This is what happened when church is against transgender


This is what happened when church is against transgender

What a queen @kimpetras this is what I call power not having a lot of money or good job but having courage to stand what you are and what you believe in even though you might get a lot of shit for it.

Gay people and trans people they can’t help how they feel and they shouldn’t force themselves to feel certain ways just because it makes close minded people uncomfortable. We are all children from god and god so stop with this shit. Maybe god really made her look like man but made her a girl to teach all of you that we accept and love everyone no matter what. If you believe in god you should respect and accept everyone. It is so sick to me that you call gay sin when you are clearly the biggest sin. See when you hate on people that is what makes someone a sin. Don’t need to be like them but also don’t hate on them. You make many people who feel certain ways not come out and that can lead to depression so stop it you really are harming them. You church people should out of everyone accept it. How do you feel about this?

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