We need feminist because…

we need feminist because

We need feminist because…

Yes that’s right if we are getting less paid why don’t we also pay less for gas, food and in general everything.

See while you still keep paying us less the pricing are rising so how can we afford it? It is not fair game in my opinion if we get less and have to pay the same. It is not working and it is also not okay. We have same prices, we work the same so why are we getting less? Because society thinks less of us, but that doesn’t mean we are and that we don’t deserve the same. We work as hard as everyone else we deserve the same, to be able to be comfortable and be able to afford things. Of course they don’t want us to have the same that will promote women being power and not needing a man. But why is that are problem? Our society has big complex that is why this is a problem but it should be totally normal. Who agrees with me?


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