. An influencer should make you feel good about your flaws not bad about it. It is stupid to compare yourself with everyone it makes no sense because we are all different, this influencer will never be you and you will never be that influencer. Own your power love who you are, don’t wish to be someone else!

Unrealistic expectations:

When you start comparing yourself and seeing your body next to these perfect bodies, of course you will try to achieve the perfect body. But see doesn’t matter how hard you work on it, you will never have the body that you see on social media. Because these perfect bodies that you see on social media ARE NOT REAL, they are photoshopped and honestly they don’t even think about how realistic this is they just do whatever looks good.

Our bodies can’t achieve what

photoshop can, it is impossible our bodies are built differently and it is not possible to achieve it. But that doesn’t mean that your body is not beautiful, because it is. This can leave us very frustrated and we can end up hating our bodies! This can also in general give you false image of ideal body. Because of these influencers you will end up thinking that this is the ideal body type, when in reality all bodies are ideal body types. There is no better or worse body type, it is your body so embrace it!

Eating disorder:

Showing the perfect can make someone feel they have to lose weight to have these perfect bodies. It can make people feel shitty about their own bodies. These people might stop eating because they think if they don’t even they could achieve the perfect body which is so false. Food is not your enemy, food is making sure your body keeps going.

Because of these influencers

so many can develop eating disorder even though they were perfectly health. It really pushes people because they think this is real and want it so badly. When you show your perfect body make sure to show the process how it got so perfect, this way you can prevent so many eating disorders!


When you see all these perfect bodies of course you feel start to not feel so good in your own skin. When you see all these perfect bodies and of course you don’t have it, you will start to have insecurities. You will feel that you are not good enough and that can’t be good for anyone. Being insecure about yourself can have effects in many aspects of your life. For example you tend to get jealous at other people, and that can make you feel worse. People who are jealous can become the worse version of themselves and can drive people away. There are many disadvantages of having insecurities, but most importantly you don’t feel good and you can’t grow to the best version of yourself if you have insecurities. But it is not you, it is them!

As you can see influencers really

can damage you. They make you have different image of ideal body, the very wrong and false image of ideal body. Influencers make you feel shitty about yourself and make you question your worth. And of course I can’t forget they make you have unrealistic expectations and we are still looking up to them?! They are the wrong people. I true influencer would put his or hers followers first and make them feel good and show them the real them not some fake version. Maybe you do it because you are insecure, but you are damaging your followers so much and I feel it is so selfish.

Little tip:

If watch influencer and you feel shitty after that, unfollow them that means they are the wrong person to follow. We have to show them if they don’t take this seriously they will lose us, we don’t want fake stuff anymore. And another good advice just know if it is too good it is probably fake and see that you have more courage to show the real you and they don’t so this make you more beautiful!

Hopefully this can open eyes to many of you, and you start to rethink how you need to treat your followers and also to the followers you can open your eyes and see how fake they are!

Take this quiz to find out

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Wear this to boost your confidence

Clothing items to wear to boost your confidence

Confidence is something so many

struggle and it really is hard to know where to begin. I do think that everyone should boost their confidence by themselves. You shouldn’t be using something else to boost confidence, because if you do so your confidence will always be depended on it. For example if you boost confidence by having hot boyfriend, if he breaks up with you, your confidence is gone. You shouldn’t be building your confidence with expensive clothing as well, because you will only feel confident because of this expensive clothing, and it won’t truly come from you.

So you for sure should work on building

it yourself, but it takes time and little help won’t hurt you am I right. For example I am someone who has always been confident in myself, but wearing certain clothing item can make me even more confident and I feel this can help even people who are not confident. The more often you wear this clothes, the more often you will feel confident and therefore eventually it will turn into always feeling this, because you will be tricking your mind. Being confident is all in your mind, so in order to be more confident you need to wear and do more things that make you feel this way. So here are view clothing items that make me feel confident and I am sure will do the same for you, but of course we are different so it might not.

Leather jacket:

I am so obsessed with leather jacket. It gives me very much badass vibe. It gives me the feeling that I can take over the world and no one can do anything about it. I try to wear leather jacket as much as possible, that is why I sometimes tend to wear leather jacket in freezing winter. I just can’t describe how amazing I feel wearing so I sometimes will go through the pain of being cold just for that. If I have first date with you or even just a date, I am probably wearing leather jacket, at least I won’t be wearing much makeup because I feel badass just by wearing leather jacket. Pro tips for my ladies if you wear leather jacket in winter for a date, he will probably end up giving you his jacket and that is of course a plus.

Ankle boots:

I don’t what is it, but I feel it doesn’t matter what I wear, it will look good with ankle boots. They are very classy peace and they can also be edgy at the same time if they are leather of course. I always feel good wearing ankle boots I really don’t know why, I guess but they look good with anything.

Metallic skinny jeans:

Not only do this jeans make your legs look so amazing, but it gives powerful woman vibes. When I see these jeans I think about woman who runs her own empire, so when I wear these jeans I feel the same. I feel so powerful and confident no one can bring me down. I only own these kind of jeans and I have like 100 of these and love them so much. Also another plus they are so comfortable. You can style them in so many different ways.

Skater skirt:

Because skater skirt is wide, it can fly at any time so it already give you confidence enough. It is such a classy peace to wear and you can style this skirt in so many ways. I love wearing skater skirt with a flannel it gives me very much a girly vibe, or if I feel to be more elegant I style it with a blazer. This skirt really makes me feel special and I feel so good wearing it.

Velvet Blazer:

Velvet Blazer is very unique item to own, but totally a must. Because it is velvet it make any outfit look elegant. Wearing it gives me very much girl boss vibes and just such a great feeling. Like look at me I am on my way to my big ass office because I am killing at being a boss. Great way to wear this blazer is with very simply dress or with pair of elegant trousers.

Leather shirt:

I recently bought leather

shirt and let me tell you it does wonders for me. If I am not feeling my outfit I just add this shirt to my outfit and I am feeling much better and even better if I add my red lipstick. It is edgy and classy at the same time. It gives me badass girl vibe and every time I wear it I feel I can take over the world.
So here we go, what do you think? Do you feel the same way about this clothing items as I do? Do you have more confidence wearing them?

I am sharing this to inspire

you and give you some ideas, but of course something that makes me feel good, doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. You got to be aware what item makes you feel good and that one you should be wearing. It is about finding you own items, but with this I hope you inspire you and motivate you. What you wear can really influence how you feel so try being aware of it.
While we are talking about confidence, I made I quiz so you guys can test how confident you are. Building up confidence is a long journey, but it is also important to know where we stand, so we can know what areas to improve.
When you are done with the quiz, make sure to comment your results.

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Reminder: Be badass!

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Sassy comebacks to sexist compliments

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Sassy comebacks to sexist compliments

Sassy comebacks to sexist compliments

As a woman in our society

you used to sexist compliments. You know which compliments I mean, the sexually objectified compliments that are not needed. These compliments are more harmful than anything else. It can make a woman question her worth, and have big issues around herself and her body. No one should feel shitty about themselves, but you usually do when you hear sexist compliments.

The woman feels that

her worth is in her body. So because of her body she is enough otherwise she wouldn’t be. It can make anyone feel insecure when others only see their body. But it is no common in our society for men to feel they need to give us sexist compliments because men have been taught by society that they own women and that only use women have in their body. Our society talks about women like women are objects so men can meet their needs or make children. So of course men will feel they are only good because of their bodies. But I will tell you now and forever it is a bullshit. You are much more than just your body. You are enough even if you don’t have babies.

When you get this sexist compliments just not, you are much more. These compliments don’t define you and shouldn’t let them ruin your image about yourself. But now the big question is what are the best comeback for these sexist compliments

1: Women being angry

Him:You’re cute when you’re angry

Her: I don’t think it’s a great idea to minimise my emotions right after you’ve pissed me off.

There is a reason someone is angry. Yes it might be silly for you, but you should never make someone feel that their emotions are not valid. It can make anyone feel they shouldn’t show their emotions, which will just lead to pressing their emotions and that is never good idea.

2: Opinion on women wearing makeup

Him: I like that you don’t wear a lot of makeup

Her: I love how you think that your opinion on what I apply on my face and how much, is a compliment or even important enough to be spoken out loud.

Seriously a woman can do whatever she wants to with her face. If you think a woman is putting makeup for you, you have no idea. We women we put makeup because we enjoy it. We put makeup on because we want to feel good for ourselves. I really don’t care what you prefer, it is my face so the only opinion that matters is mine.

3: Girls knowing a lot about sports

Him:It’s so amazing to see a girl know so much about sports.

Her: It’s amazing to see a man who still believes in the stereotype that only men can be into sports. Newsflash: Girls are humans and humans have different about interests!

Seriously so many women are into sports. Things don’t have genders. You can like football and be a woman. You can like dance and be a man. It really depends on the person, and it also doesn’t mean they are gay or lesbian. It has more to do with interests than anything else, and it really should be this way. Stop focusing on stupid stereotypes, they mean nothing.

4: Being smart as a woman

Him: You’ve got beauty and brains!

Her: Could you share the research paper that proves how these are mutually exclusive traits?

What women can’t be smart? Or what when you look good which to be honest all of us do you can’t be smart. So then I guess no one can be smart when you think like this. It is stupid especially the stereotype hat suggest that women are beauty so they have no brain. Like what? This is not true, women are very smart and have many skills. Many studies prove that women can indeed be better leaders and much more. It is our society that needs women to stay back, but seriously it is not okay. We should strive too!

5: Opinion on woman not trying too hard

Him: I love how yo don’t try too hard like other girls.

Her: I wish I could be half as awesome as the girls I admire and I wish you could get a fraction of our sensibility

What is wrong with trying too hard? To be killing at your life, at your career and at your relationship. Why is a woman who is doing the most, seen as something bad. Woman who is doing the most should be attractive, but I guess for insecure men it is just opposite. Get over it, women can be hard workers too.

6: About jokes

Him: You’re great, most girls don’t know how to take a joke.

Her: So you mean nobody else takes your sexism for humour and lets it slide? I guess that’s the sign I needed. Boy bye!

I don’t know, but if no one would laugh at my jokes I would rethink them. I would think ooh maybe I should stop with them, or ask them what is wrong with them. Be aware of what you are saying, when your jokes are hurting others, there are not jokes anymore.

Of course girls

won’t take it lightly when you are disrespectful towards them. Learn that sexism is not something good or cool. When you are being sexist you are seen as uneducated and rude. Sexism is not something to be proud of so stop doing it.

Remember it not

about putting him down, but putting him in his place. Hearing sexist compliments and just ignoring them won’t do you any good babe. It is good for you to express how you feel. Giving them these sassy comebacks, will do that for you.

If you ignore them,

you will just get angry for not saying anything. And then it will just keep going and going every time you get sexist compliments and you know that happens away too often. Do you really want to let yourself? Why would you let disrespectful men get away with it. It is not right. By saying something you are educating them, but also helping yourself not go into dark place. It really can effect you, so this is why it is important. Why are you protecting him while you are suffering. You should always come first. I know you can do it, so do it. Read this as much as possible and save it in your phone in case you forget.

Take a quiz to see how sexist you are

Reminder: Be brave and sassy!

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How to live your best life in 5 simple steps

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How to live your best life in 5 simple steps

How to live your best life

I feel all of us guilty of this,

we tend to focus on unimportant things and don’t really enjoy the life. We have to remind ourselves that we have to enjoy life and the now we have won’t last forever. As humans it is natural that we stress ourselves, because of the stupidest things, but it is not doing us any good. Instead of focusing on something that probably won’t matter in a day or even in two hours, better enjoy your life. For example enjoy the moments with your friends and be 100% present. If you focus all your energy on the bad things, the bad things will keep coming and coming. If you focus on good things well more good things will come your way it is simple. So many of us tend to focus our entire lives on the wrong things, and then we end up regretting this, let’s stop this. Let’s focus on what makes us happy and what we enjoy. So here are view tips how to start enjoying your life:

How to live your best life step 1:

-Stop dwelling on the past:

I always see the past as a blessing and not something to dwell on or to feel sorry about. You need to think about everything you experienced in the past as a lesson and as part of becoming who you are today. If you only focus on the negative parts, you won’t be able to move forward. If you are only seeing your past as negative, how do you justify all the good things that came with it? I am sure if you dive deep and think more you will realise all the good things that came with it and I can assure you there are probably more good things that came with it than bad. So let’s stop playing the victims. Use the past as something to take from, something you can learn and reflect on. Talk about it and heal from it, but then move on from it in a positive way. This way you will be able to move forward and be able to enjoy your life.

How to live your best life step 2:

-Stop with Comparison:

No matter who you are as a person, at some point in your life your probably compared yourself to others. For example I used to obsessively compare myself to my twin sister, and think back it is ridiculous because we are two completely different people. It is our nature to do this, but you got to stop it. I get it, in a way we are taught to do so by our society, but you got to stop it. You are just hurting yourself. Instead of comparing yourself how about you admire something about yourself and others. How about you admire unique qualities you have and also admire unique qualities other people have. Enjoy the diversity, and know we are all amazing and there is no need for competition. Comparing yourself to others will just stop you from living your life. Judging yourself from not being the same way someone else is, will put you in a bad head space. It is impossible to be someone else, you are you for a reasons so embrace it.

How to live your best life step 3:

-Stop focusing on the wrong things:

As I mention we tend to focus on the wrong things. We stress out about something that won’t even matter for long time. When you are stressed out about something take a deep breath and ask yourself this question: will this bother me tomorrow or next week? most of times the answer will be no, so then at that moment just say to yourself well then stop stressing out. I feel most of us don’t want to stress out, but then we end up anyways doing it, but if you tell yourself to stop it, it might work. And I feel this method with knowing it won’t anyways matter tomorrow also might be helpful. We really tend to focus on the wrong things for no reason, so we really need to stop it.

How to live your best life step 4:

-Accept yourself:

Trying to be someone else and not accepting yourself is not good for anyone. You have to remember you are you and you can’t change that. Your weird and unique ways is what makes you, you and you don’t have to change that. The most beautiful thing you can do to yourself is to be yourself and 100% accept who you are. Knowing no one is perfect, but that is what makes you and everyone else beautiful will help you accept yourself. You have to stop thinking that being you is not cool, you are the way you are fro a reason so stop trying to change that. Loving who you are is going to make your life so much more beautiful.

How to live your best life step 5:

-Live in the moment:

Remember now is all we have and we will never get it back, so live in the moment and enjoy every second of it. Be present when someone is talking to you, be present with things you are doing and experiencing. Be aware of every little detail that you are experiencing, because this is what I call truly living your best life.

In the world so many things are going on, so our focus can shift quickly, but we really need to remember to be present. We need to start focusing on beautiful and happy things in our lives. I am not saying forget about your struggles and worries, but I would say work through them and move forward so you can focus on more positive things in your life. Just make the best out of your life and enjoy the beautiful moments and focus on that. Do more things that make you happy, because this is how you truly can live your life!

Reminder: Focus on positive!

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